How To Full Stage Two Of Onion Ocean In Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe


Dive deeper into the ocean in Stage Two of Onion Ocean in Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe. Underneath the ocean, there are many objects to gather and new Copy Talents to steal. There are additionally, someway, anemones that may shoot fireplace projectiles underwater. Do not give it some thought too laborious.

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To ensure you seize every thing there may be to seize and see every thing there may be to see, we’ll stroll you thru this stage. There is a miniboss battle within the center, in addition to two passageways to take close to the top of the stage (taking one or the opposite may lead you to overlook a collectible), so ensure you’re ready.


First Part

Kirby Enters Onion Ocean Stage Two

Head down the ladder and into the water. Swim via to the suitable, dodging and killing any enemies as you go.

If you come to a block with an anemone enemy on both facet, swim to the highest, and you may see some blocks to destroy. Take away them, and you may see a small alcove on the left with enemies, meals and a stamp ticket.

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Secret Stamp Ticket

Head again down the way in which you got here and go proper. Destroy any blocks in your approach to acquire extra stars. Assault the 2 anemone enemies to clear the trail and proceed.

Earlier than following the arrow up, go all the way in which to the suitable to seize a cherry.

Head up the ladder to search out the star door on the prime.

Second Part

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Second Section

Stroll alongside the pier, attacking any enemies in your approach. Watch out of the bomb enemy that triggers once you get too shut.

Inhale the bomb enemyand you may blast every thing within the neighborhood.

Soar over the platform, and the Kibble Blade will seem.

How To Beat The Kibble Blade

Kirby faces the Kibble Blade in Onion Ocean Stage Two

The Kibble Blade acts very similar to the smaller enemies that provide the Cutter Copy Capability and can throw its blade at you. It’ll additionally try to cost at you, however if you happen to soar over it, it’s going to crash for a second, which is when you may get some assaults in. You too can dodge the blade and assault from behind.

As soon as you have overwhelmed it, you’ll be able to seize the Cutter Copy Capability from it.

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Kirby In Front Of Rope To Cut

Comply with the arrow to proceed with this part. you will see an Power Sphere under youso keep it up till you see a rope you’ll be able to reduce. Reduce it and the platform will drop into the water. Swim again to the left to get the Power Sphere.

Proceed proper to achieve the star door.

Third Part

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Third Section

Defeat the bee that flies in to assault you and go proper. You possibly can both go above or under the platform right here, however going beneath the water will internet you stars if you happen to break the blocks on the backside.

Proceed proper, breaking the blocks in your approach. You may once more have the selection of going above or under the platform. On the highest, there’s an enemy throwing bombs. On the underside, there are fish trapped by blocks. Destroy the blocks and assault the fish as quickly as they’re free, then go for the blocks beneath you. There are extra stars, together with a pink star.

Hold going proper, and soar out of the water. Defeat the bee and soar again into the water the place the turtles are. Go proper and as much as the floor and you may see a ledger with meals on it. Seize the meals and drop your Copy Capability. Inhale one of many beesthen dive to the underside.

Use the spear to hit the star, and the rocks will rise as much as reveal a star door. Go in right here.

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Secret Room - Kirby in front of blocks, enemies and bomb blocks hiding an Energy Sphere

Hit the primary bomb block and destroy the enemiesthen do the identical for the remaining two bomb blocks and seize the Power Sphere. Head again out the way in which you got here.

Again within the stage, head proper. Destroy any turtle enemies and soar onto land. Thoughts the enemy throwing bombs.

As an alternative of heading straight to the star door, proceed proper to discover a pink star under. Then go to the star door to the following part.

Fourth Part

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Fourth Section - Kirby with boot ahead.

Run straight to the boot and Kirby will sit in it. Use this to soar on enemies and squash them.

If you attain the stump, soar on it and the blocks will disappear. Go forward, utilizing the boot to squash enemies. On the subsequent part, go beneath the block to choose up the stamp ticket. The boot will defend you from the spikes.

The boot is restricted and can disappear if you happen to take your time right here, so be fast to get the stamp ticket.

proceed on and seize the brand new boot. Use this to bounce off the spiked enemy forwardafter which off the flying enemies to gather the celebrities. Smash the golden block to get a Life-Up. Hold bouncing off enemies to get stars and progress.

If you attain the realm the place you’ll be able to see the star door, go up the steps to the left. Smash the block to disclose a secret star door and head in right here. You may have to nonetheless have the boot to do that.

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Second Secret Star Door - Kirby jumps in front of door on the left.

When you undergo the star door on the suitable, you will skip the primary a part of the following space and will not have the ability to get hold of the primary Power Sphere.

Seize the Power Sphere above you. Seize the star proper on the prime to take away the blocks under on the suitable, and undergo this passage.

Dive all the way down to the underside, destroy the blocks, and hold happening to the suitable. Be careful for the large fish that pops out of the rock and swim above it to the suitable. Thoughts the anemone’s fireplace when accumulating the celebrities, and be careful for the following huge fish when choosing up the pink star.

Kirby Onion Ocean Stage Two Kirby Swims Around Spiked Enemy

Proceed to the suitable. Swim across the spiked enemy to gather the celebrities, and destroy the blocks on the underside left to seize the milk.

Let the fish come down earlier than you exit to the suitable, and let the following one go earlier than accumulating the celebrities above it.

Swim down and to the suitable. Look forward to the following huge fish to maneuver, then destroy the blocks above it to seize one other Power Sphere.

Go proper and swim up. There’s one other fish, so look ahead to it to go earlier than grabbing the pink star.

You may have to dodge the fish all the way in which up right here — there are two that may seem blocking your approach, so simply look ahead to them to maneuver. Smash the blocks above them to achieve the star door on the prime and end the stage.

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