The ten Strongest Characters In Elden Ring


The Lands Between have birthed a pantheon of superb champions and heroes, in addition to some really dastardly villains. They’re all distinctive in their very own advanced and horrifying methods, however there is not any doubting absolutely the energy of a few of Elden Ring’s characters.


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How would they truthful in Lordran, although? Or Drangleic, or Lothric? What number of of our Tarnished and godly acquaintances would have the gumption to tackle the Lords of Cinder and hyperlink the fireplace? Let’s mash our favourite toys collectively within the ring of make-believe, and picture these characters the place they undoubtedly do not belong.



10 Blaidd The Half-Wolf

Blaidd waiting in a forest in Elden Ring the video game

Blaidd is a loyal and reliable pal, simply as a lot as he’s a devastating, and relentless opponent. Combating him is a real problem, however somebody must free him from his attachment points. If it had been n’t for his timeless dedication to Ranni, Blaidd may’ve gone far in his personal sport.

In Darkish Souls, nonetheless, he can be free from all his earthly restraints, and he may start liberally dislocating limbs from the locals. A part of why this feels so apparent is as a result of Blaidd is already impressed by one other Lord of Cinder, the Wolf Legion of Farron. Wolves in Darkish Souls are identified for his or her boundless dedication to a trigger, and Blaidd would match this description completely.

9 Miquella The Unalloyed

Miquella being carried in one arm in Elden Ring the video game

Miquella is perhaps a stunning possibility. That is simply because Miquella is a continually sick and ailing baby, however hear this out; if Ludleth can hyperlink the fireplace, Miquella can be a shoe-in. It is concerning the politics-Miquella has a large following, and his therapeutic capabilities would preserve his military properly healed as they march in direction of the Kiln of the First Flame.

This would not be the primary time a Lord was anointed to the place slightly than claiming it themselves. As acknowledged, Ludleth got here to be Lord regardless of being sincerely decrepit, and Aldrich was pushed to hyperlink the flame by his followers someway. Miquella and his armies of him would haven’t any drawback elevating him to the station of Lord.

8 Rennala Of The Full Moon

Queen Rennala holding aloft a staff before a full moon in Elden Ring the video game

Rennala is one other character whose adept at elevating a following, whereas additionally being fairly the powerhouse themselves. Rennala solid a faculty of sorcerers who observe her each motion, and she or he raised a knighthood to defend her kingdom from her. Earlier than each of these issues got here crashing down, she was a pressure to be reckoned with.

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Rennala may march her option to the First Flame along with her armies, but it surely’s debatable she may do it alone. She was highly effective sufficient in her day to keep up a kingdom separate from the Golden Order, and she or he was solely introduced down when Marika turned herself into a person to seduce after which divorce Rennala. A crafty technique, to make sure.

7 Ranni The Witch

Ranni in a very large hat, looking over her shoulder in Elden Ring the video game

Ranni, Rennala’s daughter, is one other extremely expert witch. She’s sturdy sufficient that the second half of Rennala’s boss battle is definitely Ranni making a clone of her full-powered mom from her. If Ranni is robust sufficient to conjure an phantasm that mimics one other gods energy, then she’ll haven’t any issues in Lordran.

Famend Sorcerers in Darkish Souls are sometimes the muse for various faculties of magic, like Huge Hat Logan was. With this precedent, it is not laborious to think about Ranni founding her personal coven. Magic can also be form of overpowered in Darkish Souls, so Ranni may spam spells at any boss from a distance and stroll residence the victory.

6 Morgott The Omen King

Morgott defending the throne in Elden Ring the video game

Morgott greater than any is perhaps primed to outlive the worlds of Darkish Souls. Whereas many others would conquer the First Flame as quick as potential with pure may, Morgott would give you the option to withstand the harshest of environments, and truly dominate his environment.

Morgott spent his whole life surviving off what little he may in a sewer for deserted Omen. When his captors lastly fled their publish, he instantly took the throne from the shadows, defeating numerous Tarnished who’d search to be Elden Lord. Evidently, a malnourish sewer escapee should not be capable to do all that, until they had been Morgott, the True King of Lyndell.

5 Dragonlord Placidusax

Placidusax the dragon breathing fire in Elden Ring the video game

Placidusax is a fossil by the tip of his personal age. He is survived the weathering of time and the destruction of empires, and if there’s one factor that claims every thing in Darkish Souls, it is time.

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Being immovable by time already elevates Placidusax as having the ability to survive Darkish Souls’ strongest pressure. The final particular person we ever knew who may outlast time was the Slave Knight Gael, who served as the ultimate boss of your complete franchise. If Placidusax is on that degree, it is laborious to see why he could not hyperlink the fireplace.

4 Marika/Radagon

A large stone statue of Marika in Elden Ring the video game

Marika and Radagon are already parallels to Gwyn, the First Lord of Cinder, so it might be simple to say “they’re principally Lords anyway,” and transfer on. That will underplay simply how highly effective Markia is, nonetheless, and she or he deserves each ounce of energy placed on show.

Marika had the ability and information to orchestrate a worldwide conspiracy that resulted within the demise of her son, and thus the Shattering. She created an alter ego to undermine the Better Will’s authority and destabilize Rennala’s kingdom. She despatched for a Tarnished to undo all civilization from throughout the Erdtree, and she or he’s the centerpiece for a number of faculties of magic. Marika has the ability, the sources, and the genius to mastermind all of Elden Ring. She may construct an empire on high of the First Flame.

3 Godfrey/Hoarah Loux

Godfrey and his spectral lion companion Serosh look towards battle in Elden Ring the video game

Godfrey wants no introduction. Each step you soak up Elden Ring is taken in his shadow of him, as he’s our predecessor as Lord and Tarnished. Godfrey survived generations exiled in unknown lands; battling till demise took him. That tenacity and sheer pressure of will would ship him far in Darkish Souls.

It isn’t laborious to think about the hulking Hoarah Loux trouncing via the hells of Blight City, or slaying his approach via the Dragon’s Aerie. In his personal world, he bested the Dragons and Giants, which is a process divided between two worthy Lords within the Darkish Souls universe, Gwyn and Vendrick.

two Malenia, Blade Of Miquella

Malenia striding towards battle in Elden Ring the video game

Had Malenia, Blade of Miquella not been a boss, her plot armor would have by no means broke. This woman is unkillable. She’s one in every of two characters identified for being unbeatable in battle, and when these two lastly did conflict, it ruined a complete fourth of a continent. She has the ability to form whole land lots (principally for the more severe), and that is not even one thing the Gods in Darkish Souls can sometimes do.

She’s additionally eternally poisoned, which provides her immunity in a tousled form of approach, and everybody is aware of poison immunity would serve you properly within the lands of Darkish Souls. She additionally has life steal, which might preserve her well being topped off always. She may thrive within the harshest environments, and linking the flame can be extra a query of her motivation than her capabilities.

1 Starscourge Radahn

Radahn sits slumped over on his steed in Elden Ring the video game

It could come as no shock that Starscourge Radahn would be capable to acquire the Lord Souls, hyperlink the First Flame, survive it with hardly a scratch, and be residence in meal time. Radahn was the opposite in Malenia’s legendary closing battle, and it is one Radahn solely misplaced as a result of Malenia cheated – and that nonetheless did not kill him.

His legacy alone demonstrates why he may hyperlink the fireplace, but it surely’s additionally value mentioning his powers over gravity and the celebrities. The Gods of Darkish Souls simply do not sometimes present this degree of energy, and with the ability to maneuver the celebrities, and crash them into the earth, Radahn’s energy output would put him leagues above his closest competitors in Darkish Souls.

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