Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Round-up

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Round-up
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review Round-up

November is already a pretty busy month for major video game releases, and this week continues that trend in the form of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The latest Pokemon game is out tomorrow, and there will be a review of the next generation of the long-running series.


The hype surrounding the game seems to be met with a largely positive response as coaches hope the game will revolutionize the series and mark the beginning of a new era. Scarlet & Violet currently has a rating of 78 on Metacritic. While that’s not as high as Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, it’s the same score as MultiVersus and Metal: Hellsinger, two 2022 games with only a handful of negative reviews to say.

Compared to other Pokemon games, they are not ranked highly on the site at all. According to GamesRadar, Scarlet & Violet is currently ranked third from last compared to all other Pokémon games in the main series on Metacritic. Regarding some of the details singled out by the review, VGC wrote that the world size and exploration of The Crimson and Violet are the best the series has seen. The decision to let coaches go where they want to go for the first time will obviously change the game.

  • ScreenRant: 4.5/5
  • VGC: 4/5
  • VG247: 4/5
  • GameSpot: 8/10
  • ComicBook.com: 4/5
  • GamingBible: 7/10
  • Nintendo Life: 7/10
  • GamesRadar: 3/5

VG247 also commented on the open-mindedness of Crimson and Violet, though it added that the games’ closeness to the anime may be their greatest feature. A game that feels closer to the anime than ever has been welcomed by Pokemon fans amid mounting evidence that the TV show may be ending after 25 years.

Of course, not all initial feedback on the game has been positive, otherwise they’d be vying for Game of the Year. While the open world expansion is a welcome feature, some critics feel the series has reached a point where the Switch is holding it back. With Rise of Pokemon and Kingdom Tears in 2023, the supposedly more powerful Switch can’t come soon enough.


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