How To Unlock The Gold Dragon Mythic Path In Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous


It is not simply the number of courses that make Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous A well-liked RPG, it is the distinctive expertise and skills gamers can attain when their character reaches extra superior ranges. There are selections of subclasses in the course of the preliminary construct, and Status Courses begin to open up at round degree ten. One other fascinating twist is the selection of Mythic Paths, which have extra to do with ethical alignment than class.


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Characters can select a Mythic Path for quite a lot of causes, and a number of the pathways are simpler to seek out and observe than others. The Golden Dragon Mythic Path, which is simply as cool because it sounds, is without doubt one of the most tough to unlock, requiring you to select a special path first and unlock it additional down the road.


Up to date March 5, 2023: Your selection of Mythic Path in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is without doubt one of the most essential in your entire sport due to how a lot it should alter your construct. We have up to date this information to make the steps you have to take to unlock this highly effective, distinctive path a bit of clearer.

The Advantages Of Being A Golden Dragon

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path Art Gold Dragon

Out of all of the Mythic Paths in Pathfinder: WotR, this one opens a lot later within the sport than others and is hard to unlock. So why select the Mythic Golden dragon path when you could possibly keep a creepy Lich or a judgmental Aeon?

As if it is not apparent sufficient, it is as a result of your character can flip into an precise dragon and has most of the unimaginable powers to associate with their shiny new kind. Breathe hearth with Golden Dragon Breath and lay waste to your enemies whereas your character stays proof against nearly every thing, together with poison, illnesses, worry, confusion, paralysis, and sleep.

Step 1: Choosing Up The Requisite Objects

Choose Up Terendelev’s Scales At The Begin Of The Recreation

Terendelev's Scale screenshot inventory

Though this Mythic Path is not accessible as early because the others, it is one of many first the participant encounters. whereas escaping from the Kenabre underground firstly of the sport with Seelah, Anevia, and Camellia, the social gathering comes throughout two of Terendelev’s scales. They can be utilized to resurrect social gathering members, so choose them up however do not use them butno less than till the Storyteller can let you know about them.

The Storyteller could be discovered within the Blackwing Library, and Staunton Vhane can let you know the place that’s. After you rescue the wizened outdated elf, he is accessible within the tavern to let you know not solely in regards to the scale however a number of different objects of curiosity that your character can choose up. He tells you to maintain a watch out for different objects that belonged to the silver dragon.

Choose Up Terendelev’s Claw In Leper’s Smile

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Leper's Smile

Leper’s Smile in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

This location, which you may encounter in Act 2, is crucial to the Mythic Dragon Quest. Again in Defender’s Coronary heart in Kenabres, the Storyteller requested you to seek out one thing else that belonged to Terendelev.

Leper’s Smile is the place a number of the looters and thieves that took benefit of the demon assault hid their loot, and the wand that opens up the Lich Mythic Path can also be stowed on this location. There’s a complete pile of junk ready to be found right here, so do not miss Terendelev’s Claw whereas sifting by means of the loot.

Step 2: Full The Dragon Hunt

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Greybor

As soon as you have secured Drezen, you’ll be able to go to the Half-Measure Tavern and discuss to Greybor about looking a dragon that is harassing the troops. He asks for cost, so have no less than 2,500 gold for the preliminary contract. Be sure that Greybor is at your social gathering otherwise you will not have the ability to go to any of those important areas.

The social gathering tracks the beast earlier than a profitable ambush and follows the blood path to a spot known as Artisan’s Tower. There are a number of ability checks it’s important to go to find out whether or not you’ll be able to sneak up on the dragon in her lair or not, and it is a a lot simpler combat with an Assault of Alternative. Now that the Storyteller has been rescued, you’ll be able to go to him in Drezen and provides him Terendelev’s Claw.

Step 3: Meet Halaseliax

pathfinder dragon form

After returning to Drezen, you will discover the Storyteller on the touchdown exterior the Citadel. He’ll let you know extra in regards to the dragon’s previous and direct you to Terendelev’s Lair. When you get there, nonetheless, you may stumble onto a nest of cultists utilizing the now-vacant house to have a tendency their wounds. There are solely two left now, one defiant cultist who continues to swear revenge, and a Cleric named Hal who begs the hero to have mercy.

Hal is definitely the golden dragon Halaseliax. For those who spare the defiant cultist’s life and launch him, the dragon reveals himself and commends you on the knowledge of your selection. He pledges to fulfill with you once more earlier than he flies off.

For those who select to kill the cultist or assault Halaseliaxthe Golden Dragon Mythic Path will now not be accessible.

Step 4: Assembly Halaseliax As soon as Extra

After the hero returns triumphantly from the demon metropolis of Alushinyrra, they may proceed their quest to shut the Worldwound and drive the demons from Golarion completely. At this level within the sport, so long as the character has adopted the entire earlier steps, Halaseliax will search them out as promised.

This assembly will not be at a hard and fast location however as a random encounter in the course of the social gathering’s travels by means of the wilderness. So long as you’re cordial to him and show your capability for understanding and mercyhe’ll open up the Golden Dragon Mythic Path to you. Do not select any Evil choices right here, otherwise you’ll be locked out of the Mythic Path.

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