How To Begin Novigrad, Closed Metropolis In The Witcher 3


Because it seems, there are penalties for burning down the headquarters to a closely armed faction of non secular zealots. Whereas the Witch Hunters have no idea who burned down their outpost, they’re keen to vent their frustrations on the individuals of Novigrad.


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“Novigrad, Closed Metropolis” is a aspect quest from The Witcher 3 that focuses on the every day lives of the Witch Hunters. The search itself is unmarked and, except you utilize a information like this one, in all probability encountered by probability. There are no vital rewards for finishing this quest, although the 2 incidents discover what life is like in Novigrad.

How To Begin Novigrad, Closed Metropolis

A blonde woman dressed in fine, medieval clothes stands on a stone bridge in The Witcher 3's city of Novigrad.

This quest is cut up into two unbiased components that solely develop into out there after finishing the hunt A Matter of Life and Dying. Every half is its personal self-contained quest that may finish when accomplished. Consequently, you may even see your self activating this quest twice. It is odd however nothing to fret about.

The beginning areas for every quest are under.

Magical Contraband

It can begin after encountering Lussi, Fritz, or Walter. They’re unfold out throughout the town.

Be sure to search the Witch Hunters concerned in every assembly for to warrant that provides you with the areas of the opposite two members.

Fisstech Gang

The gang is ready north of the Golden Sturgeon, close to Novigrad’s docks. speak to them begin their quest.

The place To Discover The Three Keys

An annotated screenshot of a map of Novigrad in The Witcher 3 showing three locations where you can get quest items.

Half the hunt revolves round three criminals who’ve amassed magical contraband. The trio is scattered throughout Novigrad and is likely to be stumbled throughout when doing different quests.

Whereas the hunt will begin no matter which member you meet, it makes far more sense should you begin with Lussi.


She is on the north finish of St. Gregory’s Bridge, signaling for assist.


he’s trapped exterior a home, close to Putrid Grove.


he’s inside his home close to Hierarch Sq..

Getting Lussi’s Key

A screenshot of The Witcher 3, with Geralt walking up to a blonde woman on a cobbled road asking for help.

lussi will ask Geralt to assist take away monsters from her dwelling. She is mendacity, in fact, and was being searched by Witch Hunters. You should have no alternative however to kill them. she is going to give Geralt her key and inform him in regards to the remaining two keys earlier than fleeing.

Getting Walter’s Key

You will see that Walter making an attempt to enter a home whereas being chased by Witch Hunters. you’ll have to assault the witch hunters to get his key. Ought to he survive, he’ll provide the key your self earlier than leaving.

In the event you take too lengthy to assist Walter, the guards will try and arrest him, beginning a struggle and killing him immediately. It will be finest to step in as rapidly as doable.

Getting Fritz’s Key

A screenshot of The Witcher 3, showing Geralt walking up to a house in a dirty street.

You will see that Fritz lifeless inside his home. His secret is on the second ground. Use your Witcher Senses to examine the torch on the prime of the steps and ignite it to open a hidden door. The important thing itself is on the desk.

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 showing a piece of furniture highlighted in red by Geralt's Witcher Senses.

The chest containing the reward can also be inside this hidden room. Open it with all three keys to get your loot. It in all probability does not have something too particular, although.

The search will be marked as full at this level. It can begin once more should you try the opposite half.

Assembly The Fisstech Sellers

A screenshot of Novigrad's map in The Witcher 3, with a circle showing where to find some bandits needed for the quest Novigrad, Closed City.

This quest’s different half is began close to the Golden Sturgeon. Comply with the highway northwest of the tavern to fulfill the trio of bandits on the highway. They are going to name out to Geralt, making them straightforward to identify. They inform the witcher they’ve misplaced a buddy within the crowd and want Geralt’s assist trying to find him.

Use your Witcher Senses to discover a set of boot prints close by and observe them by the town. It will not take lengthy earlier than you uncover that the bandits have been mendacity to you and that the individual you helped them discover is a wounded Witch Hunter. You should have two decisions right here.

cease the bandits

Geralt will intervene and cease the bandits from killing the Witch Hunter. you’ll have to kill the three bandits in flip.

Selecting to do that will forfeit your reward.

Let The Bandits Proceed

Geralt will depart the witch hunter to his destiny. you’ll obtain a small reward for permitting the homicide to proceed.

Stopping the bandits will current one other option to you. The Witch Hunter is injured too severely to outlive for lengthy and asks Geralt to assist him. In case you are decided to assist him regardless of his perspective towards witchers and nonhumans, it can save you him. In the event you refuse to assist him, Geralt will depart him to his destiny.

The search will finish right here except you might have but to finish the opposite half of the hunt.

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