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After I was a child, I used to get sleep paralysis about big flying books flapping at me. They would not cease until I used to be below the covers and holding my breath. For some purpose, that was terrifying–massive books flipping by means of their pages with the specter of perhaps sending a lightweight breeze my means. Regardless, there’s one thing uncomfortable now about seeing massive books flying within the air. So, once I acquired to check out The Elder Scrolls On-line’s newer dungeons, I quietly stored that to myself as we destroyed a complete bunch of them, whereas the devs later requested if I used to be okay with spiders. You realize, the marginally extra regular worry.


The Elder Scrolls On-line is ushering in its Shadow Over Morrowind storyline this yr with two new dungeons, Scrivener’s Corridor and Bal Sunnar, each centered round Apocrypha, Hermaeus Mora, and the Dunmer folks—therefore the books. I acquired an opportunity to run by means of each of those dungeons, and like the previous couple of additions to ESO, they’re upping the ante. These two specifically are designed with tanks in thoughts, with bosses that usher in different enemies or disgustingly highly effective AoE assaults that, if aggro slips even a bit of, might jeopardise your complete celebration. Fortunately, I used to be operating a DPS construct, however I am unable to wait to return and put my tank to make use of to actually take a look at its mettle.


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Scrivener’s Corridor has three bosses, Ritemaster Naqri, Ozezan the Inferno, and Valinna. Naqri is the one summoning the large books, which is ideal given we struggle them in a huge library in the course of a rickety makeshift cavern base. That is the place Scribes of Destiny instantly stands out, as, like lots of the newer dungeons added to ESO, there’s much more occurring than merely attempting to outlive as you whittle down the boss’ well being. They throw out themed books that you must destroy, in any other case ghosts might be summoned and AoEs will spawn, protecting you centered in your environment. All of the whereas, the tank has to maintain the boss away so the DPS can circle round and filter out any urgent threats. It is an intricate dance that sees every position utilized to its full potential.

ESO heroes preparing to enter a town on fire

Valinna, the ultimate boss, is essentially the most fascinating new addition. They’re discovered alongside a spider known as Lamikhai, who serves because the ‘predominant’ boss till they’re lastly defeated. On the finish of every section, they’re going to scurry out of the room because it fills with lava. Assume Indiana Jones operating from the boulder, solely he is chasing down a large eight-legged freak because the hall is flooded with burning scorching slag. Should you get caught, you are immediately killed. There is a window to revive your self earlier than the following section of the boss begins, which retains issues from changing into too unfair.

Should you make it, the second room does not supply a lot respite since you may now be preventing smaller ensnaring spiders as properly. They will put you right into a cocoon that’s then dragged towards them to be eaten, killing you immediately—that is the place your teammates are available, pushing you to work collectively relatively than splintering off and doing your individual factor, including a way of synergy that is typically missing in dungeons. There is a lot occurring, and the sector is continually altering till you are surrounded by foreboding mist-covered bridges stretching out into an limitless expanse, leaving you to fend off Valinna on the sting of a neverending drop. It’s miles much less mundane than the standard dungeon boss, because it mixes chase sequences and big, beautiful set items, protecting issues fascinating between phases.

ESO 3D map with several orbs orbiting a larger orb

The spiders aren’t simply there as a result of they’re terrifying, too-many-legged monsters excellent for any boss. They’re right here as a result of we’re preventing in Mephala’s Realm, our first correct enterprise into the Webspinner’s Spiral Skein, giving the ESO staff full freedom in lastly envisioning a world we have heard a lot about however seen so little of. It is stunning, akin to morrowind with its big alien mushroom fauna, but in addition oppressive with jutting crystals that rip out of mountains the place deep black gothic fortresses are carved into the partitions. The structure has a cobwebbed texture, from the gateways to the bridges, with smaller spiders dangling from the latter. It is an uninviting place, however on the identical time, it is surprisingly alluring.

Then now we have Bal Sunnar, which has three complete bosses: Kovan Giryon, Roksa the Warped, and Matriarch Lladi Telvanni. Kovan is an fascinating struggle, as they will teleport across the room whereas summoning big rectangular beams of demise. Roksa is a Nix-Ox who will tether orbs to you–if these aren’t destroyed or interrupted, you die. And after preventing for some time, the room will sink right into a darkness that may choke the life out of you. As soon as conquered, they hearth off a laser on the tank, which is unblockable, that means that the healer and tank must work in tandem to outlive the onslaught. Lastly, now we have Lladi, who will vomit on you and fill the room with a poison AoE—it is not an ideal first impression.

ESO player swinging an ax next to an angry mage and a storm atronach in a cave fortress

Every boss has an fascinating hook, whether or not it is sucking you into the middle for rapid demise, scattering magical tombs round that it’s essential to destroy, or plunging all the things into darkness, forcing you to search out security within the mild. There’s not one struggle that feels boring or uninteresting, and the brand new mechanics and give attention to AoE push you to intimately study every boss’ patterns and indicators, relatively than leaving you to spam a bar of talents till they drop useless. It is a signal of how far ESO has come, as its dungeons have gotten an increasing number of complicated, whereas nonetheless retaining the MMO’s signature approachability. AoEs have warmups marked by big circles, supplying you with ample time to get out of the best way, whereas new assaults just like the floating books are colour coded, so you already know that the white e book will summon the white ghosts.

For veterans, it is a contemporary expertise that does not really feel just like the final lot of dungeons, giving tanks way more to do, in flip giving healers extra to work with. You’ll be able to’t simply focus by yourself factor, anticipating to be stored alive when you spam harm, and for tanks, you’ll be able to’t simply sponge each hit—you must take heed to the place you are leaving AoEs and the boss’ place, as every assault shapes the sector and might drag everybody down with you. however for brand new gamers, extra particularly these enjoying DPS, it is an fascinating expertise crammed with secrets and techniques and honest challenges.

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