How To Combat Dandelion In Cabaret In The Witcher 3


Regardless of Dandelion’s status as an irresponsible skirt-chasing narcissist, the bard has confirmed himself to be a accountable human being when the scenario requires it. One alternative arises in The Witcher 3 quest “Cabaret”. In it, Dandelion makes an attempt to renovate a home of ill-repute that he had simply inherited.


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He enlists Geralt’s assist in the method, having the witcher help him in his schemes to safe the cash wanted to pay for the refurbishment and with a number of different points that enterprise house owners cope with. It is a far cry from clearing sewers of drowners so, in case you are feeling misplaced, this information is for you.

Getting A Mortgage

Dandelion pauses during a conversation at his establishment, the Rosemary and Thyme.

Dandelion asks Geralt for assist after his rescue from the Witch Hunters in A Poet Beneath Strain, beginning this quest. The following time you go to the Rosemary and Thyme, you’re going to get to observe an argument between Priscilla and the bard in regards to the nature of the institution.

Dandelion will share his dream of proudly owning a Cabaret with Geralt, saying that the one factor he wanted is cash. As it’s all too frequent with the person, he already has a plan for getting it. All you want to do is play together with a scheme he had cooked up. Step one is to get a prop sword from Madame Irina, an actress you met in The Play’s the Factor.

Irina will be arduous to search out. In case you are struggling, search the constructing within the highlighted space. It could seem that she is outdoors, which is each incorrect and complicated.

Subsequent, you’ll have to meet Dandelion outdoors his mark’s home after nightfall. Bear in mind to meditate on the location if a cutscene doesn’t instantly play.

Preventing Dandelion In Cabaret (Or Not)

Dandelion speaks during a cutscene wearing a ridiculous magenta mask that matches his gaudy clothes.

On the appointed hour, Dandelion meets Geralt and hand over a script. The plan is so simple as it’s ridiculous. Geralt must play the function of a bandit and concern Sophronia. Dandelion will swoop in and save the day, giving him the possibility he must safe a mortgage. Simply in case you forgot what that is about.

Sophronia comes by earlier than Geralt has any time to protest, forcing you to execute the plan instantly.

You shouldn’t have to learn Dandelion’s cringe script and might use Geralt’s way more menacing phrases as an alternative. It won’t have an enduring impression on the hunt.

Chances are you’ll face a dilemma as soon as Dandelion makes his “heroic entrance”. When it comes to precise talent, Geralt can simply wipe the ground with him. Sadly, the plan is for Dandelion to win. you’ll have to select if you’ll beat the “Crimson Avenger” or let him win. You may additionally select to flee the world. As soon as once more, your determination right here won’t have an enduring impression on the hunt.

in case you are enjoying at the next issue and have enemy scaling on, Dandelion could be so highly effective that he kills Geralt outright as an alternative of triggering the cutscene that has him spare Geralt.

If he is placing up an excessive amount of of a struggle, you will have to struggle him severely or flee.

With essentially the most weird investor pitch arrange and underway, Geralt’s half has been concluded. The following goal is to return to the Rosemary and Thyme the next morning.

Which Ornament To Select

Priscilla, wearing her usual red and blue outfit, gives a worried expression while speaking to Geralt

There’s one other disaster in movement once you arrive. Dandelion has but to reach, and the builders have already arrived. They’re impatient to begin engaged on the place. The one downside is that Dandelion hadn’t advised them what to construct. Priscilla cannot convey herself to decide on both. Geralt might want to make the choice.

The desk beneath will inform you Dandelion’s preferences. Skip it if you wish to maintain it a shock, although you might be studying a information for this quest. Some spoilers must be anticipated, proper?


That is Dandelion’s most well-liked choice.


The time period refers to a girl’s non-public room. Suffice it to say, it goes towards Dandelion’s preferences.

Priscilla’s Choose

she is going to make a random selection. Dandelion will probably be happy no matter her selection. Cute.

When this disaster has been averted, Priscilla tells Geralt that his buddy must be in search of his choreographer, Polly. You’ll have to go to her home to search out Dandelion.

Convincing The Choreographer’s Fiancé

A screenshot from The Witcher 3 showing where to find a key inside a bucket.

Simply as Priscilla predicted, Dandelion is outdoors Polly’s home attempting to get in. Her Fiancé della is refusing to permit her to work for Dandelion’s new institution, believing it to be a brothel. Dandelion must enter the home to persuade the person that he’s not working such a enterprise.

He tells Geralt to discover the spare key in order that he can clear up the misunderstanding. The secret’s in a bucket on the precise facet of the door. With it, the pair enter.

dandelion will attempt to use his allure on the person. There will probably be a number of alternatives for Geralt to resolve that it’s taking too lengthy and step in. Doing so will begin a fistfight with the person.

dandelion will have the ability to persuade Polly’s Fiancé. There isn’t any have to resort to violence.

This debacle makes Dandelion conscious that his advertising and marketing has failed. He agrees to separate up with Geralt. Whereas Dandelion returns to the Rosemary and Thyme, Geralt will search for Rautlec, the person chargeable for the promoting placards, and see the place they’re.

Crushing Collectors

A man wearing light armor crouches down by a painting inside a house covered in spilled paint.

Geralt finds Rautlec’s residence in shambles and occupied by a pair of mortgage sharks. This encounter will probably be resolved in a brawl no matter which dialogue choice you select.

This struggle will be notably tough due to how small the room is. Maintaining observe of each opponents when standing on the middle of the room is subsequent to unattainable. attempt to stand together with your again to the door to make the struggle simpler.

Win or lose, the mortgage sharks will inform Geralt that Rautlec is on the Vegelbud Property, the place you met Triss for the hunt A Matter Of Life and Loss of life. Rautlec is by the racecourse, attempting to cope with one other creditor.

He tells Geralt that the placards are performed, however he can’t retrieve them till his money owed are paid. He is wager his money owed on the subsequent horse race. Ought to he win, he will probably be free. Ought to he lose, he must work for a noble.

Geralt has three choices for coping with the halfling.

Race For The Halfling

Geralt will participate within the subsequent race, telling Rautlec to wager on him. His debt will probably be cleared for those who win, and additionally, you will be awarded a Mastercrafted Saddle. The merchandise will increase Roach’s stamina by 35 factors.

In the event you lose, you’ll be able to nonetheless repay a debt. It is a bigger debt however nonetheless potential.

Pay Off The Debt

Rautlec is 200 crowns in debt. This can be a small sum for a lot of gamers and is usually a time-saver.

go away

Geralt can resolve that he would not care and easily abandon Rautlec and the placards.

With every thing achieved, you’ll be able to return to the newly-renamed Chameleon to prepare for the grand opening. When you do get the possibility to hang around with Dandelion, the opening takes a flip for the more serious. This story is sustained in Carnal Wishes.

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