The Greatest Video games The place You Die At The Finish


On the finish of most video games, the occasions of the story are wrapped up in a neat, blissful little bow. Which is good and all, however generally the subversion of expectations with the primary character all of a sudden dying may be gratifying too. Though, it actually will depend on the sport.


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In some instances the protagonist dying could be a thumb within the eye of an already unhealthy expertise, in others a satisfying and sombre approach to finish some climatic sequence of occasions. Lots of totally different video games have tried this through the years with some completely nailing it. So for these searching for a grim finish to their tales, listed here are a number of the greatest video games the place you die on the finish.


10 Dying Gentle

Dying Light: Crane Activating The Nuclear Warhead In The Following Ending

Say what you’ll about Dying Gentle, the place it suffered in storytelling it greater than made up for in gameplay. The parkour was an excellent addition and you possibly can lose hours doing all your free-form runs between mission factors or simply being chased by Volatiles.

Although the protagonist Kyle Crane has a considerably open-ended finale within the base recreation. The DLC despatched him out on a controversial be aware. For these not conscious, on the finish of The Following previous Kyle has two decisions, die in a nuclear explosion that wipes out Harran, the contaminated, and 1000’s of individuals within the close by space, or drink an elixir that turns him right into a semi- sentient Unstable. Regardless of the determination it is a fairly last and deadly ending for Crane. It did not sit nicely with followers, however the gameplay earlier than it was stable sufficient to make it satisfactory.

9 Tekken 7

Tekken 7: Heichaci Tossing Kazuya Into The Volcano And Kazuya Recreating It In The Future

Tekken is an iconic franchise that is been round for a few a long time by this level. Everybody has interacted with a minimum of one in every of them of their lifetime. Whether or not a stand-alone, cross-over, or Tag Group model and the story it tried to inform is frankly usually convoluted and slightly laborious to comply with. One, particularly, is notably price mentioning and that is Tekken Seven.

The sport was principally good, however the story was completely on the market. It adopted Heihachi Mishima (for probably the most half), lastly settling the rating along with his son Kazuya. That’s till he dies on the finish when his son del Satan Gene kicks in and stomps the ground with him. However the ending is the true spotlight. In a mirror of the very first Tekken the place Heihachi tossed a weakened and barely aware Kazuya right into a Volcano. In Tekken seven, this scene is reversed because it’s Heihachi that is getting tossed into natures barbecue pit. It is a cool second that followers bought a kick out of as a result of it mirrored how far these two characters had come through the years and the way their relationship as father and son but in addition bitter rivals developed by means of every recreation.

8 Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - Confronting The Machine In The Ending

A stable introduction to the horror style for first-timers and an honest problem to these skilled in spooky video games, the Amnesia sequence is a cult favourite for a motive. Its Machine For Pigs story is probably the most noteworthy although as a result of identical to each different title right here, the protagonist dies on the finish. However it’s for a very good motive.

You play as Oswald Mandus. An eccentric well-off industrialist with a darkish secret. That is revealed in a twisting story of terror and brutal ritual sacrifice. All of it culminates in Oswald throwing himself into his personal machine, destroying it and the darkish entity inside him for good. Although this act completely eviscerates our primary character, it was deserved as his actions earlier than the occasions of the sport are revealed to be fairly monstrous. Plus, this final sacrifice places an finish to the phobia that was unleashed within the city above, sparing numerous extra individuals from being slaughtered by the gadget and its mutated minions.

7 Halo: Attain

Halo: Reach - The Planet Reach Years After It Had Been Glassed By The Covenant

Halo: Attain is just not top-of-the-line Halo video games, however it’s up there. Like how ODST put a recent spin on issues, Attain teamed you up with a colourful gang of Spartans throughout the cataclysmic fall of the planet Attain and the primary correct engagement between humanity and the Covenant.

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That includes a stable story, spectacular action-packed setpieces on and above the planet, and an entertaining multiplayer and co-op marketing campaign, Halo: Attain had loads going for it. And the finale might be top-of-the-line in your entire sequence, as you alone face off towards a complete Covenant Military with out finish, with the sport’s last mission solely stopping when you die, the credit rolling shortly after. It was extremely becoming to the timeline as a result of at that second the Covenant have been seemingly unstoppable and although Grasp Chief comes again time and time once more, you are not him. You are Noble Six, who’s extremely weak and it helped put a extra human facet to the story.

6 outlast

Outlast: Being Confronted By And Then Massacring The Government Clean Up Crew

A stellar horror expertise set inside a spooky asylum, the thriller on the coronary heart of Outlasts story was an excellent driving pressure by means of one scary set piece after one other. With no means to defend your self, every encounter with the inmates was a tense cat-and-mouse recreation round a rabbit’s warren of buildings and underground labs.

All of it culminated in a showdown with what was thought at first to be an otherworldly beast often called the Wallrider, however turned out to be a nano-machine fueled tremendous weapon. And the explanation Outlast makes this listing is that after a showdown with this creature, you get executed by a clean-up squad and find yourself possessed by it, unleashing an unstoppable monstrosity on the world above. It is a suitably grim ending for a fairly darkish setting, however it’s a satisfying approach to tie off the story in a neat bow.

5 Crimson Lifeless Redemption

Red Dead Redemption: John Marsten Facing Off Against Government Troops

The unique Crimson Lifeless Redemptions ending caught lots of people off guard, however it was nonetheless a fairly superior approach to go for John Marsten. After following him making an attempt to get redeemed for therefore lengthy, getting his household again, a spot of his personal away from everybody solely to see his previous nonetheless catch again up with him was an emotional intestine punch that had no proper to hit that arduous.

Surrounded by US Authorities troopers outdoors of his barn, you are given the perceived likelihood of with the ability to Lifeless-Eye them , however they are much faster on the draw and John is finally brutally gunned down. His household watching from the close by homestead unable to assist. Although this story beat can be repeated in Crimson Lifeless Redemption 2, the unique was nonetheless the favourite for the way thematically it suits and the way badass it was. Sorry Arthur, however gunfight beats TB.

4 scorn

Scorn: The Protagonist Of The Game Trapped Inside A Flesh Tree

Scorn is kind of the blended bag. On the one hand, it is a love letter to Geiger, a mish-mash of puzzles and underwhelming fight, and one of many goriest video games to be put out because the final Mortal Kombat. However on the opposite, there is a lack of story, immediacy, and normal context to what is going on on at any given second. Plus there’s the ending.

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All through the sport there is a normal feeling that you just’re escaping to, someplace. While some creature that is grown inside tries to take management. All of it culminates in a grisly second on the finish the place our protagonist is seemingly attacked by it after which consumed by a close-by natural plant mutation. This apparently kills or a minimum of absorbs the poor creature we have been with exploring as for therefore lengthy after which the sport simply ends. It caught lots of people off guard and left plenty of questions, however regardless of all that a minimum of the journey to get to that time was considerably gratifying due to the surreal alien artwork model.

3 Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line - One Of The Ending Cinematics Showing Walker Succumbing To The Madness

Spec Ops: The Line has plenty of endings, all of them fairly grim and most of them involving the protagonist dying. Both by their very own hand within the final mission or from pleasant hearth in a post-finale closing scene. There’s 4 of them in whole and most of them contain Martin Walker ending up lifeless.

For instance, after confronting his hallucinatory nemesis in a single finale he commits suicide. In one other he goes rogue, assaults pleasant troops, and will get gunned down. No matter which of them chosen, all are nice methods to cement simply how a lot the horrible occasions that preceded them modified Walker. With even the give up choice ending with the primary character questioning whether or not he even metaphorically survived since so many strains have been crossed till that time.

two Asura’s Wrath

Asuras Wrath: Asura's Final Words To His Daughter As He Dies

There are going to be some naysayers relating to Asura’s Wrath, however the story and cutscene fights have been intense and the sheer scale of a number of the story-beats and set items have been genuinely spectacular for the time. It portrayed a sorrowful story of a father ostracized from his daughter by his former compatriots in a story that spans actually 1000’s of years.

Although there have been points with the true ending being locked behind DLC, the trail to getting there was nonetheless fairly entertaining. We comply with Asura, a member of a hyper superior race often called the Eight Guardian Generals of Gaea, who’re tasked with destroying a darkish species often called Gohma. Within the finale, Asura sacrifices himself to provide the people on the planet under an opportunity to lastly dwell in peace. It is a lengthy street to get there, with some nice crossover DLC price making an attempt (Akuma and Ryu from Road Fighter) and the aesthetic of this regularly evolving universe is compelling sufficient to maintain you going till its gigantic climactic finale.

1 STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl

Stalker: A Gold Coin In The Cinematic Showing The Greed Ending

Certainly one of many installments within the ever-so-popular Stalker sequence, Shadow of Chernobyl had some distinctive and attention-grabbing endings. Most of them that includes the protagonist getting killed, or left in a state that may as nicely be demise or a minimum of extra weak to it. There’s seven endings in whole, 5 “false” and two “true”.

The true endings are the true finale, however the false ones all contain the wish-granting sarcophagus ultimately. For instance, asking to be wealthy squashes our hero in a rain of gold and collapsing constructing components, while asking for immortality encases him in steel as a statue eternally. They’re all fairly bleak, however it’s a becoming thematic Monkey’s Paw as nothing within the Zone is ever what it appears.

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