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With the launch of the Minecraft Dungeons DLC The Echoing Void, one can find your self touring into The Finish to face off with new mobs and put an finish to the Arch-Illager’s schemes. On prime of the brand new location, you and your mates can gear yourselves with highly effective new void enchantments and weapons that deal large harm to your enemies.


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Mojang has confirmed that this DLC marks an finish for the story of Minecraft Dungeons, however has additionally launched the last word model of the sport that features all of the DLC in a single buy. In case you are inquisitive about what The Echoing Void provides to the sport, then look no additional.



6 gauntlet of wales

An image of the Gauntlet of Wales from Minecraft Dungeons, a free trail for all players filled with puzzles and combat.

Whereas the Gauntlet of Wales isn’t part of the Echoing Void DLC, this free content material was added to coincide with the discharge of the DLC. The Gauntlet of Wales is a big trial that you simply and your mates can full without cost that options a big dungeon full of completely different puzzles and enemies. If you wish to conquer this problem with your mates, it may be unlocked after finishing the Creeper Woods.

When you journey by way of this sprawling new dungeon, your wits might be examined with varied wind-related puzzles that launch you throughout completely different rooms. Moreover, come ready to battle in opposition to highly effective enemies to show your mastery over this puzzling space.

5 New Artifacts

An image of an End City from Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void DLC

Echoing Void launched 4 new artifacts you and your mates can equip to loot effectively, set off new results, and deal large quantities of injury. Specifically, two void-related artifacts, the Shadow Shifter and the Void Quiver assist you to manipulate new harm varieties within the sport. The Void Quiver laces your arrows with void vitality and causes the enemies you shot to get contaminated and take extra harm, whereas the Shadow Shifter turns you invisible to strike from the shadows with enhanced harm.

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The 2 different artifacts added with the DLC enhance your survivability in addition to your luck when looting. The Vexing Chant summons a number of vexes to assist you in battle, whereas the Tome of Duplication will increase your possibilities of choosing up the identical loot twice. Total, the artifacts added with Echoing Void present a fantastic mixture of survivability and DPS to any construct.

4 Contemporary Consumables

A photo of combat in Minecraft Dungeons, The Echoing Void DLC with the player character fighting off multiple enhanced Endermen in the End.

In Minecraft Dungeons, consumables are objects that may solely be used as soon as to set off a particular impact. Within the Echoing Void DLC, the Finish provides three contemporary consumables to make the most of whereas exploring this harmful dimension. To even enter this space, you will need to acquire the consumable Eye of Ender to activate the Finish Portal. After you initially journey to this new space, additional exploration will assist you to unlock the Elytra, Burning Brew, and Refrain Fruit.

The Elytra is a navigational instrument that lets you journey between floating islands, or you possibly can eat the merchandise throughout fight to unleash a flying assault that damages enemies. The Burning Brew might be consumed to provide your weapons the burning standing impact, inflicting any enemies you hurt to take burn harm over a time frame. Lastly, the refrain fruit might be consumed to immediately heal 30 p.c of your well being bar, and in contrast to the unique sport, this fruit is not going to randomly teleport you everytime you eat it.

3 Void Enchantments

An image from Minecraft Dungeon Echoing Void DLC, showing two players using purple void abilities to fight endermen in the End City.

Whereas artifacts enhance your talents, the brand new enchantments from Echoing Void enhance the stats discovered throughout your weapons and armor. Fortunately, all the brand new enchantments added with Echoing Void can be found to all gamers, even when they do not buy the DLC.

Maybe the strongest enchantment within the sport, Void Strikes provides a flat harm multiplier in opposition to mobs, with the best stage being a 600 p.c enhance on melee assaults. Moreover, different enchantments comparable to Shadow Surge and Shadow Blast work together with the brand new Shadow Shifter artifact, permitting your tools to gather extra souls and deal extra harm in stealth kind. Lastly, Dipping Poison and Levitation Shot are two ranged enchantments that trigger arrows to poison or levitate mobs briefly.

two New Weapons And Armor

An image from the Minecraft Dungeon Echoing Void DLC, showing two players fighting in an End City with new weapons and armor.

On prime of contemporary talents, Echoing Void additionally provides three new armor units and 5 void-themed weapons so that you can equip in your battle all through the Finish. All of this new loot is out there within the areas added within the growth, and every weapon and armor additionally has a novel variant with much more standing results. The three items of armor added within the Echoing Void are the Entertainer’s Garb, Shulker Armor, and Teleportation Robes.

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Every of those armor units are designed to satisfy a unique function within the get together, with the Entertainer’s Garb sharing heals from well being potions, the Shulker Armor taunting enemies, and the Teleportation Robes permitting the wearer to teleport at any time when they roll throughout fight. The 5 new weapons are all themed across the new void standing results and are named the Backstabber, the Obsidian Claymore, the Shadow Crossbow, the Void Touched Blades, and the Void Bow. All of those weapons work together with the brand new void enchantments by making use of a harm modifier or activating stealth mode without cost.

1 Story Conclusion

An image from the Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void DLC, showing a player fighting off a horde of Illagers.

For the reason that Echoing Void is the ultimate growth for Minecraft Dungeons, the overarching story additionally comes to an entire conclusion. Gamers will discover themselves touring into the Finish to particularly cease the Arch-Illager, who’s being managed by a sentient object named The Orb of Dominance. All through the narrative of Minecraft Dungeons, the Arch-Illager has been underneath the psychic management of this unusual orb, inflicting him to do unspeakable acts of villainy.

Nonetheless, because the story concludes, you’re your mates will rush to the Finish to cease this nice evil, solely to be confronted along with your greatest problem but. With out spoiling an excessive amount of of the story, put together yourselves to face off in opposition to the Vengeful Coronary heart of Ender, a large foe teeming with void vitality.

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