10 Greatest Heirlooms In Apex Legends


Within the extremely well-liked multiplayer shooter Apex Legends, you may unlock distinctive and uncommon melee weapons which are known as heirlooms. Every of those heirlooms prices particular shards which are solely obtained by way of assortment occasions or by merely getting fortunate whereas opening loot containers.


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After getting secured the supplies to unlock an heirloom, you may determine which of your favourite legends you want to outfit with a particular melee weapon that provides customized animations. If you’re out there for an heirloom and are deciding which of those melee weapons is the proper alternative, then look no additional.



10 Chilly Metal – Bangalore

An image of Bangalore's Heirloom in Apex Legend, a large knife with a glowing yellow edge.

Just like Bangalore’s character, her heirloom is harsh and environment friendly, an ideal weapon to tear aside her opponents. This heirloom is a big knife with a serrated edge and a glowing orange hue of power that surges at any time when Bangalore assaults with the blade.

Whereas the animations on this knife are extremely clear and display Banglarore’s ability as a hardened soldier, the knife doesn’t mirror the extra private points of her character. Whereas different heirlooms embody animations and backstory into a personality’s motivations or previous trauma, this heirloom solely showcases how expert the character is with a knife.

9 Useless Man’s Curve – Revenant

An image of Revenant's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a large red and black scythe with glowing orange energy on the blade.

Probably the most anticipated heirlooms ever made was Revenant’s scythe because the chilling design sparked intense curiosity locally. This huge heirloom is a pink and black scythe with a glowing black and orange blade that modifications form.

Whereas the inspection animations on the heirloom completely showcase Revenant’s violent persona as a killer, many of the motion animations make the heirloom really feel relatively clunky. Particularly, actions like wall leaping or bunny hopping trigger the heirloom to snap again harshly, making the whole heirloom really feel something however seamless.

8 Conflict Membership – Gibraltar

An image of Gibraltar's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a glowing metal and orange war club.

Gibraltar is likely one of the loudest, most personable legends within the sport, and his warfare membership heirloom displays his boisterous character. This warfare membership is impressed by weapons from the pacific islands, up to date to suit into Apex Legend’s futuristic aesthetic will a metallic blade and glowing orange embers that resemble fireplace.

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This heirloom not solely glows superbly on any map within the sport, however the inspection animations may even set off Gibraltar to examine his defend or carry out a particular tribal dance. The heirloom’s fluid animations and inclusion of Gibraltar’s private tradition actually set this weapon far above lots of the different heirlooms within the sport.

7 Butterfly Knife – Octane

An image of Octane's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a butterfly knife with green liquid in the center of the blade.

To match his over-the-top thrill-seeking character, Octane arms himself with a butterfly knife stuffed with inexperienced liquid that he consistently flicks and performs with as he sprints throughout the battlefield. The liquid on this knife resembles the adrenaline that the legend injects himself with to set off a velocity enhance, exhibiting how reliant Octane is on the substance.

This heirloom not solely completely matches the character of Octane himself, however the blade additionally has extremely satisfying animation. As you run across the battlefield, Octane will consistently twirl the butterfly knife round with out taking on an excessive amount of display screen house.

6 Suzaka – Valkyrie

An image of Valkyrie's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a silver and golden spear with clouds etched onto the tip of the blade.

The most important heirloom in the whole sport is the Suzaka or a metallic spear wielded by Valkyrie. This spear has golden cloud accents to match Valkyrie’s aesthetic, and the tip of the spear even has small jet boosters, identical to her jetpack.

The inspection animations on this heirloom showcase Valkyrie’s carefree persona whereas additionally demonstrating the reverence she has for her household and father. Nonetheless, just like Revenant’s heirloom, the Suzaka is a really massive weapon that may take up a big portion of the display screen, hindering your potential to identify enemies.

5 Power Reader – Wattson

An image of Wattson's Heirloom from Apex Legends, an orange and white energy reader that shoots electricity out of the tip of the weapon.

At first look, Wattson’s power reader heirloom might not appear to be essentially the most visually interesting weapon. Nonetheless, this heirloom comes with hilarious and clear animations that really elevate it above the vast majority of heirlooms within the sport.

This weapon unleashes static electrical energy everytime you strike an opponent and options Wattson’s fun-loving character by way of the inspection animations. Moreover, this heirloom even has a particularly uncommon animation during which Wattson picks up and hugs a big plushie of Nessie.

4 Biwon Blade – Crypto

An image of Crypto's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a green and white blade with a hilt made out of electronics.

Whereas Crypto doesn’t sit in the most effective place competitively, his heirloom is actually a step above others. Particularly, Crypto’s melee weapon is a white, inexperienced, and black blade that unfurls from a hilt made up of various pc elements.

The animations on this blade are extremely swift, exhibiting Crypto’s ability with the blade with out taking on an excessive amount of display screen house. Lastly, the inspection animations for this heirloom showcase a photograph of Crypto’s household and his loving relationship along with his hacking his drone.

3 Hope’s Nightfall – Wraith

An image of Wraith's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a black and blue kunai knife.

Though Wraith’s kunai blade is the oldest heirloom in the whole sport, however all of the knife’s animations have been up to date since then to convey it updated with trendy requirements. Now, Wraith gamers can benefit from the inspection animations that function Wraith sending the knife by way of portals or sharpening the blade on her armor.

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Moreover, the melee assaults on this heirloom generate small portals and navy blue particles that match Wraith’s total aesthetic completely. Whereas this previous heirloom was not all the time your best option, the up to date results have actually elevated this melee weapon.

two Showstoppers – Seer

An image of Seer's Heirloom, two metallic blades in the shape of crescent moons.

Seer’s melee weapons are two metallic blades formed like crescent moons. These metallic, silver knives have gold accents and mini drones that the legend makes use of to listen to the heartbeats of his enemies.

On prime of the lethal blades, lots of the inspection animations on this pores and skin function Seer pulling out a pill to shortly draw an image. Maintain testing these drawings, as a number of the sketches are rarer than others and have different legends within the sport.

1 Claw Of Alanza – Wolf

An image of Loba's Heirloom from Apex Legends, a white fan with metallic spikes on the end.

Not surprisingly, Loba’s heirloom is simply as fabulous and classy because the character herself. This heirloom is a white fan with sharp metallic blades adorning the perimeters, making the weapon each fashionable and lethal.

The fan not solely has extremely fluid animations as Loba traverses across the battlefield but additionally showcases her ongoing feud with Revenant. If you’re not sure of the place to spend your heirloom shards, then this iconic fan is the proper alternative for anybody who desires to eradicate their enemies in fashion.

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