Most Highly effective Weapon Combos In Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty


Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty, the motion RPG set in a Three Kingdoms-era China, is a fast-paced journey stuffed with monstrous enemies to chop your method via. The combat-heavy Souls-like throws regular foes and fictional beasts alike at you, however you may have loads of instruments and weapons at your disposal to take them down.


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All through the sport, you may equip two weapons at a time, enabling you to mix totally different fight kinds and results to slice and cube something in your path. Listed below are a few of the greatest weapons to make use of collectively which might be current in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty.



7 Sword And Slashing Spear

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshots of the main character wielding a sword(left) and slashing spear (right).

One of many earliest weapons you expertise in Wo Lengthy will undoubtedly be the usual sword. A surprisingly thrust-heavy transfer set lends itself to solo battles, making it straightforward to fend off threats one by one. The sword might sound like essentially the most primary choice, however it has its strengths, very similar to each weapon kind within the recreation.

To steadiness out the sword’s skills, the slashing spear weapons are an important secondary alternative. These spears, outfitted with curved blades at their ends, have the identical glorious vary as a typical spear whereas additionally housing a bunch of sweeping assaults that make them ideally suited for group fights.

6 Curved Saber And Halberd

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshots of the main character wielding a curved saber (left) and halberd (right).

Curved sabers are the curved model of the sport’s speedy sabers, a slick sword kind that is nice for overwhelming enemies. Fast and agile, these recognizable weapons assault vertically with wide-ranging cuts, serving to you filter out overwhelming conditions in a pinch.

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The curved saber pairs very properly with the halberd, the favored poled blade with a midrange moveset. After clearing the group together with your curved blade, the halberd permits for a managed and calculated strategy, supplying you with a little bit of vary and energy to assist deliver fights again into your favor.

5 Straight Saber And Glaive

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshots of the main character wielding a straight saber (left) and glaive (right).

Straight sabers are one thing of a mix between the usual sword and the curved saber. Their assaults are a bit wider than the common sword, whereas they are often extra centered than the curved saber, permitting for a centered placing sample that also grants you some safety from crowds.

The straight saber makes up for most of the weaknesses discovered within the recreation’s glaive weapons. These giant, highly effective weapons can reduce via teams of enemies with ease, however their sluggish and pretty punishable assaults might depart you susceptible to counters. Pairing a glaive with a straight saber helps each weapons maximize on the others’ shortcomings.

4 Twin Halberd And Glaive

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshot of the main character wielding dual haberds (left) and a glaive (right).

Though the usual halberd is a good bit greater than the common sword or saber, the twin halberds combat considerably equally to the twin swords and twin sabers, albeit with their very own distinctive transfer set. One of many extra vertically-focused twin weapons in Wo Lengthy, these twin haberds can nonetheless deal with a good quantity of width with their assaults, however they’ll really shine when concentrating on a singular enemy.

The twin halberd weapon makes for an excellent pairing with the equally distinctive glaive, because the staff-sabre hybrid is a longer-ranged weapon with wider assaults. The glaive has its personal particular person type of play, with a good steadiness of energy and attain making it a strong alternative in most situations. Use your glaive to take command of the state of affairs, after which leap in together with your twin haberds for the ultimate confrontation.

3 Hammer And Twin Swords

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshots of the main character wielding a hammer (left) and dual swords (right).

One of many largest weapon varieties in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty, the hammer is a behemoth of a fight software. These heavy weapons have giant, booming assaults that may ship enemies stumbling again, typically lengthy sufficient to hit them a number of instances earlier than they’re in a position to get well.

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After dominating your foes with a large hammer, pulling out a pair of twin swords will provide you with loads of alternative to capitalize on their staggered state. Whereas your two blades might not pack essentially the most injury, they swing quickly and hit greater than as soon as, supplying you with the proper weapon to slice and cube the beasts you have simply knocked backward.

two Spear And Poleaxe

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshots of the main character wielding a spear(left) and poleaxe (right).

Whereas they could lack the sweeping slashes of the slashing spear, the usual spear nonetheless comes geared up with a wholesome quantity of vary and a wide range of crowd-clearing strikes. Its thrusting assaults additionally make the spear a unbelievable weapon for managing the space between you and your opponents.

Combining the spear with the poleaxe is one technique to take full benefit of the spear’s skills. These are giant, heavy weapons, very similar to hammers, besides they arrive geared up with a large ax hooked up. Nonetheless, they’ve movesets much like the hammer, which suggests they’re going to depart combatants susceptible on your long-ranged stabs and cuts.

1 Employees And Twin Sabers

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty screenshots of the main character wielding a staff (left) and dual sabers (right).

The workers is certainly one of Wo Lengthy’s extra versatile weapons. With breakneck spinning assaults that pack a strong punch and a formidable quantity of vary, the workers is a good alternative in case your focus is on mobility. No different weapon causes your character to maneuver round fairly as a lot as the sport’s staves.

Sticking with an analogous play type, the twin sabers present an analogous kind of spinning, slashing gameplay, with giant assaults that hit in a large, close-range space. Take the twin saber’s up-close-and-personal barrage of cuts and mix them with the workers’s brutal bludgeoning from afar, and you will be tough to the touch.

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