Forspoken: Frey can do several parallel activities in Athia

Forspoken: Frey can do several parallel activities in Athia
Forspoken: Frey can do several parallel activities in Athia

Square Enix has confirmed that the open world of Forspoken will offer several side activities for Frey to do. Challenges, collectibles, upgrades, and story secrets are spread across a large area and promise to enhance the overall experience for players.


Not only magic and powerful creatures await Frey Holland in the Athia universe, but also additional information about the phenomenon known as the Rupture. Exploration will reward the sorceress well and test her fighting, parkour-style movement and reconnaissance skills.

During her journey in Forspoken, the protagonist can search for Monuments to increase her stats, challenge enemies in Flashbacks to discover the world’s past, and delve into Fountains to improve magical abilities. Witchcraft and Combat challenges are also scattered around the map, alongside Ancient Coins for trading and crafting, Dungeon-style Locked Mazes, Photo Points, and dice games called Partha.


Pet fans also have the opportunity to tame wild beasts right after taking them to a refuge. Familiars of Tantas are always lurking in Monuments and trigger unique interactions with Frey, requiring that a careful approach be taken not to lose them.

Check out the exploration trailer below with details of the main activities:


Forspoken will be released on January 24 for PS5 and PC.

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