Spider-Man Miles Morales (PC) | Worth playing?

Spider-Man Miles Morales (PC) | Worth playing?
Spider-Man Miles Morales (PC) | Worth playing?

Spider-Man Miles Morales has now arrived for the PC and the version is excellent in every way that the title offers.


Check below our full review of the game.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is a great game and is in the list of the best hero games ever produced, no doubt.


The game manages to offer an intense experience, beautiful and great gameplay, which is very difficult to reconcile in general.

We have in Miles the story, rightly so, introduced at the end of the 2018 game. The young Morales now has the powers of the spider and begins to behave like a hero, being quite a challenge for the story told in the game.


Right from the start, the game puts us in the role of immersion to see Miles struggling to move between buildings and still adapting with combat.

Such evolution occurs naturally and by the end of the game we do not even realize that the hero has already accustomed and also assumed the important role that was given to him.

By staying in place of Peter, the challenges for Miles are great and fight the villains who are causing harm to the city is very difficult, but very well prepared by the game.

Morales has some good new gameplay mechanics. While Peter seems to be stronger and more skilled, Miles has shock powers, invisibility, and seems to be lighter in every way.

The shock powers, inclusive, are striking and very present.

The New York theme is fantastic and taking place at Christmas time, the immersion is great. We have even more beautiful graphics in the PC version, which has improved reflections with the use of ray-tracing and better lighting, shading and fluidity in general.

The game can reach up to 120 FPS on the PC, which for this game is sensational for its fluidity.

Also, the ultra-wide mode is available when compatible and delivers an amazing visual, thus expanding the horizons of the player’s vision and being very pleasant in visual terms.

The game can in the PC version, deliver its best visual performance and has not yet presented any kind of bug.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is not only worthwhile, but should be played in its PC version.

The game has a good length, a good number of side missions, lots of random activities, diverse costumes and different abilities to explore.

The introductions of ultra-wide, ray-tracing and visual enhancements have made the already good game even better.

Also compatible with DualSense, taking advantage of all the features of the controller is a great option for PC gamers, being very interesting.

With a good campaign and excellent technical part, is one of the best PC games of 2022.

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