Mass Effect unveils mysterious teaser for the new game in the franchise

Mass Effect unveils mysterious teaser for the new game in the franchise
Mass Effect unveils mysterious teaser for the new game in the franchise

The new Mass Effect game got a mysterious teaser last Monday (7) (via Kotaku).


The preview is only 25 seconds long and was shared on the franchise’s official Twitter profile. The video features an image set in space, with various background noises. Check it out below:

Michael Gamble, director of the project, took the opportunity to urge fans of the franchise to unravel the mystery. Subsequently, a decipherable version of the audio was also released. Check it out:

“There are so many things for you to find. Good luck, investigators!”

The clues soon turned into theories for Mass Effect fans, who ended up unraveling some of the mysteries.

Apparently, the audio is a message from well-known researcher Liara T’Soni, with sounds of a Geth (a cybernetic alien race) in the background. Furthermore, all indications are that this may be the seventh mass relay being built by the supremacist group Cerberus.

Fans have also drawn attention to a ship in the lower right corner of the screen, which could be the Normandy from the original series, the Andromeda Storm, or the “Mud Skipper” ship.

The numbers in the left corner of the video also indicate that the footage is from the year 2190, i.e. just four years after the events of the original trilogy.

Despite the hints, we still have to wait a little longer for news of the next Mass Effect. The title is still in development and has no release date yet.

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