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On its floor, there may be not a lot lore in Terraria. Your aim is to outlive, maintain your NPCs alive, and defeat bosses that may be discovered all through the world. The story is so that you can resolve, supplying you with the liberty to consider no matter lore you need. You might be questioning although, is there any official Terraria lore?


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The reply is sure! In 2019, a Neighborhood Supervisor from Re-Logic gifted us with a number of pages of lore for the sport. Right here, we’re going to undergo this lore of Terraria, making sense of the 2D pixelated world. First, let us take a look at the creation of the Terraria universe.


Creation Of The Universe

Terraria Player On Surface Trees Sunflowers Chest During The Day

Every time you begin a brand new sport in Terraria, you seem on a brand-new map. These maps are planets throughout the Terraria universe. Every world was created by the Gods to “set up a stability,” with every world being a sentient creature.

The stability in query is all the things that inhabits the planet. All life was created on the planet to create an equilibrium, and in flip, the sentient planet can really feel each different creature on it.

The precise world that you just start on is claimed to have unprecedented potential.

Hallow, Crimson, & Corruption

The player exploring the Crimson biome in Terraria

Since all the things on a planet is supposed to create a stability, which means Hallow, Crimson, and Corruption are a part of this stability. These are described as “protection mechanisms” and might be fairly harmful.

Every of those three distinctive biomes has a function.




The Hallow cures/cleanses threats to the stability.


It is a Hivemind that consumes something which disturbs the stability.

Many individuals have wrongfully worshiped the Crimson, however it consumes these people and locations them within the Hivemind.


It is a most cancers, made up of sins of all worlds.

Corruption consumes all the things, forsaking horrors that punish people who have “unearned pleasure”. The Corruption’s aim is to show the world right into a void.

The Wall Of Flesh

The Wall of Flesh boss fight in Terraria

The Wall of Flesh is the ultimate boss in pre-Hardmode. As soon as defeated, your sport will convert to Hardmode; this can create a Hallow biome, in addition to trigger the Corruption and Crimson biomes to unfold sooner.

This boss has a connection to the Hallow. The Wall of Flesh itself is a guardian and grasp of the world. With it gone, the world itself works to discover a new Guardian, with the Hallow combating in opposition to controlling forces which can be on the planet.

Order Of The Information

The Guide Next To The Player

This info is handed down over time by the Order of the Informationalong with your first NPC belonging to the group. The Information’s function is that can assist you discover the worldhowever you additionally have to drop a Voodoo Doll from this NPC into the lava of the Underworld to summon the Wall of Flesh.

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What’s the connection between the 2? The Information serves as a ‘protector’however as soon as useless, chaos is unleashed.


terraria cthulhu concept art

Idea Artwork for Cthulhu

Cthulhu is an enormous and mysterious creature that lives to trigger destruction and management the world, which occurs to be the one that you’re on.

Cthulhu by no means seems in full although, which is because of the Dryads. This race fought in opposition to Cthulhu with a purpose to shield the planet. Although they could not kill the creature, they managed to tear out numerous elements, such because the eyes and mind.

Terraria Boss Fight with Eye of Cthulhu

After eradicating these elementswhat was left of Cthulhu was banished to the darkish facet of the moon, the place he stays till summoned once more.

Once you play, there is just one Dryad identified to exist. This NPC unlocks for you when you defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Mind of Cthulhu, or Skeletron.

These fragments of Cthulhu are what seem within the sport. For instance, the Demon Eye enemy is a minion of Cthulhuwhereas the Mind of Cthulhu boss is the creature’s precise mind.

The Lunatic Cult

Terraria Four Cultists In The Dungeon

The Lunatic Cultist is a Hardmode boss that spawns on the Dungeon entrance whenever you kill sufficient close by Cultists.

That is the chief of the Lunatic Cult, with the aim of reviving Cthulhu and ending the world. Sadly, this course of is almost accomplished, because the Cult kidnapped the Mechanic and compelled her to finish the job for them.

Once you discover the Mechanic, all that is left for her to do is full the Mechanical mind of Cthulhu.

The Dungeon

Terraria - the old man at the Dungeon entrance

The reviving of Cthulhu is finished within the Dungeon, which is the place you occur to search out and unlock the Mechanic NPC as effectively. Right here, an outdated man initially oversaw the Dungeon earlier than being cursed by the Cult. Now, this Previous Man can summon Skeletronwhich is a a part of Cthulhu.

The Previous Man will say the next two traces.

  • “I can’t allow you to enter till you free me from my curse.”
  • “My grasp can’t be summoned underneath the sunshine of day.”

These additional show that the Previous Man is underneath a curse by Cthulhu. Releasing him might be performed by defeating Cthulhu, and in flip, the person will grow to be the Clothier NPC.

Defeating Cthulhu

Terraria Moon Lord

All the things talked about above encompasses the state of the world previous to your interference. Thankfully, you’re the champion and work in the direction of restoring peace to the world, defeating Cthulhu and his minions as soon as and for all.

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The ultimate boss of Terraria is the Moon Lord, who is usually considered Cthulhu. That is because of the comparable look, in addition to the truth that the Moon Lord is lacking important organs and a decrease physique. Moreover, Cthulhu was trapped on the moon, making him fairly actually, the Lord of the moon.

Celestial Pillars

Terraria - Fighting the Solar Pillar boss in the dark

The Celestial Pillars are 4 pillars that seem when you defeat the Lunatic Cultist. Every pillar might be defeated and as soon as all 4 are destroyed, the Moon Lord will spawn. Previously, the Dryad race used these pillars to seal Cthulhu on the moon, which leads us to imagine that by defeating the pillars, you might be unsealing Cthulhu to defeat him as soon as and for all.

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