How To Discover The Vampire Underneath Novigrad In The Witcher 3


You actually have to look the sewers for this quest.


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if in case you have seen The Witcher 3 gameplay trailer, it’s possible you’ll recall a vampire telling Geralt to take a hike in a lot cruder phrases. This quite entertaining vampire just isn’t a part of the sport’s most important storyline and is as a substitute discovered underneath Novigrad in a quest that’s all too simple to overlook.

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This information will present you how you can attain his resting place deep throughout the Novigrad sewers and how you can resolve the encounter, if you wish to see him for your self. There are some eccentricities within the quest that make it unusually tough to finish that you could be not concentrate on.

How To Begin A Tome Entombed

An annotated screenshot of The Witcher 3's map, showing where the player should enter the sewers.

This quest is tough to begin if you happen to aren’t pointed in the precise course first. You’ll need to discover the vampire’s sarcophagus within the sewers earlier than you possibly can start.

A screenshot of Geralt standing in front of a door that will bring him to a quest location.

The simplest technique to attain it’s to enter the sewers by way of Tretogor gate. Observe the bridge from the quick journey level and search for an entrance to the town partitions on the opposite aspect.

A screenshot of Geralt standing inside a tower in Novigrad, with a ladder the player needs to take in the center of the shot.

From there, journey down the tunnel till you discover a staircase main down in a tower.

A screenshot of Geralt standing in front of a crumbling brick wall in Novigrad's sewers.

Take the steps all the way in which to the underside and activate Witcher Senses. you can see a breakable wall shortly after coming into the sewers. Break it down and stroll into the cavern to start the search.

Dealing With The Vampire Underneath Novigrad

Geralt and a professor look at a finely-dressed man laying inside a large, stone sarcophagus.

You’ll meet a Professor Vairmont Jonne, from the College of Utilized Archeology (tomb raiding, most likely), standing over a sealed sarcophagus. He tells Geralt that there’s an elven manuscript inside and asks the witcher to assist him open it.

The 2 discover a vampire sleeping inside. After a brief, direct trade, the professor decides that the most effective plan of action is to wake the vampire up once more. You may agree or level out that it’s a horrible concept and stroll away.

This quest is not going to finish if you happen to stroll away. you’ll have to help the instructor or stay with the search remaining in your quest log for the remainder of your playthrough.

The Vampire is not going to be amused on his second awakening and can rework right into a katakan earlier than attacking. You’ll have to kill him to each stay alive and full the search.

The katakan is a sort of vampire that can flip invisible and strike swiftly in hit-and-run assaults. You may counter these assaults by forcing it out of invisibility by way of fire-based bombs and indicators or by using the Moon Mud bomb.

Additionally it is weak to vampire oil and susceptible to the results of Black Blood.

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