All Quests in Paradise: Fortnite

All Quests in Paradise: Fortnite
All Quests in Paradise: Fortnite

Legend-based weekly quests are here, so get started ASAP! Fortnite weekly quests go live on Thursdays, and it’s become customary to post lore quests on Tuesdays. We have resistance missions, vibin missions, and this season we’re taking heaven missions.


These are very story-based and will be fun for fans of the lore. If you like great narratives, this is the book for you. You will also get a lot of experience points!

Update by Ashely Claudino 17th November 2022: The second set of Paradise missions have been released and we’ve updated this guide with all the new missions and how to complete them. This will most likely be the last update to the Paradise storyline; however, we’ll be sure to update this guide again as more quests are added.


Paradise Quests

Paradise Quest is all about the battle royale story. You can follow him around the map for fun challenges. A new set of Paradise quests will be released later this season, adding even more to the story, so you can expect to learn more throughout the week. Because you have to play a role in the story, you really feel like you are a key factor in the story. Plus, you’ll earn 32,000 XP for completing each of these missions.

It’s important to follow the Paradise questline when completing these quests, as doing so will require you to travel to various locations on the map – once you’ve completed them, the game will automatically tell you where you can complete them when you open the map.


To track a task, hover over it and press the “Track Task” button. You can unsubscribe and re-follow them at any time.

Part One

  • Get ready for Jones’ call on your next Battle Bus
  • Restart the computer on Seven Outpost II, V or Synapse Station
  • Set Up Device Uplink (Reality Tree)
  • Find a strange reality tree root

Next you need to find a strange root of the reality tree to find out how the infection spread. You can find these roots in various places on the map.

Possible Paradox Between Cloudy Condos and Rocky Reels
Picturesque Paradox North of Rocky Reels
Pump ‘N Paradox Southeast of Reality Tree
Party Paradox Northeast of Rave Cave
Peaceful Paradox West of Sleepy Sound
  • Using the device to pick up strange noises at the root of a realistic tree
  • waiting for further orders
  • Decipher the recording using the computer in the Seven’s lab (east of the Tilted Tower, Synapse Station and Launch Pad).
  • waiting for further orders
  • Destroy a car or truck to collect electronic parts (3)

You have to convince AMIE to build you a translator, so you have to convince her by giving her some electronic parts. The number of parts you get from destroying vehicles is random; you can get all three at once, or just one.

Place all parts of the translator setup near the root of the reality tree
Head to an odd root location on the Reality Tree and place all the shards you’ve collected nearby. Once you get close enough, you’ll notice where you can do this.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Talk to Blackheart about the scientist’s notes
  • Go to Lustrous Lagoon and board the ship and talk to Blackheart.
  • Find and dig up the scientist’s stolen research notes

East of Lutrust Lagoon, you can visit the Syndicate Shoals landmark – it’s on a small island. Tap your pickaxe on the mounds of dirt scattered across the island to dig them up until you find the scientist’s note.

  • Eliminate opponents with EvoChrome weapons
  • Staged by Chrome structure (3)
  • Destroy Chrome objects and collect Chrome exceptions (5)
  • Destroys Chrome objects in biomes covered by Chrome – You can also do this by destroying structures. Sometimes Chrome anomalies break in and you can restore them. Do this until you have collected five in total.
  • waiting for further orders
  • Place the chromatic anomaly in the testing room of the research lab
  • Approach the control panel and press the red button that appears
  • Holographic activation

It’s a mini-game that isn’t too complicated once you get used to the sensitivity options. All you have to do is press the button when it turns red. Then they turn green and the other button turns red. Do this several times until the task is complete. When you’re done, approach and interact with the holotable in the center of the room.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Gather battle plans from the bunker

Bunkers are scattered throughout the map. If you have mission markers enabled, you will immediately see marked cover locations on the map. However, if you don’t have the key to the safe in your pocket, you will be disappointed when you get there. So get the key first and then go to the bunker.

Keys are randomly generated. They can be found in floor loot, supply doors, and chests. They seem to drop more often in the chrome biome, so you should try your luck in places like the Lustrust Lagoon, Herald’s Sanctum, Cloud Condos, or the Shimmering Shrine.

Once you have it, head to a bunker (some require two keys to open, so double check your map and you’ll know where to go).

  • waiting for further orders
  • help beat the herald

Get your best gear and biggest shield ready before heading to the Herald Temple to defeat the Herald. After that, all you have to do is wait for more orders and land on the island.

  • waiting for further orders
  • landed on the island

Part Two

  • Get ready for Jones’ call on your next Battle Bus
  • Use your acquisition tool to place a signal booster (3)

There are four signal boosters on the map, one on the balloon west of Greasy Grove, one on the floating road south of Groovy Grove, another on the hill next to the log cabin north of the Reality Tree, and the last one on his own southwest of Tainted Towers On the hill next to the pyre covering the underground vault. Be sure to turn on quest markers and track quests so they automatically appear when you open the map. Hit the signal boosters with the pickaxe to locate them.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Search open bins for scientists’ latest research notes

There are dumpsters all over the map. The only problem here is finding an open one. Before starting this quest, you are free to go into the dumpsters, but after that they all become inaccessible and you need to find an open dumpster that you can enter in order to get the scientist’s research note and be able to use the dumpster again.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Talk to Agent Jonesy (Fort Jonesy)
  • Find license codes in research labs (Synapse Station, Tainted Towers, Launchpad)
  • Enter the authorization code on the research lab computer

After talking to Agent Jones, go to one of the research labs on the map and check the walls to find the authorization code. Once you have it, you have to memorize the code and enter it manually on the computer.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Dance at the coordinating anchor near the Tainted Towers
  • Dancing on a Tuned Anchor near Jonesburg

There’s a plush toy of your favorite Fortnite skin in the designated place; stand in front of her and use the emote to move on to the next part of the quest.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Equip the Sensor Backpack on Outpost V or Research Lab Minotaur
  • Document energy signatures around Loot Lake (3)

Phases 2 and 3 of this quest must be completed in the same match. You need to equip the sensor pack and successfully record all three power signatures around Loot Lake. Otherwise you have to redo everything. Seven Outpost V is farther from Loot Lake than Research Lab Minotaur; however, you can find the Rift nearby.

Power signals are everywhere, and you have to keep an eye out for the pack and follow the direction it’s beeping the most.

  • waiting for further orders
  • Survive the Storm stage in one match (4)
  • waiting for further orders
  • Talk to Bushranger (Groovy Grove)
  • Plant the first tree seed near Greasy Grove
  • Plant a second tree seed near Grim Gables

The final task is to talk to Bushranger in the Groovy Grove area near the Knowby Cabin. Then go to the area west of Greasy Grove and plant a tree where the map marker is. Next, head to Grim Gables. There are tree planting places on the west and east sides of POI. This is the last paradise to explore for now.

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