Forspoken: Devs detail combat and spell system

Forspoken: Devs detail combat and spell system
Forspoken: Devs detail combat and spell system

Luminous Productions has released a new trailer for Forspoken with an overview of the magic system and combat. Lasting just under five minutes, the clip reveals some of the spells present in the game and shows how you can identify various actions through colors and effects.


Frey Holland’s abilities are distinguished by the release of mass particles and are based on the gradual invocation of elements. In the process of activation, the magic is executed through a large energy source and, after causing damage to enemies, ends with effects from the same source before disappearing.

Visual artists, game designers, and programmers have used their respective expertise to combine geometric patterns with spells already known to RPG fans. However, each event is cast with originality, scaling in proportion to range, attack size, and parkour movements.


In Forspoken, the protagonist fires explosives that shatter rocks into shards, creates a watery vortex that attracts enemies and freezes them, and summons underground roots by manipulating nature. The spells have three levels of intensity and, according to Frey’s accumulated power, can cause real havoc.

Check out the new extended gameplay trailer below:


Forspoken will be released on January 24, 2023 for PS5.

Parkour in Forspoken will be “magical

Elsewhere, Square Enix released a trailer with more information about the parkour mechanics in Forspoken. Frey will have a total of eight distinct moves to increase speed, avoid enemies, fly over, and conjure magic.

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