How To Construct The Finest Mage Construct In Terraria 1.4


With the console launch of Terraria 1.4 hopefully simply across the nook, here is a more in-depth have a look at the perfect Magic/Mage construct out there within the latest model of Terraria. The Mage construct depends on excessive mana or max mana regeneration, a big selection of various weapons and equipment, and a playstyle that turns your character right into a glass cannon.


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Gaining access to the perfect mage objects is extra probably after defeating the Wall of Flesh, however there are nonetheless some fascinating approaches to take with a Pre-Hardmode mage construct. This is our construct information.

Up to date March 5, 2023: Even after the supposed finish of Terraria, the sport nonetheless retains getting up to date. To that finish, we have gone over this information to be sure you have all the perfect info you want when crafting a magic construct.

Pre-Hardmode Mage Construct

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There’s one factor to recollect about constructing a mage in Pre-Hardmode: you really want max mana to have the ability to get essentially the most out of the weapons. Upon getting the mana then you can begin desirous about which objects and weapons are greatest.

If you wish to get to max mana as rapidly as doable, we suggest establishing a Fallen Star platform (simply place a platform within the sky to gather the celebrities at night time.) ​​​​​​

  • every mana crystal takes 5 stars to craft.
  • A platform or sky bridge, will be crafted out of any block. Platforms are good as a result of you possibly can transfer up and down via them.

Finest Pre-Hardmode Mage Weapons

terraria pillar fight

Probably the greatest points of the mage construct in Terraria is its versatility. A sword chops (which works completely fantastic in Terraria) and a bow-and-arrow fires, however the mage has all kinds of talents out there. The Water Bolt, for instance, fires a ricocheting channel of blue mild that pierces a number of enemies. Or you may use the Magic Missilea weapon that may dwelling in in your enemies.

We suggest:

  • The Water Bolt, discovered within the Dungeon on bookshelves. Earlier than 1.4, getting the Water Bolt as a mage was a lot simpler, because the bolt generally spawned on top-level bookshelves. That is now not the case.
  • flamelashdiscovered within the Underworld’s Shadow Chests.
  • House Gun, crafted from Meteorite bars. Arguably among the best mage weapons in Terraria, no less than earlier than Hardmode. For those who craft a full set of Meteor Armor, the gun prices no mana to fireside.
  • Magic Missilepresent in locked Gold Dungeon chests.

As a result of the primary intention of Pre-Hardmode is to beat The Wall Of Flesh, we nonetheless suggest that you simply concentrate on defeating the queen bee to get your fingers on a bunch of Beenades. You should use the House Gun and Beenades to nice impact towards the Wall.

Finest Pre-Hardmode Mage Armor

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The mage construct is closely reliant on armor units in Pre-Hardmode. The secret is to have loads of mana, in any other case you’ll have to swap out to different weapons. Whereas that is okay firstly of the sport (enemies and executives aren’t too sturdy), it is nonetheless a good suggestion to intention for a set of Jungle Armor, that will increase the quantity of max mana by eight and reduces mana utilization by 16 %. There are another choices, too – we suggest:

  • meteor armorcrafted from Meteorite bars, reduces the mana price of the House Gun to zero.
  • The Wizard Set, any Wizard hat or coloured Gown, will increase mana by 60 general and a ten % crucial injury likelihood. Not the perfect swimsuit of armor for defensiveness, although, on account of its low protection score.
  • jungle armorcrafted with Jungle Spores and Vine, might be the perfect Pre-Hardmode mage armor.

The jungle armor set will be interchanged from objects within the Historic Cobalt armor set, which is dropped by Hornets and Man-Eaters within the Jungle biome. The 2 armors have equivalent stats however have a distinct aesthetic when every set is worn. You may as well put on a wizard hat with any of the armor units if you wish to increase your injury barely.

whereas Molten Armor is taken into account the perfect armor in Pre-Hardmode Terrariait is extra suited to a melee construct. For those who’re going for a full mage construct you must take the Jungle Armor.

Finest Pre-Hardmode Mage Equipment

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Like the opposite builds, there aren’t many choices in the case of equipment on this early stage of the sport. That being mentioned, there are nonetheless some vital equipment to look out for if you wish to construct the optimum Pre-Hardmode mage.

  • The Celestial Cuffs are the best choice, crafted at a Tinkerer’s station with a Celestial Magnet and Magic Cuffs. This will increase the vary of Mana star pick-up and restores mana every time the participant is broken. Additionally they present a flat 20 mana enhance.
    • The Celestial Magnet is bought from the Touring Service provider.
    • Magic Cuffs are crafted from a Shackle and a Mana Regeneration Band at a Tinkerer’s Workshop.

The opposite greatest mage equipment in Terraria pre-Hardmode are:

  • Mana Flowercrafted with Nature’s Reward and a mana potion on the Tinkerer’s Workshop, reduces mana utilization by 8 %.
  • Magnet Flowercrafted with a Mana Flower and Celestial Magnet on the Tinkerer’s Workshop, reduces mana utilization by 8 % and mechanically consumes mana potions when wanted.

The participant must also carry round loads of mana potions, even when they do not have these equipment. Mana Regeneration potions and Magic Energy potions are the perfect Pre-Hardmode potions for a mage.

Hardmode Mage Construct

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After the participant defeats the Wall of Flesh, Terraria actually begins to open up. The preliminary wrestle with the brand new enemies and tougher biomes is quickly changed with an arsenal of highly effective gear. At this level within the sport (simply earlier than the participant takes down the mechanical bosses) and later into development, it is important to select a category. Armor units and equipment now start to have very particular roles.

Finest Hardmode Mage Weapons

terraria skeletonn boss fight

Hardmode is split up into a number of smaller sections of development, similar to when the participant first defeats a mechanical boss, takes down Planteraor defeats the Golem within the Jungle Temple.

Our first weapon of alternative is the nimbus rod. dropped by Indignant Nimbus clouds throughout rain, this weapon spawns a cloud that rains down constant injury in your foes. This weapon will make defeating The Destroyer a lot simpler and might even be used later within the sport in the course of the Celestial Pillar fights. The Nimbus Rod might be among the best Mage weapons within the sport.

Different nice choices in Hardmode embody:

  • The Sky Fracturewhich is crafted at a Hardmode anvil with the Magic Missile, Gentle Shards, and Souls of Gentle (Earlygame).
  • The Specter Employees is dropped by Ragged Casters within the Dungeon after defeating Plantera (Mid-game).
  • The Razorpine has a seven % likelihood to be dropped by Everscream in the course of the Frost Moon occasion (Mid-game).
  • The Nebula Blaze is an Endgame merchandise crafted with Nebula Fragments at an Historic Manipulator (Endgame).

Finest Hardmode Mage Armor

terraria fishron boss fight

Virtually any armor that’s crafted from Hardmode bars is an effective alternative on the very starting of Hardmode. A participant requires that further protection simply to outlive the onslaught of highly effective enemies. Later within the sport, you can begin to experiment with totally different armor units and their bonuses. Adamantine Armor is the perfect armor set for early mages in Hardmode because it reduces mana utilization.

Different choices embody:

  • Hallowed Armor with a Hallowed Headgearwhich is crafted from Hallowed Bars (will increase most mana by 100).
  • Chlorophyte Armor with Chlorophyte Headgearwhich is crafted from Chlorophyte Bars (a direct improve from Hallowed Armor).
  • Specter Armorcrafted with Chlorophyte Bars, Specter Bars, and Ectoplasm, will increase magic injury, can heal you, and causes area-of-effect injury.

Finest Hardmode Mage Equipment

lunatic cultist terraria

The equipment in Hardmode let a participant finetune their construct. A few of these pre-Hardmode equipment, particularly the Celestial Cuffs, will nonetheless be helpful in Hardmode. You must maintain onto all of your equipment in an organized chest.

There are a number of different choices to contemplate, such because the Mana Cloakcrafted with a Mana Flower and Star Cloak, or the Sorcerer Emblem which is dropped by the Wall of Flesh and will increase magic injury by 15 %. You must also try the Celestial Emblemcrafted at a Tinkerer’s Workshop, this merchandise will increase magic injury by 15 %.

Different Issues To Contemplate With A Mage Construct

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Hardmode Terraria is filled with totally different equipment, Wings, and mounts that may complement a Mage construct. Some equipment, just like the Celestial Shell, are helpful for each class. Wings, just like the Fishron Wings, will be the make or break in a late-game boss battle. You must experiment with the totally different objects out there and work out the way in which you wish to play.

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