Overwatch 2 delays mid-season patch and return of beauty

Overwatch 2 delays mid-season patch and return of beauty
Overwatch 2 delays mid-season patch and return of beauty

Overwatch 2 should get some interesting updates on Tuesday. One that would fix an issue that would take Hero Mei out of the game. Just when this update was about to go live, Blizzard announced that it was pushing it, making Mei lose her favorite character for another two days.


Blizzard shared the news of this week’s patch delay via the Overwatch 2 forums (thanks IGN). Citing an unspecified “critical issue” as the reason, the update, which was supposed to go live late yesterday, will now roll out until Thursday at 11AM PST. On the plus side, challenges should still be reset as planned, and items available through the in-game shop have been updated.

As mentioned above, May’s continued absence is the main reason some players are upset that the mid-season patch has been delayed. As one of the heroes inherited from the original Overwatch, players discovered a bug in the sequel that would allow them to use the character’s ice wall ability to break through boundaries. This means they can dodge opposing players, which is not fair.


Despite the delay in the update, this exploit is no longer exploitable as Mei has been temporarily removed from the game. The patch aims to bring her back without her broken abilities, along with some other balance changes and bug fixes that won’t be disappearing from the game until tomorrow at the earliest.

Overwatch 2 was plagued by issues at launch, and while some have been fixed, others seem set to replace them. Players of the first game continue to report the lack of skins that were supposed to remain, while others feel that the sequel’s competitive ranking system is broken. Activision Blizzard is also facing a string of lawsuits following a behind-the-scenes investigation into an allegedly toxic work environment. This week, as part of its acquisition of the Overwatch studio, Microsoft promised to release an annual sexual harassment report in the future.


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