How To Full The Calm Earlier than The Storm In The Witcher 3

Ciri’s journey by means of The Witcher 3 is a thriller that defines the primary portion of the sport’s expansive story. She had left her mark of her throughout Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige as she fled the Wild Hunt, one thing that Geralt might simply guess. What’s unsure is why she had ventured to these areas and in what order.

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“The Calm Earlier than The Storm” covers the Skellige leg of her journey and provides some perception into her arrival in Velen. The search itself is a mixture of narrative moments so that you can outline Ciri’s character and transient, intense fight that you could be want a information for.


Arrival In Skellige

Ciri tumbles out of a portal in the sky in the background while a crab farmer searches the shore in the foreground.

This quest begins on the finish of anonymous, whereas Yennefer is utilizing necromancy to pressure Skjall into describing Ciri’s go to to Lofoten. The person had been the primary to see Ciri’s arrival in Skellige, having helped the mysterious elf deliver her to security.


you’ll play as ciri as quickly as she wakes up. Like the opposite flashbacks, it is possible for you to to dictate what she says whereas she will get her bearings. Skjall catches her up on each her location and the mysterious elf’s whereabouts earlier than her sister, Astrid, invitations Ciri to the sauna.

These dialog selections have a no impact on the story, on condition that they occurred up to now.

Observe Astrid to the sauna and enter the room on the left. Stroll to the dresser and mirror to resolve Ciri’s state of costume previous to getting into the sauna correct. Within the sauna, there will likely be one other dialog commenting on Ciri’s private life and Skjall.

Ciri will rise up as soon as the dialog has run its course. Her companions will recommend taking a dip within the chilly water and having a shot of Freya’s Firewater, each additional into the sauna. Each choices will regenerate Ciri’s well being.

It’s advisable to take each choices. There’s extra well being you may have, the higher, in spite of everything.

When you’re prepared to depart, return to the dresser and mirror to place Ciri’s gear again on. she’s going to depart the sauna and be part of Skjall in getting ready to trip out to fulfill her companion.

battle in lofoten

Ciri stands in a burning Skelliger village with a shocked expression while wearing her armor.

This brief second of respite is interrupted by the Wild Hunt. They’d managed to monitor ciri down earlier than she might escape and have set about razing Lofoten to the bottom. Regardless of Skjall’s warnings, Ciri rushes out to struggle the Wild Hunt.

Ensure to use Ciri’s talents to their fullest extent, particularly at greater difficulties. Her blink assault excels at damaging a number of opponents concurrently, which can make the battle simpler.

You have to to defeat a number of Wild Hunt warriors and hounds. A cutscene will play after a while, the place Ciri will make her escape with Skjall.

Skjall will lead her to Drowned Useless Rock on horseback. A number of enemies will spawn in your manner. They are often safely ignored, as long as you retain using ahead. A closing cutscene will play on the finish of the trail earlier than the search ends.

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