8 Recurring Characters That Are Enemies In Remaining Fantasy


For a collection with over 16 mainline entries and innumerable spin-offs, every Remaining Fantasy sport finds a solution to be distinct from every part else. The collection is fairly free on what truly defines a sport exterior of scant themes and naming conventions. One factor that ties the video games collectively is the characters.


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These characters all the time discover a solution to be totally different throughout video games, be it turning an enemy into an ally, or a joke enemy right into a recurring cameo. Whereas most of them are often only a new rendition of the character between video games, they handle to remix these characters to suit their new setting whereas nonetheless feeling like the identical character at their core.


8 Bahamut

final fantasy 7 remake bahamut shinra simulator boss fight

One factor you’ll be able to count on in most Remaining Fantasy video games is summons. They arrive in many alternative types and names, from the cinematic actions of FF15’s Astrals to the extra direct management of FF10’s Aeons. Although designs change throughout most video games, and loads of distinctive summons are launched, probably the most highly effective and dreaded is usually Bahamut.

Bahamut is usually seen within the video games as the top of the gods. He first appeared as a summon in FF3, although he has been a personality for the reason that authentic. Most sometimes, he’s fought as a boss earlier than being obtained as a summon, and he is often as much as some damaging actions. For instance, in Remaining Fantasy 14 and 15, he is attempting to destroy the world. Not the nicest man round.

7 Ultros

Final Fantasy 6's Ultros chillin' in the water

Initially launched in Remaining Fantasy 6, Ultros served as a recurring boss within the sport, one who was comparatively weak and wise-cracking however probably not a lot of a menace. Due to that, they grew to become a bit easier to tear from their very own sport, typically credited to Orthros.

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In every entry, they’ve the identical persona and look, a impolite, purple tentacle monster. Within the authentic Remaining Fantasy remake, he could be fought in Soul of Chaos Dungeon, in FF13-2 within the colosseum alongside Typhon, and lots extra. Most situations finish with him getting cooked – a justified motion.

6 Magus Sisters

Aeon Magus Sisters Final Fantasy X

The Magus Sisters are most well-known as an optionally available however extremely highly effective summon from Remaining Fantasy 10, although this was their solely time as a summon, and really their second look within the collection.

Initially, the trio of sisters appeared in Remaining Fantasy 4 as a boss within the Tower of Zot, going by the names Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy in English. Although restricted in character, they make up for it in persona, their techniques in fight reflecting their relationship. They once more seem in Remaining Fantasy 14’s Endwalker enlargement as, would you consider, a boss within the Tower of Zot, although this time, they’re revered as goddesses. An enormous step up from being the minions of others prior to now.

5 Garland And Chaos

Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster Mog Cyan Terra Setzer

The phrases ‘chaos’ and ‘darkness’ get thrown round quite a bit in Remaining Fantasy, however they often have an precise that means behind them. Within the case of Chaos, it represents the entity of, effectively, chaos. Featured most prominently within the authentic Remaining Fantasy as a power of evil, it was personified by means of Garland, the principle antagonist. Each Chaos as an entity and Garland as a personality have appeared throughout a number of video games, often in a considerably parallel-hopping means.

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Although Garland seems as an antagonistic power in FF9, that is solely the identical Garland thematically. Stranger of Paradise, nonetheless, has you play because the self-same Garland depicting their development into the embodiment of Chaos. It is an journey that twists the concept of ​​the unique story loads and turns Garland right into a deeper character whereas concurrently nonetheless making him a boss. Something to defeat Chaos.

4 Omega

The Omega Alphascape Raid in Final Fantasy 14

It is fairly commonplace in Remaining Fantasy video games for there to be an excellent boss of some selection. There’s loads of selection throughout video games, from FF15’s Adamantoise to FF7’s weapons, although you may often discover Omega. In contrast to most different recurring characters, although, Omega is probably going the identical one throughout all video games.

To not be confused with Omega Weapon (nice naming there), Omega initially appeared as an optionally available boss in Remaining Fantasy 5, touring the Interdimensional Rift. The lore of Omega builds them up as a way more complicated character. They’re the identical Omega throughout every sport or no less than off-shoots of the model in FF5, all with the intent of searching down some nice beast hinted to be Shinryu. Some historic civilization virtually all the time creates them to trace Shinryu down, they usually’ll ensure you will not cease them of their quest.

3 metropolis

Cid lighting dynamite with a cigarette

Of all of the Remaining Fantasy characters there are, each one-off and recurring, Cid is probably going essentially the most well-known of all of them. Each rendition of him is exclusive, and he is probably the most prolific characters within the collection. Humorous sufficient, regardless of how totally different he could be, you’ll be able to all the time assure he’ll be an inventor. And generally a little bit of a nasty man.

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How may this beloved inventor be evil, you ask? Nicely although he isn’t strictly an enemy you combat in FF8, he’s partly liable for the entire time compression and baby troopers factor, which is not an incredible monitor file. However then there’s his look in FF13, the place he’s instantly an antagonist that continuously tries to kill you. He nonetheless has a cool airship in each instances, no less than.

two Biggs And Wedge

Sea Wolf Roegadyn Biggs (left) and Lalafell Wedge on the right, skilled engineers under the employ of Cid

Exterior of the already unusual resolution to call them after Star Wars fighter pilots, Biggs and Wedge are a beloved duo within the collection. They all the time seem as a pair, with one often being considerably smarter than the opposite, although brains solely account for a little bit of a persona. It is likely to be odd to consider them as enemies then, however they have been on the shedding facet in some video games.

From their authentic look in Remaining Fantasy 6, they’ve unfold throughout loads of video games, although in Remaining Fantasy 8 discover themselves in service of the Galbadian Empire. Right here, they seem to be a recurring encounter, they usually’re truthfully form of pathetic. A minimum of they’re the great guys in each different sport.

1 Gilgamesh

Final Fantasy Origin Gilgamesh

Ah, Gilgamesh. From their authentic look in Remaining Fantasy 5, they’ve change into probably the most notable features of the collection and have managed to rack up essentially the most appearances throughout the complete franchise. Gilgamesh, like Omega, can be the identical character throughout video games, searching down an enormous assortment of weapons, most notably Excalibur.

Although a recurring boss in Remaining Fantasy 5, they’ve had many types over time. In FF8, they seem solely to exchange Odin as a silent swordsman. In FF15, they’re an historic and stoic warrior wielding spectral arms. In FF12, they’re type sufficient to present you a fishing rod regardless of earlier attempting to kill you on your weapons. They’ve even had notable appearances in spin-off video games, like truly stealing your weapons in Kind-0. Having them actually all the time be the identical man simply makes it a bit funnier too.

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