Fall Guys: The Power Of Beanskull

Fall Guys: The Power Of Beanskull
Fall Guys: The Power Of Beanskull

Most Fall Guys live events focus on teaming up with other familiar objects, and The Power of Beanskull event was no exception. This limited-time event, as the Masters of the Universe series transitions, offers a variety of challenges and rewards based on this popular feature.


Like other limited-time events previously held in the game, the Power of the Beanstalk event will be available for a relatively short period of time until November 7, 2022. Find out everything you need to know about this special event so you can take advantage of all event rewards while they are still available.

The Power Of Beanskull

A limited-time performance called The Power Of Beanskull Show will be available throughout the event. The show comes in the form of a Squads Show playlist, in which four teams are grouped into battles for various satellites.


The show’s rounds feature timeless artifacts, whether it’s a sword of power or a staff of havoc. These items can be found throughout the various levels of the show just by scrolling through them during a round.

This is important because these items are very important when completing the various quests of this event, as each event quest is related to collecting these timeless artifacts. So if you want to complete the challenge of this event, this event show is the only playlist you can play.



There are ten event tasks in this event, and each task will be rewarded with 100 event currency after completion. These challenges require you to collect various timeless artifacts found in limited-time event shows.

If you want to receive all available rewards for this event, you must complete all ten challenges and redeem them with event currency while completing them. Each of these challenges is provided below, detailing the completion requirements for each of them.

Mission Mission Requirement
I Have The Power! (1) Collect 50 Swords of Power.
I Have The Power! (2) Collect 100 Swords of Power.
Let Me Be A God (1) Collect 50 Havoc Staffs.
Let Me Be A God (2) Collect 100 Havoc Staffs.
Call It Destiny (1) Collect 80 Artefacts in Race Rounds.
Call It Destiny (2) Collect 160 Artefacts in Race Rounds.
Possess All, Or Nothing (1) Collect 30 Artefacts in Survival Rounds.
Possess All, Or Nothing (2) Collect 60 Artefacts in Survival Rounds.
Our Final Battle! (1) Collect 100 Artefacts.
Our Final Battle! (2) Collect 200 Artefacts.


You can earn five different rewards in this event, which are earned by completing various event missions. Listed below are each of these rewards and the amount of event currency required to redeem them, most of which are Master of the Universe-themed cosmetic items.

Reward Currency Required
“I Have the Power!” Nickname 100
200 Kudos 200
“The Power of Grayskull” Nameplate 500
“Alpha and Omega” Pattern 700
“Prince of Eternia” Costume Upper 1,000

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