Selecting Between Coin Or Playing cards In A Harmful Sport In The Witcher 3


Gwent’s reputation in The Witcher 3 is one thing that borders on the absurd. Geralt can problem nearly anybody he meets to the cardboard sport, from retailers to nobles alike. In some areas, you will discover the higher crust of society taking part in one another at lavish balls. In others, you discover commoners taking part in at taverns.


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All this goes to point out that Gwent is to not be underestimated, each in reputation and in how a lot cash one could make within the sport. Geralt’s outdated pal, Zoltan, goals to take full benefit of the latter to repay his money owed from him in a prolonged aspect quest.

A Dwarf In Debt

Zoltan Chivay, sits in front of a large plate of fish, looking well-used and out of place amidst the well-furnished house.

Zoltan’s financial troubles should not introduced up till Dandelion is freed within the quest A Poet Underneath Strain. As soon as the bard is again the place he belongs, you will discover Zoltan arguing with a pair of males exterior the Rosemary and Thyme.


You possibly can step in to interrupt up the confrontation and ask Zoltan what the difficulty is about. He explains that he had gathered some debt and has hatched up a scheme to pay it again; promoting uncommon Gwent playing cards.

you’ll have to supply to assist Zoltan to start out the search. His scheme revolves round getting three uncommon and costly playing cards. Buying them will probably be much less a matter of Gwent talent as a lot because it does Geralt’s ordinary abilities.

Getting into Zed’s Home

Geralt looks up at a ladder with a man sitting next to it in Novigrad.  It is necessary for the quest A Dangerous Game.

Zoltan asks you to start out with Zed, a card vendor who is meant to offer him with the playing cards. Geralt will discover the locked door and determine that Zed could be in peril. You will want to discover one other method into Zed’s home.

A screenshot of Geralt, wearing ornate red-and-gold armor, looking at a path between houses in Novigrad.

Yow will discover this route by turning round and climbing the ladder reverse the steps to the home. It is going to result in a second ladder that brings you to scaffolding adjoining to Zed’s home and inside leaping distance. jump over the hole to succeed in the home.

As soon as inside, head to the doorway the place you’ll discover Zed’s physique and the bandits that killed him. you’ll have to kill the pair and loot the physique for the primary card, Isengrim Faoiltiarna.

Isengrim Faoiltiarna is a Scoia’tael Shut Fight Hero card that provides +1 harm to all playing cards in the identical row.

A screenshot of Geralt looking at a chest containing quest-essential items under a staircase in Zed's house in Novigrad.

With the contact lifeless, Geralt focuses his consideration on discovering Zed’s ledger to determine the place the opposite two playing cards have gone. use your Witcher Senses to seek out clues resulting in a chest beneath the staircase. Use Aard to interrupt the planks, letting you entry a chest and discover the ledger inside.

With the ledger in hand, return to Zoltan, who will give you the subsequent two contacts. you may take this pair in any order.

ravaging ravik

Geralt shoots a bearded man with a bowl cut a well-used look as the man hangs his head in shame.

One among your targets is Ravik, a drunk and a cheat that occurs to have the John Natalis Gwent card. Zoltan tells you to search the Golden Sturgeon for the person. You will discover him on the decrease ground, taking part in for his life.

Earl, a thug that had been threatening Zoltan, makes a proposal. Geralt can play Gwent for Ravik’s life. For those who refuse or lose the match, Earl will kill Ravik.

you’ll get the cardboard no matter which alternative you go along with. Ravik doesn’t must be alive.

Ravik will provide you with the cardboard after having to be satisfied or after being looted for it.

The John Natalis Gwent card is the Northern Realms Shut Fight Hero card. It doesn’t have any particular talents past the immunity to particular playing cards or talents.

Conning Caesar

Geralt and Zoltan speak, both crossing their arms, outside a well-decorated townhouse in Novigrad.  A painter in blue clothes and a red cap is in the background.

Caesar Bilzen, the individual with the Fringilla Vigo card, is somebody Zoltan will aid you with. Geralt will go to Bilzen’s home with Zoltan on the pretense of catching up on outdated fishing days. When the dwarf is sufficiently inebriated, Geralt will search his home for the cardboard.

This plan is straightforward sufficient. After arriving, play together with the dialog till Zoltan means that it’s time for Geralt to fetch a second bottle. That is your likelihood to execute the plan.

A screenshot of Geralt's Witcher Senses highlighting an innocuous knife used in a hidden mechanism.

Take the steps as much as the second ground. Use your Witcher Senses to discover a knife atop a dresser in the course of the room. Interacting with it’s going to open a drawer containing a triangular key.

A screenshot of Geralt's Witcher Senses highlighting a hidden mechanism inside a bookshelf.

Use this key on the bookshelf diagonally reverse the dresser.

A screenshot of Geralt finding the rare Fingrilla Vigo Gwent card on a pedestal inside a luxurious house in Novigrad.

The bookshelf will open, granting you entry to the third ground. This room is full of Caesars’ treasures. The Fringilla Vigo card is on a pedestal on the sting of the room.

The Fringilla Vigo Gwent card is the least spectacular card earned on this quest. It’s a ranged fight card that doesn’t include any particular results.

After you have it, you could return to Zoltan to make your escape. A pair of Cleaver’s males will seem, prepared to show Bilzen a lesson. You’ll have to select between saving the account or leaving him to his destiny. This alternative won’t have an additional impact on this quest.

This room is full of uncommon treasures. you may work together with the artifacts to seek out priceless loot that may be bought for a tidy revenue.

look out for the jade figurine in a cabinet reverse the steps. It is going to begin the Soldier Statuette quest.

Promoting The Playing cards

A man dressed in a dark jerkin and matching cap makes a snide remark to Zoltan at night in The Witcher 3.

With all three playing cards in hand, it is going to be time to assist Zoltan repay his debt. Meet with him as soon as extra to meet the client. This a part of the search goes in addition to one would count on. The pair arrive simply in time to see the client killed by Duke. He tries to flee, shopping for time by surrounding you with enemies.

Zoltan tells Geralt to go on forward and chase duke earlier than he will get away. The dwarf will deal with the smaller enemies.

There is not a time restrict, regardless of this section being framed as a chase. you may assist Zoltan with the enemies first earlier than going after Duke.

You’ll have to comply with Duke via the tower on the alternative aspect of the courtyard, climbing up a sequence of ladders to succeed in the highest ground. take proper after seeing the wounded guardsman and chase Duke till he reaches one other tower.

Take the steps down, and comply with him into the sewers. duke will lock a door, forcing you to detour. there will probably be a number of drowners alongside the way in which. You will discover him badly injured on the bottom on the very finish. Right here, you may select to spare him or end him off.

Geralt will take the stolen cash and return it to Zoltan. Along with his state of affairs much more affluent than he had initially deliberate, he presents Geralt two decisions for compensation.

Preserve The Cash

You possibly can take the recovered cash as your reward, incomes your self 150 crowns within the course of.

Preserve The Playing cards

If Gwent is extra your factor, you may take the playing cards as a substitute. Zoltan will use the cash to repay his debt.

you’ll have the prospect to get the playing cards again in the primary quest The Nice Escape. It will not be for a very long time, however you’ll not fail Acquire ‘Em All by selecting the cash.

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