All Lifeless Area schematic areas


The Lifeless Area schematic areas are simply missed, particularly throughout your first playthrough once you’re unfamiliar with the darkish corners of the Ishimura. Early on in your time on board the large mining vessel, you may be compelled to scavenge for provides positioned within the setting. Nevertheless, as soon as discovered, Lifeless Area schematics might be introduced again to the shop, making important gadgets out there to buy at any time from the shop.

It is value mentioning that this record of Lifeless Area schematic areas does not embrace those for Lifeless Area weapon upgrades and swimsuit upgrades, as we have now separate guides for these. As an alternative, these schematics relate to extra common provides (reminiscent of ammunition and well being packs) that may make all of the distinction when going up towards the Lifeless Area leviathan and different fearsome necromorphs in the most effective PC video games of 2023.

Dead Space schematic locations: Isaac Clarke stands at the entrance to the Ishimura Clinic before a row of waiting room seats holding a schematic, the wall behind them emblazoned with graffiti that reads, 'it's time'.

All Lifeless Area schematic areas

Listed here are all of the Lifeless Area schematic areas, so as of look:

  • Pulse Rounds: Positioned on a workbench on the left-hand aspect of the Coolant Pipelines on the Medical deck in Chapter 2.
  • Stasis Pack: Positioned on a bench on the right-hand aspect of the Essential Altering Lab on the Medical deck in Chapter 2. If you happen to depend on Stasis that will help you via encounters, you should definitely choose up the Lifeless Area report on the Bridge to unlock a significant improve.
  • Medium MedPack: Positioned in a locker inside the room labeled To Centrifuge adjoining the Decontamination Room on the Engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Ripper Blades: Positioned on the ground in Gas Storage, which is simply subsequent to the second elevator on the Engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Flamethrower Gas: Positioned on the chair subsequent to the first engine panel contained in the Engine Room on the Engineering deck in Chapter 3.
  • Line Racks: Positioned on the desk in Dr. B Warwick’s Workplace CPO on the Medical deck in Chapter 5. With a purpose to entry this room, you may must have reached Lifeless Area safety clearance degree 2.
  • Power Power: Positioned between the 2 electrical traps within the Air Filtration Tower on the Hydroponics deck in Chapter 6. Use your Stasis to bypass the primary lure blocking your manner.
  • Contact Power: Positioned on the espresso desk inside the locked room in Deck B Processing on the Mining deck in Chapter 7. Shoot on the lock seen via the damaged window to achieve entry to the room.
  • Oxygen Tank: Positioned on the workbench in Platform Storage, which is in itself inside the Refueling Management Stations on the Engineering deck in Chapter 8. Once more, you may want clearance degree 2 earlier than you possibly can entry this room.
  • Massive MedPack: Positioned on the desk by the doorway to the Infirmary on the USM Valor in Chapter 9.

As soon as you have discovered all of the Lifeless Area schematic areas within the horror sport, you may be rewarded with the ‘Service provider’ achievement. It’s also possible to count on to begin Lifeless Area new sport plus with all the pieces out there to buy from the get-go, which definitely makes issues simpler when monitoring down the Lifeless Area marker fragments to unlock the alternate ending. If you happen to’re keen on collectibles, do not miss out on the elusive Lifeless Area Peng treasure, or the Lifeless Area Grasp Override, which might break any lock standing between you and deep-space loot


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