Future 2 Vexcalibur Legend problem causes participant frustrations


The Future 2 Vexcalibur Legend problem mission offers informal gamers rather more of a problem than they bargained for, in accordance with a Reddit publish with greater than 1.5k upvotes. Response to the continuing future 2 questline comes amid issues associated to problem which have impacted the FPS recreation since Lightfall’s launch. The Future 2 Vexcalibur Unique glaive mission is titled ‘//node.ovrd.AVALON//’, extra generally known as ‘Avalon’, and Guardians are required to finish it to acquire the Vexcalibur catalysts.

Redditor ‘Ancop’ posted about their expertise on the DestinyTheGame subreddit, the place additionally they shared a screenshot exhibiting 23 deaths and greater than 1000 kills stemming from the exercise. The participant additionally shares their loadout, which included “god rolled Cataclysm, Witherhoard and MW crafted Mini-Software, full MM Artificie armor with Loreley, stacked on the whole lot that makes you survive extra, photo voltaic resistance, emergency reinforment, stacked on photo voltaic surge mods, orbs of energy replenish well being.” This must be a stable loadout for a median participant participating in difficult actions.


Replies to the unique publish recommend different gamers have additionally discovered the content material too difficult. Persons are sharing anecdotal tales of them struggling to finish the mission, each as fireteams and as solos.

“The sport must be enjoyable and never irritating me. In some way Bungie doesn’t appear to grasp that,” Redditor 360GameTV added to the dialogue.


“No one offers a (expletive) a couple of fraction of gamers abusing grapple reloads. We need to ENJOY THE GAME WE BOUGHT,” Philly_ExecChef wrote within the threadreferring to a Future 2 Strand subclass grapple mechanic mounted as a part of yesterday’s hotfix.

One concern seems to be that gamers who begin their exercise as a full fireteam and lose a participant cannot add one other Guardian, contributing to extra challenges with finishing the Legendary mission as gamers get annoyed and depart the exercise.

Maybe one of many greatest issues with the Legendary mission’s problem is that it blocks weaker gamers who paid for Lightfall from accessing some content material that may sometimes be way more accessible. Earlier than Lightfall’s launch, Future 2 recreation director Joe Blackburn steered the event staff could be “bringing problem again to Future” in a prolonged weblog publish detailing problem modifications, amongst different issues. Nevertheless, these modifications appear to have contributed to gamers’ frustrations relating to the sport’s problem.

Many report patrols and Legendary Misplaced Sectors are too difficult. The Legendary Vexcalibur mission, which individuals should play to unlock the catalysts for the weapon, is merely proving to be the newest exercise wherein gamers are expressing dissatisfaction with problem ranges. Whereas the sport’s top-tier gamers do not appear to battle as a lot, common, informal gamers battle with the content material they’ve paid to play.

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However, the Future 2 Root of Nightmares Contest Mode was criticized by many for being too straightforward, with extra clears in the course of the restricted contest mode timeframe than the variety of clears from all different Future 2 raids mixed.

For those who’re struggling to get your fingers on the catalysts for Vexcalibur, which is the most recent weapon on the Future 2 Lightfall Exotics checklist, then take a look at our guides to different Lightfall Exotics whereas gamers await a potential repair. These Exotics embody the Future 2 Winterbite Unique glaive and the Future 2 Remaining Warning Unique Strand sidearm, and our guides may help make sure you get your fingers on among the multiplayer recreation’s strongest new weapons.

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