Legacy Of Kain Poll Gets Over 100,000 Responses, Crystal Dynamics Says It Hears Fans “Loud And Clear”

Legacy Of Kain Poll Gets Over 100,000 Responses, Crystal Dynamics Says It Hears Fans "Loud And Clear"
Legacy Of Kain Poll Gets Over 100,000 Responses, Crystal Dynamics Says It Hears Fans “Loud And Clear”

Crystal Dynamics attempted to gauge interest in a potential revival of the Kane Legacy franchise when it opened the “Kain Legacy Franchise Ballot” to participants last month. It has received an unexpected response, and the editor has noticed.


“In the past, we’ve found that polls typically get 1,000 to 3,000 responses, but when we ask people about Kane’s saga, we get over 100,000 responses,” said Phil Rogers, CEO of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Said in a successful presentation with parent company Embracer (thanks VGC). A staggering 73,000 people completed the survey, Rogers revealed.

That’s an impressive number considering the size of the survey, which asked respondents a series of questions including what platforms players use, what genres they’re interested in, and multiple-choice questions. One asked participants to choose five options for “What do you think are the core characteristics of an interesting vampire game?” These included “moral ambiguity,” “vampire mythology,” “morphing,” “puzzles,” “combat,” and more Options, ‘Nightlife’, out of 19 options.


“We wanted to gain a community perspective on what players are looking for should we revisit the land of Nosgoth and our iconic IP, Legacy of Kain, Rogers said.

“We saw the news of our survey shared across social and press platforms and we really felt this was a great way to reignite this passionate fan community with this legendary PC and console game series. Rest assured, we hear you loudly and clearly, and we will continue to update you on the ‘what if’ possibilities ahead for Legacy of Kain in the future”.


The poll also addressed the nature of the revival, asking respondents to rate, in order of preference, whether the new game should be a remake, a remake (“creating an original game from scratch”), or a reboot series or sequel to the original game. It was an extensive questionnaire, but with so many responses, Crystal Dynamics now seems to have a lot of data to help them with a potential project.

Originally titled Blood Omen: Legacy of Kane, it came to PlayStation in 1996. Developed by Silicon Knights and published by Crystal Dynamics, the sequel, Legacy of Cain: Reaper of Souls, is directed by Amy Hennig, best known for her work on the Uncharted franchise. The latest entry in the series is Legacy of Kane: 2003’s Defiance. Yes, Kane fans, it’s been a long time. Hopefully the series will launch a new game based on the response to the poll.

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