Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps of 2024: Android and iOs

Explore the essential apps of 2024! From simplifying daily tasks to revolutionizing industries, discover the tools that can shape your future.

The must-have apps for 2024 are here to make your life more efficient

must have apps 2024
These must-have apps can help you manage many things in your life! Source: Canva Pro.

From revolutionizing how we manage our health and well-being to redefining the way we learn, the must-have apps of 2024 are poised to leave a lasting impact. 

In this rapidly evolving digital era, the quest for convenience and innovation drives the search for tools that streamline our daily lives. 

Join us as we embark on a journey through the digital landscape, exploring the most innovative and indispensable apps. 

Below, you will find the best applications to track and manage self-development, organization, physical and mental health, sustainability, and more!

must have apps 2024
Productivity, health, organization, and more! The must-have apps in 2024. Source: Canva Pro.

Technology has been rapidly updating and excelling itself in a constant rhythm. So, keeping up with the latest trends means integrating tools into your life that can make daily activities easier.

Additionally, using these innovative applications can make tracking your tasks, managing your health, and balancing your professional and personal life much more effective.

An example of such technological innovation is the rapid advance of AI tools that promise to make many daily processes more efficient.

Furthermore, we have been incorporating technology into many aspects of our lives that have come under the scrutiny of tech experts.

For this reason, we can expect to find more tools for automating life tasks among the must-have apps for 2024.

What to expect as must-have apps for 2024

When we anticipate the must-have apps for 2024, we can envision that the latest trends and concerns that have been escalating will be integrated into the tech field.

Thus, the focus on climate change, the emphasis on mental health and general well-being, and even tools to reduce screen time on cell phones are on this list.

The improvement in quality of life that technology can bring has been felt more intensely over the last few years, particularly when people were largely confined to their homes.

Now, communication, access to information, and entertainment are predominantly accessed through apps.

The top 10 must-have apps for 2024

must have apps 2024
Check our list of must-have apps! Source: Canva Pro.

To encompass all the potential technology can bring to your life, we have curated the must-have apps for 2024 based on the following areas of:

  • Self-development
  • Mental and physical health
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Organization
  • Sustainability


Why is it a must-have?Fabulous uses behavioral science and psychology to assist its users in managing and building habits.

Starting off with one of the must-have apps for 2024. If one of your goals is to dedicate more time to intentionally building new habits, this app is perfect for you.

Fabulous is a habit tracker that helps you manage many areas of your life that you want to improve by monitoring your consistency and enhancing your discipline. 

This app provides tips and small exercises you can undertake in 5 minutes to start working towards specific goals personalized within the app.





Track and improve your habits with this must-have app!

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Why is it a must-have?Pocket is an app dedicated to organizing articles, audios, and videos for those who like to consume online content and would like to have it all in one place.

If you are interested in reading articles and other online content but often get lost in all the saved links, Pocket is the solution. 

This is one of the must-have apps for 2024 since it unifies organization and information, allowing its users to manage all their to-be-read articles in one place. 

You can even listen to and watch content within this app, and search for topics you are interested in, filtering your interests and saving them for offline reading as well.


Why is it a must-have?Headspace brings easy mindfulness practices and tools for everyone looking to slow down and relax.

Managing busy and hectic lifestyles can easily lead to burnout, and more often than ever before, people look for tools that can help them de-stress. 

For this reason, Headspace can be a useful tool to implement quick sessions of meditation and easy mindfulness practices into your daily life. 

This is one of the must-have apps for 2024 that is aimed at helping people implement more gentle habits into their routines. 

You can find relaxing sounds, take courses to learn how to manage stress, and even listen to guided meditation to help you sleep better at night.


Why is it a must-have?AI tools provide personalized content according to each user’s demand.

AI tools blew everyone’s mind away with their efficiency, and within a few weeks, they were incorporated into a wide variety of fields.

For this reason, ChatGPT sits among the must-have apps for 2024 due to its rapid and constant advancement in how it can assist its users.

This conversational AI is a virtual assistant that can help people easily find information, manage productivity, generate content, and much more.




AI ⭐⭐⭐

Need some help on solving problems? Ask ChatGPT!

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Why is it a must-have?GymRats allows users to form teams and compete for who works out the most.

Working out can be a lot more fun when you do it with friends, and with GymRats, it can be done even remotely. 

This is one of the must-have apps for 2024 if you need motivation to maintain your fitness lifestyle. With GymRats, you can join others in challenging situations.

 This way, all users in the challenge can upload daily check-ins for their workouts, customizing how many points each type of workout earns. 

At the end of each challenge, the person who worked out the most wins.


must have apps 2024
Apps can be a fun way to improve your everyday tasks. Source: Canva Pro.
Why is it a must-have?Its dynamic interface and algorithm make content go viral within a few hours.

TikTok has been dictating trends, the most listened-to songs of the year, and even best-selling books for a while now. 

It’s unquestionable the influence this social media app has on society, and it definitely remains one of the must-have apps for 2024, especially if you want to stay on trend.


Why is it a must-have?For students and anyone looking for a smart and practical way of learning, Quizlet is a go-to.

When it comes to using apps for educational purposes, Quizlet is an AI-powered learning tool. 

It has over 500 thousand lists of flashcards covering the most diverse topics created by professors and students. 

With this app, you can turn your own annotations and physical flashcards into digital ones and carry them anywhere, always ready for a quick study session.


Why is it a must-have?Olio makes decluttering faster and easier.

Decluttering is always a good action to clean and organize your physical and mental space, as well as pass on things to people who may need them more than you do. 

So, with technology, this activity has just become easier. Olio has made it to the list of must-have apps for 2024 for the practicality it brings to its users’ lives. 

In this app, you can share items you want to declutter with a community of people looking to acquire new things or to declutter as well.





Share what you have, and get what you need!

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Why is it a must-have?Consult health professionals without leaving your house.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, doctors have been more prepared to conduct online consultations. For this reason, this practice has become more common as the years go by. 

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to attend an in-person consultation, and you can get in touch with a doctor from the comfort of your own house. 

That’s precisely why Doctors on Demand is one of the must-have apps for 2024. It makes taking care of your health a lot easier.


Why is it a must-have?Waterllama helps in keeping track of water intake.

Drinking enough water every day is at the base of the maintaining-your-health pyramid. However, building this habit is not always easy. 

For people who don’t naturally remember to drink water, an extra push is always welcome. 

So, by using Waterllama, you can track every type of drink you have each day, activate reminders, and monitor your hydration in a fun way.

Another fun way to use your smartphone: dating apps!

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