The Strongest Weapons In Roboquest


Gameplay inside the roguelite style typically focuses on getting the very best weaponry and upgrades out there to you, and Roboquest isn’t any totally different. The sport comes with a plethora of various weapons at your disposal to destroy these pesky robots.


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Snipers, assault rifles, and SMGs are just some classes of weapons which are within the debate over which ones reigns supreme. Every weapon and its randomly generated affixes could make or break the gun’s effectiveness.



10 militia rifle

Roboquest Militia Rifle

The Militia Rifle is a extremely correct weapon that excels at mid-range fight. It fires in a four-round burst, making it much less efficient in shut quarters. Paired with affixes like Seeker which makes projectiles dwelling in on enemies, the Militia Rifle can have extraordinarily excessive harm potential.

This gun is nice to have with a category like Engineer, whose play model tends to have them farther again than most different lessons.

9 Assault Sentry

Assault Sentry

The Assault Sentry is a heavy weapon that’s nice for heavier targets because of its slightly sluggish fireplace price. Sadly, since it is a heavy weapon, your motion velocity is lowered which may be run-ending on this recreation. Happily, it has a novel alt-fire that deploys a sentry gun in entrance of you.

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The sentry gun is nice at serving to skinny out the enemies and making giant targets fall in seconds. For the reason that enemies are being defeated quicker due to the sentry, the motion velocity discount is not as detrimental because of the lack of hazard.

8 Assault Pistol

roboquest pistol

The Assault Pistol is a slow-firing handgun that packs fairly a punch in its small body. Vital hits with this gun can typically drop robots in a single hit at early ranges and stays efficient all through a complete playthrough.

It may be particularly lethal with an affix like Freewheel which has an opportunity to fireplace a second time, particularly if each photographs are essential hits. All in all, the Assault Pistol is a powerhouse that may get you thru a complete run with the suitable affixes and rarity.

7 Blast SMG

Roboquest Blast SMG

The quick fireplace price paired with respectable harm makes the Blast SMG a beast in terms of close-quarters engagements. It is simply obtained early on and makes its presence recognized on the battlefield by decimating enemy robots with precision and velocity.

It pairs exceptionally properly with the Overclocking affix, which boosts the weapon’s harm by 35 p.c whereas over 50 p.c cooling. It simply turns bosses into piles of ash with ease and makes for among the finest weapons out there early on.

6 Throwing Knife

Roboquest Throwing Knife

Whereas it appears underwhelming at first, the throwing knife truly makes for fairly an efficient weapon versus the enemy robots. It has a comparatively quick fireplace price with good harm to accompany it.

Vital hits are the place it actually shines because of its excessive essential harm multiplier. They’re extraordinarily frequent within the early levels of the sport and may be efficient till very late within the run. Throwing knives additionally pair nice with the Ranger class because it focuses closely on essential harm will increase, making for probably the most lethal combos within the recreation.

5 Twin Blast Pistols

Roboquest Dual Blast Pistols

These pistols pack a imply punch and have a fair meaner look about them. The Twin Blast Pistols enable for top harm, a very good fireplace price, and mobility all in two small packages. They’re one of many rarer issues to be present in Roboquest sadly, so it is best to select them up everytime you handle to discover a pair.

Usually, twin weapons require a mid to close-range play model. An awesome affix to have for the weapons is Longshot, which is able to enable for some critical long-range energy by growing each accuracy and vary by 35 p.c.

4 Flare Gun

Roboquest Flare Gun

You could be questioning what precisely a flare gun is supposed to do towards killer robots. Other than dealing stunning harm, the flare gun photographs additionally inflict the Mark standing impact. Mark will increase the harm taken by these affected by 50 p.c which might make for some superb harm potential when used at the side of different weapons.

You may mark an enemy from afar after which pull out a distinct weapon just like the Throwing Knives or Blast SMG and deal some enormous harm. It is principally a help weapon, however it will possibly maintain its personal if it is all you’ve got received apart from the starter pistol.

3 longbow

roboquest longbow

The Longbow has some nice harm and a surprisingly excessive fireplace price contemplating it is a bow. It additionally comes with the Pierce affix which allows the photographs to cross by enemies. Longbows additionally work nice with the Ranger class since they concentrate on essential hits and the bow offers nice essential harm since it is a precision weapon.

The very best affix for it’s Shock, which immobilizes enemies and makes it simpler to land these essential photographs. Cryo additionally works properly because it slows the robots, however Shock is the best way to go.

two minigun

roboquest minigun

The Minigun is a grasp of crowd management, shredding teams of robots in report time. The primary disadvantage to the Minigun is its lack of accuracy which is to be anticipated when firing such a big weapon. Fortunately, if you happen to’re fortunate you may re-roll the affixes and add Longshot to the gun, making it far more efficient at vary.

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The Minigun pairs nice with the Guardian class and the bubble protect, making it a pressure to be reckoned with that may depart the robots cowering in concern. One other nice affix to have in your arsenal is Seeker, this causes the bullets to hunt out targets. These two in conjunction will assist you to unleash a hail of bullets from afar that may hit each goal in your sight.

1 blast rifle

Roboquest Blast Rifle

Are you in search of firepower, accuracy, and fireplace price? Look no additional than the top of weaponry in Roboquest. Every part that made the opposite rifles good have been mixed into one gun, the Blast Rifle. It turns into much more highly effective when paired with Overclock and perks that enhance reload speeds.

It excels in lengthy distance in addition to shut quarters, making it a sensible choice for all lessons. It shines with the Commando for the reason that Commando has many damage-increasing perks in addition to a passive means that will increase reload velocity whenever you take down enemy bots.

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