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Wraiths are among the most typical monsters that you just struggle in The Witcher 3. These monsters are created when individuals die however are unable to maneuver on from the world, often due to being livid at one thing. This isn’t unusual within the recreation, due to how depressing it’s within the Northern Realms.

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You will discover a haunting in Novigrad’s outskirts, the place a widow has put up a contract in opposition to a monster that had killed a number of males. This job will not be probably the most thrilling to finish, however it’s most likely near what Geralt would take into account routine work.

The place To Begin Contract: The White Girl

An old woman wearing a modest green dress talks to Geralt outside her house in Farcorners.

There are 3 ways to start out this contract.

Choosing Up The Contract

This contract is discovered within the slums to the south of Novigrad, close to Glory Gate, on the discover board.

Visiting Drahim Citadel

Geralt can examine some clues the monster had left on the fortress. It’s south of Glory Gate.

Inspecting The Our bodies

For those who handle to seek out the our bodies earlier than beginning the contract, you’ll be able to examine the our bodies to start out the hunt.

Whereas all three choices can have the identical final result, the contract is arguably the simplest methodology of beginning the hunt. Decide up the contract and skim it for Geralt to obtain a quest marker main him to the one who posted it. She is shut by, standing by her home.

The lady explains that the monster in query had killed her husband. A gaggle of males had tried to make use of romantic strategies to defeat the Wraith, solely to be killed within the course of. She offers instructions to Geralt, serving to him begin his seek for him.

Discovering Clues

Geralt reaches a campfire, surrounded by the corpses of three monster victims in the middle of the day in a field.

The search space is by a campfire within the area. There are three our bodies for Geralt to research with Witcher Senses. He’ll deduce that the monster is a noonwraith primarily based on the left accidents on their our bodies.

Geralt's Witcher Senses pick up a set of footprints in the dirt leading away from a body.

Noting that he ought to be seeing 4 our bodies as an alternative of three, Geralt will seek for the ultimate sufferer. Use Witcher Senses to seek out a set of footsteps main away from the campsite and following it. They’ll carry you to Drahim Citadel.

You will discover the diagram for the feline sword in Drahim Citadel. This sword is a part of the cat college set and is fitted to melee-focused builds.

Geralt looks at the dismembered body of a slain villager at the bottom of a tower in The Witcher 3.

The physique you might be searching for is on the backside of the tower, leaning in opposition to a wall. Geralt will conclude his investigation after inspecting this physique, prompting you to return to the widow.

Combating The White Girl

A Noonwraith appears opposite Geralt in a field as the two prepare to fight.

Geralt might want to use an vital merchandise to the noonwraith as a way to drive her to confront him. happily, the widow determine who the noonwraith was once primarily based on his description.

The noonwraith was Luzi, a younger girl who had dedicated suicide as an alternative of following via with an organized marriage. The widow offers Geralt the dagger she took her life with to make use of as bait. Return to the campsite to start.

This can be a good time to meditate and refill your potions.

Geralt aims his crossbow at a floating wraith in a field in Novigrad.

The White Girl will seem after a brief cutscene and can struggle Geralt. She’s going to depend on 4 sorts of assaults.

Bodily Assaults

Like different wraiths, she has a deceptively quick set of melee assaults that seem like she is spinning. These assaults hit arduous and might shortly kill in case you are complacent. These hits might also stun Geralt, making it more durable to keep away from the following hits.

Dodging is probably the most dependable approach to keep away from this assault. Ensure that to dodge a number of occasions to make sure that you evade her assaults.

Turning Immaterial

she is going to flip immaterial for many of the struggle. On this state, your assaults is not going to hurt her.

There are two methods to take care of this capacity. you’ll be able to lure her into Yrden or throw Moon Mud at her. Each strategies will drive her right into a bodily state the place she is going to take injury.

Throwing Mud

she could throw mud in Geralt’s face throughout the struggle. This assault would stun Geralt and obscure his imaginative and prescient.

This assault might be tough to identify. It’s best to preserve who all through the struggle to guard your self from this assault.

Self Duplication

The White Girl will disappear from the battlefield and make three weak copies of herself. These copies will residence in on Geralt and drain his well being when he’s too shut. she will restore massive chunks of her well being bar in case you are not cautious.

Probably the most dependable methodology for coping with this assault is to hearth your crossbow on the clones whereas holding your distance. they’ll die after a single hit. You may additionally take into account throwing Dimeritium Bombs at her.

she is going to fade away after being defeated, letting you declare her trophy and a silver sword.

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