How To Full Stage One Of White Wafers In Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe


Getting into the snowy landscapes of the White Wafers and taking up Stage One in Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe? There are but extra Copy Skills to be found, secret passageways you may need missed, and extra on this frosty stage.

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With this walkthrough, you may ensure you discover all of the goodies you want earlier than persevering with by way of the remainder of the levels within the White Wafers. In the direction of the tip of the stage, that is particularly vital, as there are two paths you may take, and just one has the gadgets you may wish to full your Vitality Sphere assortment and tackle the miniboss.


First Part

Kirby Enters White Wafers Stage One

go proper and be careful for the enemy on the ice. Proceed on and dodge or assault the large ‘Waddle Dee’. Should you assault it, it should cut up into three regular Waddle Dees.

Proceed previous right here, and inhale the Fighter enemy should you want to acquire the Fighter Copy Capability. Persevering with proper, destroy the blocks and enemies as you slide throughout the ice. Destroy the blocks that block the trail, and gather the three stars on the backside of the room. Take away the blocks on the opposite facet to exit.

Be careful for an additional enemy as you exit. It’s going to goal at you from above. Destroy the star blocks for extra stars, and assault the large Waddle Dee for some meals.

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Bats Above Kirby

Take away the subsequent set of blocks you see to seize two extra meals gadgets, however be cautious of the three bats that can assault you from above. Destroy the blocks to exit as soon as once more.

On the subsequent patch of ice, assault or dodge the Waddle Dee swinging from a rope. Assault the vine to clear the trail.

Go to the highest ledge right here, and there is an enemy you may inhale to acquire the Ice Copy Capability.

Keep on to the subsequent set of blocks and destroy these too. The blocks in listed here are on hearth, so you may want the Ice Copy Capability to chill these off and entry the blue star.

Drop the present Ice Copy Capability to seize the Hearth Copy Capability from the enemy above you. Destroy the blocks once more to exit, and be careful for the enemy as you permit.

Kirby White Wafers Kirby Uses Fire Copy Ability

Destroy the ice blocks utilizing your newly acquired Hearth Copy Capability to enter the subsequent room, and be cautious of the snowman enemy in right here.

Blast by way of the ice blocks within the middle of the room to fall down and attain an Vitality Sphere.

Exit to the suitable by way of extra ice blocks. Head up the slope to achieve the star door.

Second Part

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Second Section Waddle Dee Riding Pig Approaches Kirby

A Waddle Dee driving a pig will instantly run in the direction of you, so soar over because it approaches. Bounce throughout the three platforms, and be careful for the three extra pigs that begin to run in the direction of you as you cross.

seize the cannon on the subsequent space, and you may blast by way of extra pigs that begin to run at you. Bounce up the three ledges and use your cannon to destroy the enemies throwing bombs your approach. Bounce up the subsequent set of ledges too.

Keep on going proper together with your cannon, and much more Waddle Dees and pigs will arrive. They’re no match on your cannonballs, although. Go up the ledges once moreafter which preserve leaping up the ledges within the subsequent part.

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Life Up Stamp Ticket

On the prime, preserve aiming your cannon upwards to destroy the blocks and seize a Life-Up and stamp ticket. Head by way of the star door on the suitable.

Third Part

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Third Section

Bounce into the cannon on the suitable. You will be blasted throughout to the suitable, after which land into one other cannon, the place you may have to decide on between going as much as the left, as much as the suitable, right down to the left, or right down to the suitable.

Go to the highest and left, the place you may choose up a star. You will be blasted into one other set of cannons. go for the path of the crimson star, and you will be shot again to the center. Subsequent, go to the underside proper (the trail with an enemy surrounded by stars). You will find yourself in one other cannon to the suitable.

Maintain going proper till you see three spiked vine enemies in a row. There is a secret opening above you.

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Secret Opening

Purpose in right here to seize an Vitality Sphere. Return down, then preserve going proper within the subsequent set of cannons till you attain an open space.

Right here, you may have extra choices. Seize the stamp ticket by going as much as the left, then go right down to the suitable, grabbing the star. Subsequent, goal for the decrease proper cannon. Right here, you may select to go as much as the suitable, or you may go right down to the left, the place you may simply see a cannon poking out on the backside of your display screen.

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Cannon Aiming Down To The Left

Go right down to the leftin any other case you’ll take one other path that misses an Vitality Sphere, in addition to a strong Copy Capability.

You will choose up a blue star on the best way, and discover a star door on the finish.

Fourth Part

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Fourth Section

Go to the suitable and soar over the spikes, coping with any enemies you see. Thoughts the icicles that fall from the ceiling as you proceed.

Quickly, you may spot an Vitality Sphere above a set of spikes. Bounce onto the ledge beneath it, avoiding the spikes, and seize the collectible. Watch the spikes as you come again down.

proceed proper, and inhale the enemy right here for the Mike Copy Capability. Seize the star button on the finish to open up the trail and proceed proper.

Gigant Edge Boss Battle

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Blocks And Enemies

Destroy the blocks and enemies right here — you may achieve this simply should you picked up the Mike Copy Capability — and prepare for a miniboss battle with the Gigant Edge.

How To Defeat The Gigant Edge

Kirby White Wafers Stage One Gigant Edge

The Gigant Edge will primarily swing at you utilizing its sword, so be careful when it begins to raise its arm to swing. It’s going to additionally cost at you with its sword forward of itso soar out of the best way when it begins to do that.

Assault when you might have the possibilityleaping behind it to keep away from the swing of its sword.

Should you grabbed the Mike Copy Capability, this boss battle can be extraordinarily straightforward. Use the Copy Capability a few instances, and you may do one remaining huge assault, dealing quite a lot of injury and decreasing a lot of the Gigant Edge’s HP.

When you defeat it, you may seize the Sword Copy Capability and proceed proper. Hit the bomb block to destroy the remainder of the blocks and attain the Whip Copy Capability. Use this to seize the Life-Up above you. Destroy the blocks as you exit proper to achieve the star door and end the stage.

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