How To Beat King Boo In Luigi’s Mansion 3


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You’ve got made it. Hellen Gravely is a captive of the Poltergust and you’ve got managed to carry Luigi via a number of grueling flooring solely to face the Grand Poobah, King Boo. Make no mistake, the ultimate boss of Luigi’s Mansion 3, King Boo, will put Luigi via the wringer on this battle. In any case, he not solely desires the Mario brothers in work, he’s now in search of revenge for Luigi thwarting him the final time they met.

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In typical Luigi’s Mansion trend, this battle takes place on the roof of the resort. And, as luck would have it, Polterpup manages to maintain Luigi out of King Boo’s ensemble portray. So, as soon as once more, it is as much as Luigi to avoid wasting the day.


Section One: Familiarize Your self With King Boo’s Assaults

King Boo looking angrily at Luigi

King Boo employs a number of assault patterns, at the least greater than his cohorts, on every ground of the mansion. So, you could familiarize your self with every of his maneuvers. King Boo most actually pulls his punches from him, so if his strikes from him, it will be easy to keep away from taking harm.

Listed below are the fundamental assault strikes that he’ll use:

  • Lightning Assault: He’ll start conjuring lightning within the clouds above as purple squares spotlight on the rooftop. Keep off the purple squares to keep away from getting struck by lightning.

King Boo preparing for lightning shock attack

  • tongue slam: King Boo will flip vertically to whip his tongue down onto the bottom in a slamming maneuver, simply maintain transferring whenever you see him start to do these flips.

King Boo using the tongue whip attack-1

  • tongue spin: There are a number of variations of this. As a solo King Boo, he’ll swipe his tongue throughout the entire roof. use your burst leap (ZL+ZR) to keep away from this. Later, when he splits into a number of King Boos, he’ll wiggle his tongue throughout the size of the roof, and discover the components of his tongue which are raised as a way to stroll beneath them.

King Boo sliding his tongue around the rooftop while Luigi jumps

  • Slam Assault: That is fairly simple. King Boo will launch himself on the roof and slam down on the bottom. A shockwave will emit from his slam, so use the burst leap (ZL+ZR) to keep away from harm.

Two King Boos slamming onto the roof

  • Hearth Balls: When King Boo’s gemstone crown turns orange, he is making ready to shoot fireballs onto the world. He’ll transfer horizontally, so keep out of his line of fireplace.

King Boo firing fireballs at Luigi-1

  • spiked bomb: This assault is your likelihood to strike again at King Boo. He’ll toss a spiked ball at you, which is able to crack when it hits the roof, revealing bombs inside. Seize one along with your Poltergust and launch it into your mouth. DO NOT seize the bomb that’s flashing purple, as it’s going to damage you.

King Boo tossing spikey ball

After beautiful King Boo following his Spiked Bomb assault, use each Gooigi and Luigi to vacuum his tongue and slam him across the rooftop. This can start the subsequent part of the battle.

Luigi launching bomb into King Boo's mouth

Section Two: Twin Boos

Two King Boos preparing lightning attack

King Boo will break up himself into two king boos. In fact, one is the actual one, and one is only a stand-in that may nonetheless wreak havoc. Put together your self for a similar assaults that occurred in Section One, besides this time; they will be tougher.

As an alternative of avoiding one tongue slam, you may be avoiding two tongue slams in fast succession. As an alternative of avoiding one volley of fireballs, you may be avoiding two volleys of fireballs concurrently. Do you get the image?

In the course of the spiked bomb assault, you may should make sure you launch a bomb at the actual King Boo. So, how do you decipher which King Boo is actual? That is straightforward sufficient. The actual King Boo has glowing purple eyes, whereas the pretend King Boo does not appear to have any pupils in any respect more often than not.

Typically, the pretend King Boo will flash purple pupils to confuse you, however the actual King Boo’s pupils by no means go darkish (besides when he laughs or conjures lightning).

When each Boos launch spiked bombs at you, just one will include precise bombs which you could toss at King Boo, whereas the opposite will include junk like an empty popcorn cup or a bathroom paper roll. Seize one, shoot it at the actual King Boo, and slam him round once more.

Two King Boos watch Luigi grab a bomb

One may additionally have a coronary heart, so take note of that chance if it’s worthwhile to replenish well being.

Section Three: A Triple Risk

Three King Boos with glowing eyes staring down

Following an imposing cinematic, part three of the battle will start. How surprising! Now King Boo has break up himself into a gaggle of three. Who would have ever seen that coming? Many of the assaults are the identical however far more intense now that there are three King Boos.

There’s one new assault, nevertheless:

  • Carpet Bombing: We have dubbed this transfer as such just because King Boo dumps a ton of bombs throughout the roof. whereas these bombs appear to be those you’ll be able to suck up and shoot at Boo, you’ll be able to’t try this right here. You will solely endure harm in the event you cease and check out. So, maintain transferring to keep away from the explosions.

Three King Boos dropping bombs on Luigi

Observe the identical methodology to keep away from assaults as Section One and Section Two. Bear in mind that it’ll solely be tougher given the quantity of space three King Boos can cowl with damage-inducing assaults. Ultimately, shoot a bomb at him and slam him in the identical method to finish the battle.

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