NerdCast 857 – What is the agenda? Grape Notes, TV Pow, and the Mau!

On this podcast: O Golpe do Mau, Rented Vehicles, Grape Notes, TV Pow, Prohibition… In any case, What’s the Agenda? SHOWCASE ART: Randall Random Wallpaper Model of the Showcase EDITORA JAMBÔ Uncover the official RPG guide of The Legend of Ghanor – BLACK FRIDAY NERDSTORE PELANDO Web site: Instagram Pelando: The best way to create a want alert: DONATION REQUEST Donation request for Maria de Lourdes Merces da Costa, at Hemoservice Belo Horizonte – Rua Ceará, 195 | Santa Efigênia E-MAILS Ship your criticisms, compliments, solutions and mailings to COMPLETE EDITION BY RADIOFOBIA PODCAST AND MULTIMEDIA

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