How To Defeat The Fatty Puffer In Onion Ocean Stage 5


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Stage 5 of Onion Ocean in Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe has you taking up the boss struggle of this stage, the Fatty Puffer. This puffer fish has lots of methods up its sleeve, and, as you may anticipate, it acts much like how an precise puffer fish may.

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It usually inhales deeply to puff itself up and make itself an even bigger presence within the enviornment, which means you have got much less room to handle Kirby and his assaults. Nevertheless, as soon as you already know what sort of assaults it has in its arsenal, and when try to be attacking, you can take down this outsized fish with ease.


Copy Capability Decisions

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Five Four Copy Abilities

you have got 4 Copy Skills to select from when preventing this boss:

  • wick;
  • Parasol;
  • Spear;
  • and Ice.

You may need to go together with the Mecha Copy Capability, because it offers you essentially the most choices when attacking. Decide up your chosen Copy Capability and head right down to the correct to seek out the star door. Enter right here to seek out the boss room.

How To Defeat The Fatty Puffer

Kirby opposite the Fatty Puffer boss in Stage Five of Onion Ocean in Kirby's Return To Dream Land Deluxe

The Fatty Puffer will inhale air, inflate similar to a puffer fish, after which cost at you. When it begins inhaling, bounce up into the air to dodge it when it fees.

After it tries this assault, it can deflate, then resort to leaping across the space, making an attempt to slam into you. Be certain to leap to dodge this.

The Fatty Puffer may also spit out smaller puffer fish that may harm you on contact. You possibly can dodge these, or hit them to rebound them again on the boss, relying on which Copy Capability you selected. It will possibly additionally spit out waterso be sure that to dodge this each time it begins.

Get your hits on the Fatty Puffer in between dodging its assaultsand you will quickly whittle it right down to half well being.

When you have got decreased its well being by half, it can begin to inhale a number of air and inflate even larger than earlier thantaking on nearly the whole boss enviornment with its measurement. Watch out to not get trapped towards the aspect of the sector when it fees for you.

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Four Fatty Puffer Water Blast

When it deflates, it could begin to shoot an enormous blast of water. You may must bounce as much as dodge this and keep away from getting caught within the blast.

Moreover, the Fatty Puffer might now begin to slam on the bottom, inflicting the stalactites on the ceiling to return free. Be sure you’re indirectly beneath them, in any other case they will land on you and harm you.

At any time when the Fatty Puffer begins to inhale air or has simply deflated, that is when you can begin hitting it. In any other case, be sure you’re dodging all of the assaults it throws your manner.

As soon as it is defeated, you may get the left wing for the Lor Starcutter.

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