How To Beat The Grieving Golem In Octopath Traveler 2


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After getting some very priceless details about Harvey’s whereabouts within the earlier chapter, Osvald makes his option to Montwise, the city of students, to proceed his quest for revenge. This chapter opens with some very fascinating lore in regards to the magic system of Octopath Traveler 2‘s world, so listen!

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With the data that Harvey continues to be instructing at Montwise, Osvald makes a dogged pursuit. This chapter has it all-secret passageways, thrilling revelations, and a taunting villain with far an excessive amount of ego for his personal good. Here is every part you may must know to achieve success and are available out to the opposite finish with out an excessive amount of hassle.

City Section: Montwise

Octopath Traveler 2 - The Montwise Library

After the flashback, Osvald decides that the goal of his search must be the montwise library. Earlier than you head there, although, take a look at the Merchandise Store – there are some good tools items to select up right here for mages in case you have the leaves for them. If you have not been scouring the globe for sturdy weapons, they might show very helpful right here.

Head to the library when you’re prepared. Your activity inside is to use Osvald’s Scrutinize Path Motion to search out out extra in regards to the library and to see the place Harvey may very well be hiding. Earlier than getting on with that, although, head all the best way to the best on the higher flooring and stroll alongside the highest of the stacks to discover a chest containing a Lapis Rod.

Octopath Traveler 2 - The Secret Passage in the Montwise Library

The three targets for scrutiny are a Scholar on the left aspect of the higher degree and two Students on both aspect of the primary basement degree. From these people, you may be taught that there are rumors of a secret passageway within the library and that Harvey spends numerous time on the second basement degree.

Head to the second basement degree (the underside flooring) and method the ladder on the left – if the cutscene would not set off, simply stroll across the ladder till it does. The scene will reveal the doorway to this chapter’s dungeon, the Underground Laboratory.

Dungeon Section: Underground Laboratory

Octopath Traveler 2 - Harvey's Secret Lab

Whenever you enter this dungeon, head all the best way to the best and look within the small room right here. The purple chest accommodates 14,000 leaves. Two rooms to the left, there are two chests that every include Bottled Nightmares. The subsequent lengthy room has a chest containing a uncommon Hearth Soulstone (L).

These massive Soulstones are considerably arduous to get – contemplate saving this discover to be used within the quest in Flamechurch that entails repairing the stained glass window with Soulstones.

With all the chests obtained, observe the linear path to a room full of massive vats: Harvey’s laboratory. After a brief scene, you may be thrust right into a battle.

Battle Section: Chimerae

Octopath Traveler 2 - The Chimerae in Harvey's Secret Lab




Deformed Creature


Spears, Ice, Mild

Cobbled Creature


Spears, Staves, Lightning

Synthesized Creature


Daggers, Axes, Staves, Ice

This battle is not too arduous – the secret is not letting your self get overwhelmed.

Your first goal must be the Deformed Creature, which is the aquatic-looking one on the entrance. This enemy can inflict poison in your whole get together, which is annoying and can eat up your turns with therapeutic duties. Focus it down by focusing on its weaknesses.

Subsequent up, tackle the chicken – the Cobbled Creature – after which, lastly, the Synthesized Creature. When you begin eliminating these creatures from the battle, you may have a a lot simpler time of it.

For successful, you may get some Nuts, that are very helpful for growing your characters’ stats. You may get a Fortifying Nut (bodily assault), the Mild Nut (pace), and a Magic Nut (elemental assaults). Your Magic Nuts ought to nearly all the time go to Osvald as magic is his major methodology of attacking, however give the Fortifying Nut to another person. The Mild Nut would profit anybody, however particularly these you utilize with the Thief class, as Shock Assault will get higher with increased pace.

After the struggle, it is only some steps ahead till the subsequent struggle, and that is the boss. Return to the save level and heal earlier than taking over the boss.

Boss Section: Grieving Golem

Octopath Traveler 2 - Grieving Golem boss fight about to use ultimate round




Grieving Golem


Spears, Staves, Wind, Mild

Grieving Golem could be a powerful struggle – it has a ton of well being and can start the struggle with the power to behave twice a flip. Along with that, it has a mixture of bodily and elemental assaults, so it is arduous to shore up particular defenses. It has some bodily assaults that additionally take away a few of your BP, so be cautious of that and contemplate being extra liberal with Energizing Pomegranates than you normally would.

Don’t fret in regards to the enormous HP quantity there, it is extra like 55,000 HP or so – the struggle will finish in a non-standard trend when you get the boss to a low sufficient well being degree.

One of many Grieving Golem’s tips is to inflict a darkish hearth standing in your get together members. This hearth will stick round for just a few turns, making the character undergo a HP, SP, or BP loss each time they take an motion – this may occur even when the motion is Defending. The HP loss particularly is kind of vital, so attempt to keep healed always.

The primary gimmick of the struggle, nonetheless, is that after being Damaged, the Grieving Golem can shuffle its weaknesses round. If one of many new weaknesses is one you’ve got exploited earlier than, you may have its icon seen, but when they’re all new, they will be hidden from you.

Good methods to determine new weaknesses, apart from utilizing a Scholar’s Analyze talent, is to make use of a Scholar’s Elemental Barrage (to try to weed out Hearth, Lightning, and Ice weaknesses) or the Armsmaster’s Sixfold Strikein case you have that class unlocked (to determine all weapon kind weaknesses).

Octopath Traveler 2 - Grieving Golem

When the Grieving Golem will get its purple aura and begins charging, it’s going to really act 5 activates the subsequent spherical. This makes it crucial work out after which exploit its weaknesses as quickly as potential. On this flip, it’s going to simply use its regular assaults, however 5 of them will be very powerful to cope with, particularly if it spreads round extra Dissolving Darkness fires.

As soon as the Golem has been broken sufficient, it’s going to use Stampede to extend its Break Factors and unlock one other model of the purple aura, the place the Golem lets out a pointy cry. This time, it’s going to use Rampagewhich is a multi-hit assault that offers harm to your entire get together. It is arduous to whittle down its 13 Break Factors earlier than this occurs, so make sure you heal up earlier than it will get the prospect to assault.

The Grieving Golem is proof against blindso do not attempt to use this to keep away from its bodily assaults.

When it is vitally low on well being, the Golem’s physique will begin to ‘crumble,’ which shuffles its weaknesses round a ultimate time. This time, the weaknesses are set – will probably be weak to all weapon sorts and no magic assaults. Use your greatest bodily assaults on this section, or just wait. The Golem will cry, which heals Osvald, after which Disintegrateending the struggle.

After the scenes that observe, the chapter will successfully be over – all that is left is Osvald’s ultimate chapter, through which he lastly confronts Harvey instantly.

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