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The Northern Realms could also be huge, however they’re only one a part of The Witcher 3’s world. Within the base recreation the remainder of it’s Skellige, a big archipelago populated by warring clans that raid ships and the mainland’s shores. In some unspecified time in the future in his story, Geralt might want to return to the islands to fulfill Yennefer and proceed looking for Ciri.

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Due to its fearsome fame, few captains are prepared to go anyplace near its shores. With few choices, Geralt might want to discover a courageous seaman to ferry him by the damaging waters and survive them.

Discovering A Captain And Getting The CashA ship sails out of an medieval city as the evening sun bathes the docks in a deep orange glow.

Vacation spot: Skellige will start as quickly as Imperial Viewers is accomplished. Having met each Yennefer and Emhyr, Geralt’s quest to search out Ciri begins. Although his seek for him takes him by Velen and Novigrad, he’s to fulfill Yennefer in Skellige sooner or later. This process sounds easy sufficient. In any case, it is only a boat trip away, proper?

Nope, not within the slightest. Due to the Skelligers’ behavior of raiding service provider ships, few captains are prepared to sail to the archipelago. Those that do, want a hefty coin pouch to even take into account it.

You will have 1,000 crowns to pay for passage to Skellige. whilst you might earn the cash by regular means, Geralt can tackle a mortgage from Vimme Vivaldi in Novigrad to embark on the journey early.

This isn’t really helpful. The sport expects you to search Velen and Novigrad first. That is extra a suggestion than a rule, and you can go to Skellige first, although your enemies can be a lot deadlier than in different areas.

An annotated screenshot of The Witcher 3's map, with a circle over a quest marker.

The search will lead you to three ships docked in Novigrad. All of them have the identical end result; their captains won’t take Geralt. Not all hope is misplaced, nevertheless. Captain Ligald, based mostly on the southernmost ship, will inform Geralt to search for Captain Wolverstone, the one one who may take the witcher.

This captain is on the Golden Sturgeon, near the docks. He’s by the bar, having achieved an efficient job at getting really drunk. Regardless of his state, he doesn’t hesitate to cost Geralt 1,000 crowns for the journey. you’ll depart as quickly as you pay.

The Voyage

Geralt cuts a pirate with his steel sword on the deck of a ship in the middle of a storm.

After a brief cutscene, it turns into readily obvious that the opposite captains have been proper. Earlier than lengthy, the ship is boarded by Skelliger pirates and the crew put to the sword. Geralt will burst from his cabin totally armed and armored.

The pirates are a mix of archers, swordsmen, and shield-bearers. The archers are notably annoying because of the dearth of canopy on the ship. There may be nothing to cover behind save for the mast. To start with, the ship’s crew will struggle alongside you, although they are going to be slain by the attackers.

The dearth of area could make it more durable so that you can keep away from their hits, but it surely cuts each methods. Bombs are particularly lethal on the deck, letting you strike a number of pirates simply.

After a while combating and killing attackers, a cutscene will play. The storm pushes the ship right into a cliff, tearing it aside and sending the mast into Geralt’s face, knocking him out.

Getting To Kaer Trolde

Geralt arrives at a coastal village with the towering castle of Kaer Trolde high in the mountains in front of him.

Geralt can be washed ashore and woken up by a thief. Congratulations, you have got arrived at Skellige. Geralt will query the thief, studying his identify from him and getting located. Through the dialog, the thief insults Yennefer. it’s possible you’ll brawl him in her honor in case you need. The dialog will finish with him giving Geralt instructions.

Earlier than you allow, go south to the wreck of the ship. Yow will discover Captain Wolverstone’s physique and the gold you paid him. The washed-up cargo will include helpful objects, as properly.

You’ll have a quest marker taking you to Kaer Trolde Harbour, the place King Bran’s funeral is going down. The demise of the king brings political upheaval that can outline Geralt’s time in Skellige. A protracted collection of cutscenes will play, organising this battle and the individuals concerned.

In case you have been questioning, the bearded man in purple robes is Ermion, an outdated buddy of Geralt’s. He helped elevate Ciri and had even witnessed the collection of occasions that intertwined Geralt’s destiny with Ciri’s.

Chances are you’ll acknowledge him as mousesack from the Netflix collection.

Yennefer will arrive earlier than lengthy, supplying you with the prospect to flirt along with her. At a funeral, sure, however there isn’t any time like the current. When the ceremony is over, the 2 of you’ll share what you have got discovered about Ciri.

The search ends after a brief dialog with Geralt’s outdated buddy, Crach an Craite. The following step could be to attend King Bran’s wake in The King Is Lifeless, Lengthy Dwell The King.

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