God of War Ragnarok may hold hints for the next game in the franchise

God of War Ragnarok may hold hints for the next game in the franchise
God of War Ragnarok may hold hints for the next game in the franchise

God of War Ragnarok is finally with us, and according to Santa Monica Studio, it is the last game in the Norse mythology franchise.


With that, gamers are already thinking and debating theories about the God of War’s next steps. But it seems that Ragnarok itself has already hinted at what may be on the way!

[WARNING! From now on, minor spoilers of GOW Ragnarok’s optional content]


God of War Ragnarok features some hefty optional content, so there are plenty of Odin’s ravens, chests, and artifacts to find throughout the Nine Realms.

However, one set of collectibles caught my attention for having a curious treasure, which is nothing less than an Ankh – an ancient symbol of a cross with a bow on top, which represented “life” in ancient Egypt.


The item’s description states that the object originates from a civilization which, besides being in possession of advanced technology, also “idolizes gods half human, half animal.” A possible reference to Anubis, one of the best known gods in Egyptian mythology.

But the really curious part is that in the description that is written from Kratos’ point of view, it says, “It comes from a land that I really want to visit.”

To strengthen the theory, it’s worth remembering that director Cory Barlog revealed a few years ago that God of War (2018) was almost based on Egyptian mythology instead of Norse.

In a talk at the Devcom event (via DualShockers) in 2018, the developer explained that the studio even considered several mythologies, but was torn between Egyptian and Norse.

The Egyptian setting was considered so seriously, that the studio even created concept art for them to make the final decision. The illustration shows Kratos and Atreus fighting an immense sphinx and masked warriors, whose appearances resemble features of Anubis.

Despite being an exciting art, as everyone already knows, Barlog ended up opting for Norse mythology.

In addition, it is also worth remembering that in God of War: Fallen God, one of the franchise’s comics, Kratos has already visited Egypt – which means that it is not such a distant idea.

Now the question that remains is: Will the next God of War be based on Egyptian mythology? We can only wait (and hope!) to see.

God of War Ragnarok is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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