10 Finest Magical Objects To Craft


Do not Starve Collectively is the standalone multiplayer launch of Do not Starve, a candy but macabre wilderness survival sport pitching a alternative of characters with completely different abilities and distinctive talents towards a mysterious and magical world.


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Whereas it is pretty simple to outlive the early sport, it will get more durable the extra the seasons flip, and you need to leverage your wits and resourcefulness to beat larger bosses and craft intricate machines that improve your odds. Of those, magical gadgets can come in useful. Listed below are a few of the finest you possibly can craft.



10 The Prestihatitator

The Prestihatitator In Don't Starve Together

To craft magical gadgets, you’ll need a Prestihatitator, a tier one magic station that requires 4 rabbits, 4 boards, and one high hat to craft. Different magic stations embody the Piratihatitator and the Hogus Porkusator, every accessible in a special model of the sport.

Customers of magic are suggested to control their sanity meter, as numerous magical gadgets have a punishing impact in your character’s psychological well being. It is one factor being caught out within the wild preventing monsters and attempting to not starve, and a complete different factor reaping nightmare gas from severe to combat shadow monsters that steal your fireplace gentle. Crafting gadgets and recipes on the Prestihatitator does nonetheless give 15 sanity, and is prone to conjure a rabbit that you may eat for dinner.

9 Shadow Manipulator

The Shadow Manipulator In Don't Starve Together

In magic as in life, there’s at all times a thirst for extra. The shadow manipulator is a tier two magic station that unlocks much more magical gadgets and recipes that can assist you fend for your self towards the monstrous wilderness. To craft it, you want three dwelling logs, seven nightmare fuels, and one purple gem.

Utilizing the shadow manipulator, you possibly can construct numerous character-specific magic gadgets, like Wilson’s meat effigy, Wanda’s alarming clock and backtrek watch, and Walter’s slow-down and freeze slingshot rounds. You can even make numerous particular gadgets that enable you to take much more management of your setting, just like the moon dial to get gentle out of the moon and dripple pipes to conjure rain or snow.

8 pan flute

The Pan Flute In Don't Starve Together

For these of you who aren’t born pure fighters and like the exploratory aspect of the sport, the pan flute can are available in additional useful. Crafted utilizing 5 minimize reeds, one uncommon mandrake and one rope, a pan flute can put your close by enemies to sleep and is especially helpful when preventing massive mobs for loot. If in case you have a penchant for scrumptious vengeance, you may also place gunpowder beneath them and ignite them for an excellent present.

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A pan flute may also be utilized in your day-to-day harvesting, reminiscent of stealing tallbird or pengull eggs, shaving beefalos, or killing seasonal giants just like the deerclops, moose/goose, antlion, or bearger. You can even use it in tandem with a feather hat to summon birds and put them to sleep, thus gaining quick access to a big feast of free morsels and feathers.

7 Belt Of Starvation

The Belt Of Hunger In Don't Starve Together

The belt of starvation is a wearable magic merchandise that requires six slurper pelts, two ropes, and two nightmare fuels to craft. It’s significantly helpful on lengthy hunts or at instances of decreased entry to meals sources since carrying it reduces starvation loss by as a lot as 40 p.c and restores two sanity per minute. You can even use a stitching package to restore 63 p.c of its sturdiness.

If you happen to’re enjoying Wolfgang, the belt of starvation could be a dependable ally, serving to him lose solely 67.5 starvation in his regular type and 135 in his mighty type per day. It could possibly additionally assist Wigfrid at instances of low entry to meat.

6 Telelocator Workers

The Telelocator Staff In Don't Starve Together

Requiring two dwelling logs, 4 nightmare fuels, and two purple gems to craft, the telelocator workers is similar to the weeping angels from Physician Who, teleporting your enemies to a random spot on the map, safely away from you. So as to add insult to damage, your teleported mobs can even be struck by lightning earlier than arriving at their new location, whereas different gamers will probably be struck by lightning twice, as soon as earlier than teleporting and one other after.

When utilized in caves, it can trigger rocks and gems to fall as an alternative. You can even mix it with a Telelocator Focus to journey throughout the map, saving the lengthy journey house at the price of three purple gems, which you’ll need to interchange each time you teleport.

5 Pugalisk Wand

The Pugalisk Wand In Don't Starve Together

Crafted with a Pugalisk cranium, some bone shards, and two nightmare fuels, the Pugalisk wand is 5 instances extra highly effective than the ice workers, producing 4 projectiles of hypnotic rays whose vary and course will be managed utilizing the mouse to freeze your enemies, and providing you with time to counter blow or escape.

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Probably as a result of it is such an overpowered magical merchandise, the Pugalisk wand rots after 4 minutes, a comparably very long time to different craftable magic gadgets. It could possibly nonetheless be used an infinite variety of instances in that period at no decreased capability, and returns bone shards upon rotting utterly. Gamers have been recognized to make use of bundling wrap to extend its longevity.

4 Residing Artifact

The Living Artifact In Don't Starve Together

When you get its blueprint from the massive iron hulk, the dwelling artifact is simple to craft utilizing six infused irons and a few magic water. Seen as one of the crucial highly effective magic wearables you possibly can craft, the dwelling artifact permits you to expertise the distinctive world of Do not Starve Collectively with out having to fret about your sanity, starvation, or well being.

Carrying it drops these meters, alongside together with your stock and crafting tabs, and replaces them with the merchandise’s sturdiness, which decreases by one each second for a complete of three minutes. Of their place, the swimsuit provides you night time imaginative and prescient, pace increase, and invincibility in boss battles, defending you from penalty injury when attacked. Its energy shouldn’t be with out model, because the Iron Hulk soundtrack accompanies you wherever you go.

3 darkish sword

The Dark Sword In Don't Starve Together

On the low value of 5 nightmare fuels, one dwelling log, and a sanity drain of 20 per minute, the darkish sword offers 68 injury per hit for 100 makes use of. Thought-about one of many strongest melee weapons in-game, it’s higher positioned within the fingers of those that can deal with it, reminiscent of Wolfgang, Maxwell, Wigfrid, and Wanda, when she will get previous.

You can even apply numerous skins to vary the looks of the darkish sword, turning it right into a corrupted blade, twisted dagger, or the ever-fearsome lightsbane.

two Seaworthy and Skyworthy

The Seaworthy In Don't Starve Together

Used completely within the Shipwrecked and the Hamlet DLCs respectively, they each serve related roles, connecting the floor world to their new world model throughout the fixed, and are mostly used to skip undesirable seasons the place survival is made more durable.

To craft a Skyworthy, you want 4 nightmare fuels, 4 dwelling logs, and a can of foolish string. For a Seaworthy, you equally want 4 nightmare fuels and 4 dwelling logs, together with a Sea Worther. A Seaworthy can nonetheless be discovered on an island far-off from the middle of the Shipwrecked world.

1 Life Giving Amulet

The Life Giving Amulet In Don't Starve Together

In comparison with different magic gadgets, the life-giving amulet exists aplenty. You’ll be able to dig it up from bass, get it from a slot machine, or injury an Historic Pseudoscience Station with a hammer for a fortunate drop. You can even craft it utilizing three gold nuggets, two nightmare fuels, and one crimson gem.

A participant who dies carrying the amulet can use it as a ghost to resurrect themselves at the price of 50 well being, two-thirds of most starvation, and half of the utmost sanity, and relaxation simple that they are secure the place they wake because the amulet additionally places their enemies to sleep. In case you are harm carrying it, nonetheless, you’ll get well two sanity per minute, and 5 well being on the expense of 5 starvation each 30 seconds till they’re totally healed.

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