God of War Ragnarok: Monster and character designs are detailed

God of War Ragnarok: Monster and character designs are detailed
God of War Ragnarok: Monster and character designs are detailed

The release of God of War Ragnarok is just around the corner, so naturally Sony is following its plan to release the latest news before the big premiere scheduled for November 9. In a new video published this Tuesday (1), the studio gave more details about the designs of the monsters and characters of the sequel.


The content is the third in the behind-the-scenes series and features reports from several in-house developers, including Brazilian art director Raf Grassetti.

He says that he has had the opportunity to collaborate with other departments in the studio to create the different races in the game. This joint work is to ensure that “all the races look natural in the place where they live.”


Svartalfheim, land of the Dwarves and home to Brok and Sindri, is also one of the focuses of the video. The place and its inhabitants are rich in detail and depth – as are the other kingdoms. According to Grassetti, each has “very specific characteristics” to fit into the God of War Ragnarok universe.

With performance mode running up to 120 FPS and different difficulty levels, the sequel is now ready for release on PS4 and PS5.


Actor Ben Stiller “turns” Kratos in God of War Ragnarok commercial

Sony has been investing heavily in marketing for God of War Ragnarok. Recently, the Japanese giant released a commercial for the game with actors Ben Stiller and John Travolta, as well as NBA player LeBron James.

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