Elden Ring Fan Places Collectively Full Timeline Of All Its Wars


Due to George RR Martin, Elden Ring has a complete historical past that we see snippets of in-game as we traverse the bads of a number of bygone eras. This implies there’s so much to unpack earlier than we even set foot in The Lands Between, however given that almost all of it’s inferred via dialogue and merchandise descriptions which can be simply missed, it may be onerous to pinpoint when precisely sure occasions passed off. So, one fan has put collectively a whole timeline.

It splits Elden Ring’s previous into three distinct eras – Godfrey’s Reign, Radagon’s Reign, and The Shattering. And beneath these three eras, u/octobersveryown616 lists key occasions, battles, assaults, and every conflict. All of it begins with Marika and Godfrey’s marriage throughout the Conflict of The Giants, adopted by Godfrey’s conquest of The Lands Between wherein he sealed away Destined Loss of life and the Golden Order was shaped. Throughout this, we additionally see the Conflict towards Historical Dragons and each the primary and second Liurnian wars.


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Nevertheless, Godfrey was banished after these two conflicts and finally Liurnian unrest bubbled right into a civil conflict, however after that, issues quieted down. That’s till the Evening of the Black Knives and the next shattering of the Elden Ring, which led Godrick to flee to Stormveil with Radahn not far behind, later attacking him in that very same citadel. This was adopted by Leyndell’s assault on Mt Gelmir and Malenia’s marketing campaign towards each Godrick and Radahn. Then, the timeline closes with the Battle of Aeonia and the beginning of the sport after we enter the scene.

Whereas the timeline is usually correct, there are some elements that different lore sleuths on the Elden Ring subreddit have disputed. One declare is that the “Conflict towards Historical Dragons” would not happen throughout Godfrey’s conquest, and truly unfolds after his banishment provided that Godwyn is the figurehead throughout that marketing campaign. The Liurnian Civil Conflict additionally probably passed off after the shattering of the Elden Ring.

One other key level raised is that the invasion of Mt Gelmir talked about seemingly by no means ended provided that we discover Leyndell troopers nonetheless making an attempt a siege. That being mentioned, the timeline is pretty correct, and serves as an ideal jumping-on level if you wish to dig into Elden Ring’s in depth historical past – there’s numerous floor to cowl, so decide a favourite boss struggle and you will discover out simply what they have been as much as earlier than we lastly slew them.

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