PUBG developer to make Artemis, a game with NFTs

PUBG developer to make Artemis, a game with NFTs
PUBG developer to make Artemis, a game with NFTs

Another metaverse project involving NFTs is on the way. Brendan Greene, creator of PUBG and owner of PlayerUnknown Productions, has announced the production of Artemis, a game that promises to be fun and present a lot of content for the community.


In this game, players will find a gigantic virtual map full of characters controlled by artificial intelligence. In a conversation with the Hit Points portal, he explained a bit about his idea:

  • Artemis is something we want to create and it will deliver a lot of fun, a lot of enjoyment and a lot of meaningful things for people to do. But it doesn’t matter if it’s called a metaverse. I don’t care if people want to call it that.


To deliver all that is promised, the creator of PUBG has been preparing a “no money-making” platform. However, the community will be able to take advantage of this digital universe with their creations. Skins and cosmetics made by players will be priced accordingly.

According to the article, Greene made it clear that the fate of Artemis is in the hands of the players’ creations. Will it be another success like Krafton’s battle royale? We will have to wait to find out even possible platforms.


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