New Black Adam trailer includes clips from Joss Whedon’s Justice League

New Black Adam trailer includes clips from Joss Whedon's Justice League
New Black Adam trailer includes clips from Joss Whedon’s Justice League

The Rock will soon debut as Black Adam, the antihero who will change the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe.


More than ever, the direction of DC’s catalog of heroes and villains on the big screen remains uncertain, especially after Batgirl and Warner Bros. found out about Kevin Feige’s full-time role overseeing it all.

However, Black Adam seems to be the first step into a new era, as the latest trailer brings together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn – oh, and a short clip of Whedon’s infamous Justice League.


Black Adam trailer features clips from Joss Whedon’s Justice League

Ahead of Black Adam’s October release, Johnson shared a new trailer for the film, which features Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller narration. “Before a world full of heroes and villains, there was only one power: Black Adam,” she said.


Before we continue filming, the trailer features Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman Idol, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Margot Robbie Featuring Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey.

There are also some quick shots of things hitting the ground. It’s Steppenwolf, and it’s from 2017’s Justice League directed by Joss Whedon, before Zack Snyder releases his own four-hour cut in 2021.

Apparently, fans took notice. “You really used the Josstice L-Shot and tried to lure us with it. ZSJL canon or bust,” one wrote.

“Oh boy what a terrible choice to choose Jostis League over the great #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague,” another wrote.

“@TheRock Mr. I thought you gave us fans what we wanted. That’s why I wanted to see this movie. But after watching Joss Whedon’s Jostis League’s Steppenwolf. You Can bet I’ll never see this movie. Let alone spend a dollar. Oh, I’m not alone,” tweeted a third.

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