Marvin The Martian’s Complete MultiVersus Moves Revealed

Marvin The Martian's Complete MultiVersus Moves Revealed
Marvin The Martian’s Complete MultiVersus Moves Revealed

Marvin the Martian’s full action set in MultiVersus has been unearthed, revealing he’ll be attacking with a bubble gun, time-space rifle, disintegrating pistol, and more.


MultiVersus just launched its second season a few days ago, and while it didn’t introduce a new character, it did reveal the next in-game character – Marvin the Martian. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been following the datamining of late, but Marvin-related stats were also added to the game and subsequently leaked, giving us a pretty good idea of ​​how he’s playing.

The movesets shared by reliable MultiVersus dataminer LaisulMV currently only have text, since Marvin doesn’t have a character model in the game yet. Even so, each action has a description, so figuring out how it works in the game is easy.


Starting with Marvin’s basic attack, his neutral normal allows him to launch a bubble from the Acme Bubble Blaster. In addition to being an indicator for Back in Action, the bubbles can charge up and trap anyone in their way, similar to one of Iron Giant’s moves. Marvin’s Side Normal is a simple punch-kick combo with a shockwave attack at the end, while his ground and air normals allow him to fire projectiles from his pistol.

Let’s take a look at the more exciting part of Marvin’s moves – the special moves. Marvin’s neutral perk has him pressing a big red button that damages nearby enemies and reverses projectiles, presumably making them damage whoever fired them. Marvin’s Up Special Edition shares some similarities with Morty, as both summon some type of ship that can be used as a platform, though Marvin’s will then fire projectiles.


On his side of the stunt, Marvin fires a time-space rifle that pulls enemies toward him like a grappling hook, while in his stunt, he plants a flag in the ground, then inflicts a lock on anyone nearby that causes debuff effect. Most special attacks remain the same in the air as they are on the ground, though attack length and direction vary slightly.

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