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Future 2: Lightfall has 4 new Unique weapons for gamers to chase, one among which is a Heavy Machine Gun that fires weakening and risky rounds with a rhythmic cadence. In case you’re prepared to finish a brief quest after the marketing campaign, you will get your fingers on Deterministic Chaos, a Void LMG that serves as an add-clearing/sustained DPS hybrid.


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As with most Unique weapons in Future 2, you may want to finish a reasonably brief quest to get your fingers on this heavy metallic LMG. This information will showcase the right way to begin the Unfinished Enterprise quest, the right way to full each quest step, and we’ll give a mission walkthrough for ‘What Stays,’ the final quest step tied to buying Deterministic Chaos.


Up to date March 11, 2023: We have up to date this text to incorporate a video information that breaks down all the things you should learn about getting the Deterministic Chaos Unique LMG in Future 2: Lightfall.

How To Begin Unfinished Enterprise

Destiny 2 Lightfall Cloudstrider

‘Unfinished Enterprise’ is given by Nimbus upon finishing the Lightfall marketing campaign. You possibly can beat the marketing campaign on both Regular or Legendary. As soon as the marketing campaign is over, seize the hunt from Nimbus. You will pay your respects to Rohan within the Corridor of Heroes earlier than the precise quest begins.

Accumulate Cipher Qubits

Destiny 2 Guardian Fighting Wyvern On Neomuna

That is hands-down probably the most convoluted a part of this quest. The hunt states that you should earn qubits by defeating Vex enemies to achieve Rohan’s knowledge from Cloud Accretions. Here is what you really must do: for this quest step, kill 40 Vex on Neomuna, seize the pickups they drop, then harvest 5 assets on the vacation spot. That is it. It is that easy.

Each Vex enemy you may kill will drop a useful resource on their corpse, just like how useful resource patrols work. This can be a qubit. You want to acquire 40 of them. You possibly can sometimes discover a ton of Vex in Neomuna’s Vex Incursion Zone, a hotspot for Strand that rotates on the vacation spot. Use the Neptune map to infer the place the incursion zone is. Fireteam members additionally spawn qubits on kill, so think about becoming a member of different gamers for this step.

Upon getting sufficient qubits, you may must extract 5 assets (referred to as Cloud Accretions) on Neomuna. Equip a useful resource scanner mod in your Ghost to mark all close by assets. Seize 5 Cloud Accretions to complete this quest step.

Find The Remaining Knowledge Packet In Maya’s Retreat

Destiny 2 Neptune Final Data Packet Vex Pillar

Your subsequent goal is to get Rohan’s closing knowledge packet from Maya’s Retreat, an remoted a part of Neomuna that is linked to Liming Harbor. The situation is marked in your map and fairly simple to succeed in. When you arrive, work together with the Vex pylon on the middle of the pond. This may spawn a couple of waves of Vex you may must fend off. Kill the Vex and work together with the Vex construction as soon as once more to complete this step.

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Retrieve A Vex Compass

Destiny 2 Neptune Gaming Arcade Lost Sector

After talking with Nimbus and Osiris, they’ll direct you to filter the Thrilladome Misplaced Sector in Liming Harbor. This can be a gaming arcade that’s filled with Vex enemies. Deliver an excellent close-range weapon for this part. Filter out the enemies, loot the Misplaced Sector chest, then make your option to Ahimsa Park.

Create Chaos In Ahimsa Park

Destiny 2 Lightfall Neomuna City Under Attack

As soon as once more, the wording of this step is not fairly indicative of what you should do. For this step, you may must defeat 100 Cabal enemies in Ahimsa Park utilizing your talents. The subclass you decide for this does not matter, so here is what we advocate:

  • Hunter: Use Arcstrider. Mixture Blow and a One-Two Punch Shotgun makes brief work of the Cabal.
  • Titan: Use Sunbreaker. Throwing Hammer with Synthoceps and Roaring Flames offers absurd injury. Use your hammer to kill a Cabal unit, seize the hammer off the ground, and repeat.
  • Warlock: Use Dawnblade. You should utilize Sunbracers or Starfire Protocol to achieve infinite grenades. Sunbracer customers use Incinerating Snap’s Ignite proc to achieve infinite Photo voltaic Grenades, and Starfire customers can use Witherhoard and Empowering Rifts to achieve infinite Fusion Grenades.

Discover The Seed Of Silver Wings

Destiny 2 Lightfall Shadow Legion

This step is sort of easy. Comply with the waypoint in your map to succeed in the Seed of Silver Wings. Defeat the Cabal guarding the zone, then head to the gathering of vases on the aspect of the sector to seek out the seed. Return to Nimbus to unlock the ultimate quest step.

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Full What Stays

Destiny 2 What Remains Mission Start

‘What Stays’ is a singular mission that may be began on the trail to Maya’s Retreat. The mission itself is sort of easy, requiring you to seek out Nimbus within the Backyard of Salvation raid. Fortunately all of Backyard’s raid mechanics have been stripped out right here, however do not anticipate this to be a cakewalk. Earlier than beginning the mission, deliver an excellent mid-range weapon and a Void subclass. You will need a option to achieve Unstable Rounds for later.

The beginning of this mission will pit you in opposition to a small military of Vex. Use the close by timber for canopy as you decide on the targets from a distance. Your Energy Stage is not restricted on this zone, in contrast to Neomuna, so it is best to have the ability to kill the Cyclops and Hydra items with ease. When completed, you may wish to make your option to the spinning Vex wheel on the different aspect of the sphere.

Destiny 2 What Remains Spinning Vex Wheel

Your aim is to make your approach down and throughout to the place the waypoint is main you. Comply with the sting of the wall to discover a path by way of the spinning Vex wheels. You wish to keep away from utilizing the spinning platforms right here; they’ll take you again as much as the beginning of the extent. In case you ever really feel caught, search for platforms above or beside you to leap on.

Destiny 2 What Remains Destroying The Barrier

You will finally be caught in a rotating tunnel that is blocked off by a Hydra and Supplicants. Defeat the Vex provides first to get your fingers on a laser weapon. With the laser, shoot the angled squares floating behind the wall to destroy the barrier. This mechanic is repeated for this whole part, so maintain your eyes peeled for these angles surfaces everytime you see a barrier.

Taken will start combating the Vex close to the central conflux. Comply with the path of Taken enemies as you combat your approach out. In case you’ve performed Backyard, you are backtracking to the leaping puzzle. Filter out all of the enemies to disclose a path.

Destiny 2 What Remains Blight Section

This subsequent part requires you to destroy three Taken Blights. You should not have many points doing this. Use Strand or a motion Unique to simply navigate the floating platforms to succeed in every Blight. Watch out for the Taken Ogres that dot the zone, as they will push you off the map with a pair eye beam projectiles. Destroy the Blights, enter the portal that opens afterward, then observe the waypoint to succeed in Nimbus.

Destiny 2 Nimbus Kneeling Over Deterministic Chaos

Nimbus has discovered a bit of Cloud Strider tech you need to use to complete your mission. Seize the weapon and equip your newly-found Deterministic Chaos Machine Gun. Nimbus will depart after reflecting on their actions, leaving you with a military of Vex and Taken to filter. Cleave by way of the Taken and Vex utilizing your newly-found Machine Gun. Void customers can proc Unstable Rounds to drastically enhance this gun’s add-clearing potential.

The top of the extent would require you to defeat a Vex Hydra that is protected by obstacles. Use your weapons to defeat the Vex, seize the laser cannons they drop, then use these cannons to destroy the loss of life obstacles. Harm the Hydra till the obstacles seem, then repeat the method. When the Hydra is useless, converse to Nimbus again on Neomuna and go to the Corridor of Heroes to complete this quest.

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