Invincible’s Khary Payton Provides Updates for Season 2 and Beyond

Invincible's Khary Payton Provides Updates for Season 2 and Beyond
Invincible’s Khary Payton Provides Updates for Season 2 and Beyond

It’s been over a year since Invincible took the world by storm when it hit Amazon Prime in March 2021. Not only has there been no new season, but the show hasn’t had as many updates since then. Thankfully, Khary Payton, who voiced Global Guardian Black Samson, provided fans with a reassuring update that season 2 is progressing somewhat.


Payton acknowledged that part of the second season of Amazon Prime is over. So much so that they even started part of the following season after that. However, with other aspects of the show’s second season still in the works, fans haven’t seen anything new in a year and a half.

In an interview with The Movie Dweeb, Payton admitted that they’ve finished recording season 2 of The Invincible and have even started recording season 3, but there’s no return date yet. “We’re done with season 2, we’re entering season 3. But it’s hard to say right now,” Payton said. Payton later admitted the robbery was due to the animation studio being protected. “There are so many animation studios just trying to get so much work done, it’s almost like sitting there with a backpack full of material, you know, like ‘Anytime you’re ready,'” Payton Say. While he’s happy that the next two seasons are in production, he wishes he knew when it would start. “Honestly, I can’t tell you. I’m glad they released at the same time (seasons 2 and 3) because that means when season 3 comes out, it feels like the next season, not the schedule. But It will take a while. I wish I could say something else.”


Fans of these alternative superhero shows should understand by now that the pandemic is supporting the production of many shows. Some shows, like Better Call Saul, haven’t aired an episode for two years. Another superhero hit on Amazon Prime, The Boys, took about 18 months after its second season to more or less begin airing new episodes. Invincible is one of the big hits of 2021, but when it airs, people are just starting to get vaccinated. Now, while COVID-19 is still there, it’s still far from its peak, and it’s only now that the show is starting to get back on track.


If anything, fans should be thrilled that the people behind the show are working tirelessly to ensure they maintain the quality of the show throughout its first season’s all-around greatness. The appeal of Invincible is that over the years, superhero fans have found the genre appealing because they want to be superheroes themselves. The show makes it clear that playing the role isn’t as fun as it sounds, especially if you’re new to it. Superheroes usually win, but in Mark Grayson’s case, he not only lost the fight he was going to fight, he nearly died. But that didn’t stop him from trying again, which made him a hero.

Even better, the show revealed in its first season finale that the stakes will only get higher as the story progresses, meaning things may only get worse for Invincible. When Omni Man becomes MIA, there are still many storylines to explore, such as the inevitable Viltrumite riddle, and the return of other enemies that could make a comeback. Since Invincible doesn’t follow the same rhythm as traditional superhero shows, fans can expect the series to continue on a path that audiences have never seen before.

The Invincible Season 1 is currently available on Amazon Prime.

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