The Witcher 3’s Quick Journey Is Its Most Necessary Mechanic


Current leaks for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Dreadwolf appear to indicate it taking cues from The Witcher 3 in its fight and presentation. The subsequent Fable sport is reportedly going to be a “Witcher-like”. Murderer’s Creed has repeatedly butchered its authentic concepts so as to add open world bloat and pointless facet quests after the success of CD Projekt Crimson’s 2015 fantasy RPG. Eight years after its launch, The Witcher 3 remains to be a direct and apparent affect on video games in improvement, however no sport since has found out what made the components work within the first place.


The Witcher 3 might sound impenetrable to start with – I bounced off numerous instances – however when you get your head within the sport, its large open world by no means as soon as feels bloated. It is bristling with stuff to do, full of legendary beasts to behead and facet quests to overcome, however all the things informs the story, and each mechanic factors you within the course of extra sensible stuff to uncover. The good writing and attention-grabbing quests assist with this, however the actual factor that makes The Witcher 3 nice is its method to quick journey.


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Let me clarify. The Witcher 3 permits you to create your personal tales. “You may by no means guess what I stumbled upon within the woods on the way in which to Novigrad/Undvik/a very attention-grabbing sword? A bloody Griffin/hard-as-nails bandit camp/complete questline that took me two hours to finish whereas I ignored Ciri’s pleas for help!” And it does this by forcing you to discover.

the witcher 3 geralt walking near kaer morhen

Each mechanic encourages you to go some other place. Each quest leads you thru small villages with their very own noticeboards and villagers pleading for help, which all lead you off the crushed path and away out of your core mission to be able to uncover one thing new. Even fight sends you on myriad quests, as you decide smudged notes off lifeless our bodies or see a cool piece of armor you need the total set of. I’ve talked earlier than about how The Witcher 3 makes probably the most boring of mechanics thrilling, and crafting is only one of them. I obtained sidetracked by a complete DLC simply attempting to improve my Feline Armour, and now I am touring throughout Toussaint attempting to collect the appropriate supplies to Mastercraft it. Avelach’s portal can wait.

The Witcher 3’s portals are necessary, too. It could have been very straightforward for CDPR to implement free quick journey by calling up Yen or one other sorcerer, who can zip you throughout the map. As a substitute, the developer confirmed restraint, and compelled you to journey on foot or by Roach to signposts earlier than you’ll be able to quick journey. That is the proper resolution to getting throughout The Continent for a few causes.

The Witcher 3 Geralt on Roach staring across a lake at sunset

Firstly, it forces you to stroll at the very least a little bit of the way in which on both facet of the signposts you are touring between. This results in these sensible roadside encounters that make you are feeling like a correct Witcher figuring issues out for your self. Nonetheless, you are still capable of journey quick. Think about for those who needed to get from Novigrad to Crow’s Perch by foot and hoof each time you needed to play the following stage of the Bloody Baron’s quest? You simply would not trouble, you’d full the hunt in a single sitting – and sure be fairly proud of the expertise – however miss out on all of the natural tales alongside the way in which. Facet quests would really feel like a drag in the event that they took you too far out of the optimum path, and solely diehard gamers would totally discover the world.

Quick journey helps the world really feel manageable, however indicators make it really feel actual. They would not work if each different mechanic within the sport was additionally forcing you to broaden your horizons and discover the world, nevertheless, and that is the place The Witcher 3’s successors fall down. Take Murderer’s Creed Valhalla, for instance. It permits you to quick journey from wherever on the planet, that means you solely ever discover the exact missions that you just’re despatched on. You discover a monastery, you synchronise, you quick journey again. It would not assist that the areas of the world between key places in Valhalla do not feel intentional, they really feel incidental. You occur throughout far fewer attention-grabbing occasions between key factors of Murderer’s Creed Valhalla, you simply… journey. So quick touring turns into the default choice, and the phrase feels stale consequently.

The Witcher 3 Geralt sailing in Skellige

Skyrim, which admittedly preceded The Witcher 3, permits gamers to pay for quick journey to new cities. The world of Skyrim is extra attention-grabbing to discover than Valhalla’s England, however this undermines that impetus to find. If Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Fable 4 wish to take inspiration from The Witcher 3, they should go additional than simply lifting big open worlds which are echoes of The Continent. All the things in The Witcher 3, from the roadside encounters to the restricted quick journey, is curated and intentional, and subsequent copycats have proven that merely going by way of the motions would not lower it. Open worlds want to grasp The Witcher, not simply mimic it.

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