Here’s how to unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters

Here's how to unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters
Here’s how to unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters

Want more villagers to cross the valley? Well, you have to start unlocking characters to do that. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can unlock characters and explore your surroundings as you play. These Disney classics are a lot of fun to watch and interact with as they roam the valley – they have unique personalities, and the gameplay feels very alive.


Fishing and gardening with your favorite Disney characters is now a reality in Disney’s Valley of Dreams. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all these symbols and how to make them live in your village.

Updated November 3, 2022 by Ashely Claudino: Scar was added to the game in the first major update of the fall. We’ve updated this to include scar guidelines. Toy Story characters are coming soon, and we’ll be updating this guide again as more new characters are added to the game. If you’re having trouble getting your character to move to your valley, be sure to check out our guide on that character to help you.


Starter Characters

When you start the game for the first time, you can’t immediately unlock new characters. There are already some villagers in the valley who don’t need your help to get home – these are the starting characters.

Sure, they give you tasks to complete, but you don’t need to do anything specific to complete them. However, in order to unlock more characters later, you have to complete some quests before entering the castle. So, after entering the valley, who will you meet?



Merlin is the first character you meet face-to-face while playing Disney’s Valley of Dreams. He’s the one who stood in front of your door examining the thorns around you in the first place.

Merlin will also be the person you talk to most of the time as you settle down in the valley and adjust to your new surroundings.

Scrooge McDuck

Just outside the plaza you’ll find Scrooge McDuck. He couldn’t leave his shop because the big thorns blocked the exit. It’s up to you to use your magic and unleash it.
Once released, Scrooge wants to get his business up and running again as soon as possible, so he needs your help to fix Goofy’s stance. Scrooge is responsible for upgrading buildings and various construction jobs around the valley.


After helping Scrooge, you can access the Fishing Adventure quest. This will be your first interaction with Goofy.
You have to help him so he can open his booth again and keep helping him so you can get the royal fishing rod. He is a merchant in the valley and likes to fish.

Mickey Mouse

Finding Mickey Mouse isn’t a problem at all, you just have to go to his house. Mickey Mouse’s house is right in front of you, just behind the garden. Go in and pull out all the thorns in there – he’ll be very grateful to you.

Unlockable Characters

In addition to the initial character, there are currently 14 other characters that can be unlocked. There were only 13 other characters at first; however, as the game is still in Early Access and has received numerous updates, more and more characters are released.

That’s exactly what happened with Scar, the first extra character added to the game. Unlocking these characters requires more effort as you have to run errands in the valley and visit other realms.

Now, here’s how to unlock all other characters.

Character How To Unlock
Wall-E You unlock Wall-E in the Castle by completing the Shy Little Robot quest.
Maui You unlock Maui in the Castle by completing the A Feast Worth Of A Demigod quest.
Moana You unlock Moana in the Castle by completing the After The Storm quest.
Remy You unlock Remy in the Castle by completing the An Important Night At The Restaurant quest.
Ariel You unlock Ariel at Dazzle Beach by completing the Lonely Island quest.
Prince Eric You unlock Prince Eric at Dazzle Beach by completing the Poor Unfortunate Prince quest.
Ursula You unlock Ursula at Dazzle Beach by completing the With Great Power… quest.
Anna You unlock Anna in the Castle by completing the Spirits of Nature quest.
Elsa You unlock Elsa at the Castle by completing the An Icy Invitation quest.
Kristoff You unlock Kristoff in the Forest of Valor by completing the Lost In The Dark Grove quest.
Mother Gothel You unlock Mother Gothel in the Glade of Trust by completing the Curse quest.
Donald Duck You unlock Donald Duck in the Forest of Valor by completing the Lost In The Dark Grove quest.
Minnie Mouse You unlock Minnie Mouse in the Valley by completing the Memory Magnification quest.
Scar You unlock Scar in the Valley by completing the Nature and Nurture quest.

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