The next Splatoon 3 season kicks off on December 1st and introduces new events and weapons

The next Splatoon 3 season kicks off on December 1st and introduces new events and weapons
The next Splatoon 3 season kicks off on December 1st and introduces new events and weapons

Nintendo may be new to the whole seasonal content model, but it seems to be doing its best in Splatoon 3. Season 2 of the multiplayer inkblot shooter begins December 1st, with new weapons, levels, and tons of cosmetic items.

Splatoon 3’s cold season offers Inklings and Octolings a place to sit, relax and splash each other with colourful juices. Two new maps are coming with Chill Season, the first is an old map from the first Splatoon, while the second is brand new. Flounder Heights returns from the first game with numerous vantage points, while the second game seems to be heavily inspired by Japanese hot springs. Get ready for a day at the spa, with its ink-filled pools and steam-filled rooms, perfect for relaxing when you’re not getting shot.

Three new weapons are confirmed in the trailer, including a new stud shooter, a larger cord reel, and a new charger. This charger seems to be capable of multiple charges on a single charge, making it a good middle-of-the-road option between regular chargers and the Bamboo Dwarf. I’m not sure what’s different about this new shooter, except that it’s bigger, worse and feels the same to me as the boy with the most expensive super soaker in the water gun fight.

X Battle will be released as Splatoon’s competitive game mode. X battles distribute X points of power to the player, increasing with each win and decreasing with each loss. After five idle battles, players will receive an initial X-Power and then be sent into battle against other players of equal power. X Battle game modes include Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz.


Big Run will return for the cold season. In this mode, all Splatoon 3 players will set aside their differences to fight off the invasion of the Salmonoids and their fearsome queen, the Salmonoids.

There will also be tons of new cosmetic rewards, including emotes, banners, and clothing options, one of which is the Between Us t-shirt. Be sure to check out the new catalogue for the cold season, released on December 1st.

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