Narfi’s Dying Is Skyrim’s Most Intriguing Thriller


Skyrim’s Darkish Brotherhood is greatest remembered for sending us on an elaborate heist to slit the emperor’s throat (or Fus Ro Dah him into the wall whereas repeatedly spamming icicles, like the nice little murderer we’re). The ramifications on the broader politics of Tamriel are as fascinating as the result of the civil warfare, however what puzzles us greater than something are the quests which have much less of an affect on the broader world. Narfi is a beggar dwelling in a rundown home in Ivarstead, who we’re paid to kill by Talos is aware of who for Talos is aware of what cause, and I can not get him out of my head.

Like each different miscellaneous contract, we will discover Narfi lengthy earlier than we even step foot into the Darkish Brotherhood sanctuary. And for those who do search him out, he has a quest—he needs to know what occurred to his sister Reyda. She’s been lacking for some time now, and primarily based on the search title ‘The Straw that Broke’, it is clear that her disappearance was the catalyst for Narfi’s downfall. His house is in ruins, falling aside because the partitions and roof collapse in on themselves, and there are empty bottles of Nord mead scattered across the tattered stays.


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Narfi is left a beggar and a drunk, and everybody on the town ignores him, by no means even stopping to say his little shack throughout the river. The one one who acknowledges Narfi’s mere existence is the innkeeper Wilhelm, who informed him that his sister his will likely be coming residence quickly, however Wilhelm tells us a special story—he thinks Reyda is useless. And he is proper. We discover her skeleton within the river surrounded by arrows, with nothing however a necklace to determine her. Wilhelm might know greater than he is letting on, and he might even be behind it, however what’s his motive for him?

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It is easy to imagine Wilhelm is likely one of the few to take pity on Narfi, and that is why he informed her Reyda is coming residence quickly. In spite of everything, if we are saying the identical after investigating her disappearance, Narfi’s whole demeanor modifications. He turns into happier, sleeping simply as he awaits her return from her. However there’s one other, lesser-known quest involving Wilhelm that places all the pieces into a brand new gentle—for those who go to the Black-Briar Meadery in Riften and converse to Romlyn Dreth, he’ll ask you to smuggle a case of mead to Wilhelm’s inn, placing the 2 prone to angering the richest household in Skyrim.

It is potential that Reyda caught them within the act someday, smuggling stolen Black-Briar mead, and worry of her ratting them out led the 2 to kill her. There are a few holes on this concept, nevertheless—in the event that they’re wonderful killing Reyda themselves, they might probably be keen and capable of do the identical to Narfi with out asking for the Darkish Brotherhood’s assist. However smuggling Black-Briar mead would not seem to have large ramifications, anyway, as handing over Romlyn to the Black-Briars would not see him killed, tortured, or in any approach stripped of rank. In actual fact, he nonetheless sells us stolen mead “below the desk” whereas working on the meadery in Riften. All of the whereas, nothing occurs to Wilhelm.

Reyda skeleton lying underwater in Skyrim

So, Wilhelm in all probability did not kill Reyda, however there are two extra convincing theories as to who did. The primary is straightforward—Draugr from the native tomb or the pretend ghost hiding out in Shroud Fireplace Barrow killed her whereas she was out gathering alchemical components, and her physique floated downstream. That is the idea I consider most. The opposite is that Narfi is a werewolf. He rewards us with human flesh and hearts (one thing in-game werewolves are recognized to drop) whereas making unusual feedback in regards to the moon; “In case you see Reyda, inform her that Narfi misses her and to return residence quickly… very quickly. Quickly… quickly, just like the moon!” It is potential he blacked out and attacked her, however this does n’t clarify the arrows discovered by her physique, so it is secure to say that is once more unlikely. Narfi being a werewolf is essential, nevertheless.

Reyda’s dying despatched Narfi right into a drunken spiral, his residence now in ruins whereas he aimlessly wanders his facet of the financial institution. If he’s a werewolf, Wilhelm wanting him to remain completely satisfied and placid is comprehensible. He does n’t need Narfi’s anger to bleed via into his werewolf transformation of him, probably placing the whole city in danger. This implies each single particular person within the village has a motive for killing Narfi, out of worry and pity. His life for him is now an infinite look ahead to his useless sister to by no means return, and at any second, he might cross the river and assault Ivarstead, slaughtering whole households whereas fully unconscious. Any one among them, and even all of them as a collective, might have employed the Darkish Brotherhood to ease their very own minds, and this might be why no person however Wilhelm a lot as mentions Narfi.

Skyrim NPC Sinding in werewolf form.

There are different prospects. He could also be a vampire thrall gone astray, he might simply be a hapless beggar who Wilhelm pities, and it’d even be that Narfi put the hit on himself, exhausted by ready for Reyda’s return—therefore the human flesh and coronary heart, two components wanted for the Darkish Brotherhood ritual. Skyrim would not inform us. The search is to search out his useless sister and resolve whether or not to lastly unveil the reality or perpetuate Wilhelm’s lie, abandoning a thriller with numerous potential solutions, all of that are as possible because the final.

To me, Narfi was a werewolf the city feared, however to you, he is perhaps nothing greater than a drunk beggar who Wilhelm could not carry himself to kill. Any reply would rip away the years of hypothesis which have made Narfi so attention-grabbing, and by leaving it so open-ended, Skyrim has turned a quick-fire miscellaneous quest into one among its most intriguing.

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