Minecraft Participant Creates Rainbow Knowledge Pack, However They’re Straight


Minecraft would not have rainbows until you need to collect hundreds of blocks of wool to construct one by your self. Even then, it is bodily, quite than part of the sky just like the clouds, solar, and moon, however new show entities permit knowledge pack creators to place collectively (nearly) correct rainbows in the end.

I say nearly as a result of they’re utterly straight, firing off in a single path just like the Bifrost bridge quite than arching as real-life rainbows do. Nonetheless, it is a complete lot nearer than we have ever gotten in vanilla Minecraft.


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Surprisingly, this does not require a wall of instructions to work – if in case you have a useful resource pack (as u/Ercerus does), you should utilize one block and one command to create the rainbow impact. It is because the command stretches a single block, which on this case is an altered white stained glass pane. In the event you had been to make use of seven blocks of coloured wool, it will take seven strains of code, however you’d get the same impact with out having to obtain something additional.

The draw back is which you could solely scale, rotate, and shear the block. You’ll be able to’t curve it. As such, once you drag out, on this case, a glass pane with a rainbow pores and skin, it seems as a massively stretched model of that block. Bending it is not potential, but, however as u/Sany_Wave says, “I believe it is extra sensible contemplating (Minecraft) physics.”

Figuring out Minecrafters, somebody will discover a option to make it completely curve certainly one of today, although a superbly curved rainbow someway feels extra cursed in a recreation made totally out of squares and blocks.

In the event you fancy giving it a go your self, that is the precise code that u/Ecerus used, however they’ve a useful resource pack that modifications the white stained glass pane, so you will need to discover one thing comparable or regulate the code to make use of completely different blocks a number of instances: "/summon minecraft:item_display ~ ~50 ~ merchandise:Depend:1,id:"minecraft:white_stained_glass_pane",tag:CustomModelData:12,transformation:(20f,0f,0f,0f,0f,13f,0f,-2.5f,0f,0f,13f,0f,0f,0f,0f,1f),Rotation:(0.0f,0.0f),item_display:head,view_range:0.95f,shadow_radius:0f,Tags:(giant_rainbow)"

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